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I asked ladies on my Facebook page the other day, “what’s on your personal gift list?”. Their answers didn’t surprise me but they did bring a lump to my throat. Several mentioned the Ninja Grill so I’ll have to have a look at them because ours is getting pretty old.two family members hugging

Some mentioned seeing family members they’ve not been able to visit since the lockdown. Many said they need absolutely nothing. One reader, Victoria, said she has more than she needs so she’s going to make gift bags for her local woman’s shelter. And not just the basics.lemongrass essntial oil

She’s planning to include a few extra special treats in them that they won’t be expecting. Perhaps a little bottle of essential oil or lovely hand cream. Maybe a gift certificate for a pedicure or haircut at a local business ( serves two purposes ) to be used when this lockdown is over. A lavender pillow spray or even a gift certificate for a local coffee shop or restaurant.

This lockdown has increased the stress levels in all households, but those with abusive spouses are escalating dramatically. These women literally escape in the night, to save themselves and their children. They don’t have the time to grab anything but themselves and their children. Many end up living on the street, sleeping in cars, and scrambling to stay safe. The ones who are lucky enough to make it to a shelter are provided some very basic items, but no special treats.small red gift box

We all have so very much to be grateful for, it would be wonderful for us to help these women…and their children. It’s a beautiful idea I hope many of us can get behind it.

Domestic abuse shelters keep their locations private in order to protect the women and children. You can

Here’s a list to get you started:

  1. Bras and underwear
  2.  Pajamas
  3. Walking shoes
  4. Cosmetics, nail polish, makeup
  5. Toiletries, face wash, toothbrush, hair products, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, deodorant
  6. Clothing, shirts, pants, business attire, jeans
  7. Feminine products
  8.  Diapers
  9.  Books
  10. Children’s toys
  11. Baby wipes
  12. children’s clothing and shoes

You can also create and donate a virtual shoebox here during their holiday drive in Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom.

I have bags ready to go to Goodwill which I’m going through to handpick the nicest pieces to take to my shelter. I’m always buying duplicates of my favorite toiletries when they’re on sale, so I’ll be donating those this year.

Anything we do is so appreciated. Now more than ever, these women need our help. Let’s show these ladies the kindness that’s been lacking for too long and provide some special treats to help restore their dignity.

I hope this idea inspires you as much as it does me. Happy Holidays!

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  1. Our Lions Club always tried to give throughout the year as charities receive more during the holidays. Everything and anything helps. Thanks for the ideas.

  2. Linda Simpson says:

    Yours and readers’ ideas are awesome! I give every month to our local food bank, but giving to a retirement home or abused women’s shelter is a great idea for the holidays. Like all of us, despite losing my dad in January this year, I know that I have been blessed throughout my life, and I was taught at a young age that giving is always better than receiving. It is! Thank you all for the wonderful ideas.

  3. Deborah Duncan says:

    Thanks so much for this suggestion. I’m always looking for local organizations for Christmas donations. Donating to a women’s shelter is so important for a variety of reasons, but especially during the pandemic.

  4. Every month my golf group chooses a charity to benefit. We’re over 100 members strong and whoever is chairing the event play date that month decides where our efforts will go. November is our local food bank, December is Toys for Tots and January will be the women’s shelter. They’ll be receiving lots of new warm fuzzy slipper socks this year!

  5. Great post! Thank you for this.

  6. Thank you Jennifer…what a wonderful idea!

  7. I think we should remember those elderly women who are in retirement homes whose family may not be around. I have given to them st Christmas and they are very grateful. The homes usually have a list or an angel tree where you can pick a few names. They list sizes and particular things they might want or need.

    1. Yes, we have that here – adopt a grandparent. People tend to forget those in homes. My dog is a therapy dog and we visit homes in our area. They are delighted to see both my dog and myself. I quickly learned that many are put in a home and somewhat neglected by family, who are busy with jobs and children. It’s really quite sad. With Covid restrictions, it must be a very lonely time.

      I also volunteered at a safe shelter. These women escape with the clothes on their back and are appreciative of any toiletries and clothes. Many have children with them. Any little token will bring a smile to their faces. Thank you for reminding us, Jennifer.

      1. Thank you for doing all you do, Joanna!!

  8. I love the idea and plan to make use of it this season. ❤️ Thank you, Jennifer.

  9. Great ideas…we have a local shelter that will accept beauty products that have been opened. It’s like when you try a shampoo but it’s not perfect…this is a great way to keep from waste and help.
    I’ve mentioned before the Tennessee nonprofit Thistle Farms. They sell amazing products made by women who are in housing after incarceration…check out their web site for purchases and to read about the founder Becca Stevens.

  10. The shoe box gift is so fun and easy! Thanks for this post. I have so much. My word for this holiday season is “compassion”.

  11. This is a wonderful reminder. Let’s all get behind this!

  12. This is so refreshing. I have had such trouble reading the bloggers lately. You all have much more active lives, travel, see your children. It is depressing to those of us who can’t or won’t do those things right now. I have no interest in how to adorn my body at this time. These kind of posts are what we need. Giving and sharing will help us all get through this more positively. Thank you for this post. ❤️

  13. Rhonda Ragain says:

    I love this idea! I don’t need a thing! Giving is always rewarding! Thank you for the great suggestion. Just what I needed to brighten these bleak holidays!

  14. I was taught from little on and have always believed that Christmas is about giving and not receiving. For years, in my family, holiday gifts have been donations to favorite charities in an individual’s name. Can’t remember the last time that I actually went out gift shopping for any member other than the children! Lovely idea, Jennifer, and one that I plan to take part in this year.

  15. Check out Julie’s Purse Project! It is a wonderful non profit and is locally run. Julie is an angel for starting this project.

  16. I’m going to find out where my local women’s shelter is too. I also have bags to go to goodwill. I’ll pick out my nicest things too. Great idea. I’ll buy something special to include for a nice treat for them . They sure do deserve all the help can give them.

  17. jodie filogomo says:

    What a heartfelt idea Jennifer. I think this is something that benefits us all….giving can make us feel even better than receiving!!

  18. This is a wonderful idea. I will make a donation to my local women’s shelter. Sometimes the obvious needs to be pointed out. Thank you for the idea. M

  19. What a wonderful idea! Thank you to Victoria for suggesting it, and thank you Jennifer for researching the options.