Style Tip of The Month For Women Over 50

Happy April ladies. I’m ready for a new month and the promise of new things. Are you? It’s the first Wednesday of the month so as promised, I have a style tip for you that will make it a little easier to get dressed each morning.

The start of a new month and season is the perfect time to switch over your wardrobe and in the process, clean out your closet and reset your style. More than ever, with time on our hands we can give this the focus it needs and come out of it knowing what we want to wear this spring. We can reset our style by removing the things that no longer support our style goals.

What’s the best way to purge your closet? There are several ways, the most popular being:

  1. Take everything out of your closet and lay it on your bed. Separate into three piles. Keep, let go and not sure. Go through each item as you put it back.
  2. Go down each rod, shelf and through every drawer examing pieces in place.

I couldn’t possibly take everything out so I edit in place. Plus everything would get wrinkles if I piled them on my bed. Marie Kondo suggests tossing it all on the floor which I would never consider doing, but that’s just me.

For each garment you touch, ask your self these questions:

Is it damaged or stained?

They need to go. You deserve better than that.

Does it fit your body now?

Our body shape changes as we age and even if we maintain our weight, things shift. No point in keeping something that pinches or squeezes your body shape now. There is also no point in keeping clothes for when you lose those pesky 20 pounds. They’ll either be out of style by then or you will feel so proud of yourself you will want to dress your new shape in new clothes.

Does it go with at least three other things in your wardrobe?

Orphans that don’t go with anything or just one thing in your wardrobe are taking up valuable space and often end up being frustrating. If you’ve truly made a mistake and own something that’s hard to wear, it could be time to donate it. These garments usually end up frustrating us and life’s too short for that.

Do you still love it?

Fashion evolves so clothes we may have loved four years ago could now bore us to tears. Wardrobe staples are the exception here because they are timeless. They don’t need to ring every bell to be valuable players in your closet. Does this item make you feel great when you wear it?

Do you have other versions of the same item that are better?

I own at least 6 pairs of black jeans. One or two are looking faded and not as crisp as I like so I can safely put them in my donate pile knowing I will not miss them.

Does it fit your current lifestyle?

Our daily activities and where we live are a big part of what works and doesn’t work for our clothes. If you have moved or your lifestyle has changed, you may be able to repurpose many things but chances are many will not work for you now. Keep the things that comfortably fit your new life.


Is it time for a closet cleanout so you can refresh and reset your style for spring?

What have you removed from your wardrobe that no longer works for your lifestyle?

Thanks for reading and remember to wear what makes you feel confident.







  1. I did this a month or so ago and feel like I have so many more clothes as a result even though I got rid of a few things. Funny how that works! Xx

  2. Andrea Jensen says:

    In the last 6 months I have lost over 70 lbs (bariatric surgery) and 2 weeks ago I took everything out of my closet and bagged it up to donate. I have been reading your blog religiously to help me rebuild my wardrobe. I have found Chico’s and Talbots have the looks I love and I do owe it to you, Jennifer. My 60’s are definitely better than the last two decades. Thanks so much.

    1. Congratulations Andrea! That’s fantastic. Now the fun begins to find out what you love for your new shape.

  3. I’m 84 and use one of those walkers with wheels but that doesn’t deter me and my fashion sense. I wear what I like and that’s it! And I like u and your help. You’re a very sensible lady.

  4. Christine says:

    I do the “great changeover” twice a year, at Easter and Canadian Thanksgiving. It is like getting a whole new wardrobe, as I store my seasonal clothes separately. It gives me a chance to revisit each item, and purge rejects. I take my good condition clothes to my local consignment store and use any money I get to buy new things. Works great for me! By the way, they donate what doesn’t sell each year to a charity thrift shop.

  5. I am almost through with closet purging. I usually remove winter so I’m left with just my spring/summer clothes. I reserve a blanket chest just for winter sweaters and such.
    I start by category, jackets, vests, any summer third layer. I keep tee shirts and tanks in drawers. Not a fan of most. I prefer silk or cotton shells to knits. Shirts and tops come next and they are the hardest to let go. Pants are last but that is just checking for fit. They are mainly neutrals I wear all year round. I’m at tops and hope to finish this week. If I did this right, I would purge on a monthly basis. LOL

  6. As you know, my closet was purged when the house burned. Several months later, I am slowly building a new wardrobe. I am being much more careful about what I buy now. I still haven’t found a dress I like. I used to have five or six I seldom wore.

  7. I did accomplish the purge Kondo style last year and merged all seasons together. I also saved closet space by folding tee tops into one drawer, tanks and camisoles into another and followed your excellent guidelines on what “brought me joy”. I volunteer for an organization that supplies our area with free clothing, etc. Pants are folded in half on a top rod over tops on the bottom rod so the closet ceiling light can glow onto the bottom rod’s clothing. Jackets, dresses, vests onto the tall rod to the left of the double hung rod side. Items are sorted by color. Seems I am into a lot of black and white small prints and am favoring blues and navy blue. But I love salmon and turquoise and bright spring green. Try out the closet purge, you will find your spirits lifted and allow some else to enjoy the items you no longer find fit your lifestyle.

  8. I have my spring and summer clothes in a spare bedroom closet. I looked through them yesterday and they looked pretty sad. I’m not big on ordering clothes online because of not knowing how they fit, but I guess I’ll have to try now that the stores are closed. I love when you model clothes and explain the sizing. You look great in everything! Thanks!

  9. Linda Henderson says:

    Thank you for the motivation to clean a closet. I would rather sit and read a book but okay. I will get on it!

  10. Hi Jennifer! Love your post today. I actually started the closet clean out yesterday and found some of your suggestions really helpful. When I look at some of the items I think “what were you thinking when you bought this”!!!😁. I am focusing on quality instead of quantity now. On that-line, could you do a post on clothes made in the US. Thanks.

    1. I will be more interested in clothes made in the US myself so that’s a great idea.

      1. I’d like to find (affordable) clothes made in the US too.

  11. Paulette Levy says:

    Janice, you should try Talbots for long shorts. They offer varied length choices in many of their styles. Hope this helps!

    On today’s blog, thank you Jennifer. This is partly what I need to get started. Now if only your leg and foot would stretch to the East Coast
    To give me a huge kick in the……. ! No motivation…..

    1. Consider me there, encouraging you. Start with five items. If you get through them in a day, consider it a success then do 5 more tomorrow.

  12. Suz Haile says:

    Just remember to recycle the stained and very worn clothing. Most cities have a program right now-google it!

    1. Absolutely! Just keep them in your car trunk until it’s safe to go out.

    2. Lagatta de Montréal says:

      One reason to keep some stained and somewhat worn clothing is heavy housework, painting etc.

      No car, thus no car trunk/boot. I’ve been green for 50 years. Granny cart, bicycle panniers or bus to donate stuff.

      1. Lagatta de Montréal says:

        By the way, not too many “painting and gardening” clothes. I tend to keep too many in a box.

        I agree with buying clothing made by workers who have a fair wage and salubrious working conditions. Of course, I have no reason to favour the US over any other developed country, not living there.

  13. Lynn Vaughn says:

    Can we wear our white jeans and capris now? I think it would lift my spirits. 🙂

    1. I am wear white jeans now! We should wear whatever makes us feel good. Go for it. Stay well.

      1. Lagatta de Montréal says:

        No white jeans or anything else except towels. Little black cat is a fur factory, despite being a shorthair.

      2. My daughter has a beige pug so every time I visit I wish I’d brought no dark clothes:)

  14. I am gearing up for a closet clean out. Kind of been putting it off as it’s still pretty cold here. I’ve decided I could use more leggings since we are staying home more and you can still go to the grocery store wearing them. Always love your great ideas. Stay safe!

    1. I’m wearing leggings and comfy pants much more often these days too. They are great for double duty. Stay well

  15. Joyce reardon says:

    I just started packing to go from Florida back to Ma. There will be a big temperature change. I’ve already started packing. I actually enjoy doing this.
    I want to try your system of classics. Makes sense and is actually my style.
    Love reading this blog!

  16. I have been doing this since I have lost 12 pounds and it is getting warm in South Carolina. I do wear long shorts but they are hard to find.

    1. Bermuda shorts are still trending so you should be able to find some nice ones this year.

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