Honesty Goes A Long Way

Thank you for your honest replies and private emails last week, in response to my Virtual Styling offer. I’ve emailed the two winners and if they allow, I’ll share some of their process with you. I’ll address everyone else’s issues and struggles in future blog posts. I was so moved, I wanted to work with everyone!

Style is a very powerful tool. Fashion can be intimidating, but when you look the way you want, your confidence soars and you recognize your unique beauty.


Honesty Goes A Long Way
Remember when older women dressed like this?

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Remember to join Heather and I for STYLEfocus, our Lifestyle link-up next week, Friday Oct 2. Share what inspires you and your style!


Honesty Goes A Long Way


I’m also joining a group of lovely ladies in a new style link-up call My Refined Style, next Thursday Oct 1.

This link-up with get me in front of the camera more often. Some bloggers are totally at ease getting their photo taken. I feel pretty foolish self-conscious. It’s much worse when my neighbor spots me out his back window. Then I feel like total idiot!


Style Your Day Beautifully,





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  1. Those women look just like my grandmother! Oh how I loved her and her dresses and house coat dresses. Thanks for the memory my friend!

  2. Styles certainly have changed, haven’t they?! I must say that I’m rather glad!

  3. Esther Zimmer says:

    I love the photo of the woman in their frocks and sandals but I’m also glad we no longer dress like this. However, I do wish people took more care about their appearance – I don’t mean spending hours on it – but it seems to me that even when people weren’t fashionable, they took more care ‘back then’.

    How do I participate in the STYLEfocus? It sounds like fun!

    Esther xx

    1. It’s coming up on Friday Esther. Your posts are simply perfect for it. Just share a link to what is inspiring your lifestyle. It can even be an Instagram photo! Hope to see you then!xx

  4. That’s exactly how my mother and aunts looked when they were in their fifties. If they could see how we dress now…at 50, 60, 70 years of age….I wonder what they would think!

    Today women wear slim pants, short skirts, tops with a little cleavage, earrings to our shoulders, bold red lipstick, all the things that say, “I’m a beautiful woman. Never mind how old I am!”


    1. My Granny dressed like that and was perfectly happy! The key for me is being comfortable and confident with how we dress.

  5. I’m grateful and relieved we no longer dress like the women in the first photo. It would be wonderful if, in an alternate universe, we could sit down together now and talk about how different out lives and expectations “are.” xoxox, Brenda

    1. It would be a time warp wouldn’t it Brenda?

  6. I actually think that the women in the photo look great. Those lovely soft dresses and feminine sensible shoes. And the Vanity Fair cover is beautiful. I like it when women dress their age. I’m not taking about appearing matronly but knowing what is flattering for one’s age and body type. I find it so disturbing when mothers dress like their teenage daughters. Be a teenager. Be a mid-lifer. Be a grandma. Be a hippie or a preppy. Be whatever. But do it well and Own It! That is my rant for the day. Thanks Jennifer 🙂

    1. Thanks for your rant Connie!! I really love to hear what my readers think! I hate to think of this as a one- way street. I love to learn from my readers too.
      I agree there was measure of personal pride in these ladies appearance. Today it’s not always true.

  7. Hi Jennifer, Great post. I remember my grandmothers both dressed for the day in simple dresses, but my Hungarian grandma went further in wearing costume jewelry and hosiery with pumps! She always looked so chic.

    I read your post about Wendy’s transformation under your tutelage and read in the comments that she has a blog. Could you post her blog address? I would love to see her transformation!

  8. This sounds like fun!

  9. I have to agree with Faye, I think those ladies look terrific! Crisp, not slouchy, like so much of today’s fashion. They seem cool and comfortable, and while clearly not skinny, they have waists! Not crazy about the shoes, though☺!

    1. There was something so simple and easy about dressing in that day! Remember house dresses?

  10. The ladies in the top photo look very pretty to me. Even young women of that time wore similar dresses…. taking the decade into account. Guess one would have to take my age into account as well. Enjoy your blog.

    1. Thanks Faye! Their dress code just speaks of the day. It was standard attire and they did it beautifully.

  11. I use to be so self conscience…now when people stare, I wave. So glad we will see more of your styles!

    1. You’re the best Pam!

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