How to Wear Pink and Red

As Valentine’s Day gets closer, I start to wonder if I should do a post about what to wear. Truth be told, I’m not someone who really dresses for a specific holiday. I know that I have many readers out there who love to do this, though. They go all out wearing pink, red, and heart-themed clothing or accessories to get in the mood. I decided to put my own spin on a Valentine’s Day post this year and share how to wear pink and red.

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While these colors are often associated with the holiday, you can wear them together or separately beyond February 14th. I’m going to share why pink and red look great together, how to style the two colors, and a round-up of current pieces from places like Loft, Talbots, Chico’s, and J.Crew Factory.


Can you wear pink and red together?

Of course, you can! Red and pink sit next to each other on the color wheel, which makes them analogous. Analogous color combinations are often fool-proof and have a low contrast. You can wear analogous colors combined in the same item or in separates, such as pink pants with a red sweater.

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Subtle and Sophisticated

I think there are two ways to go about wearing pink and red: subtly and sophisticated or all in and over the top. It really depends on your personality and wardrobe.


For subtle and sophisticated, I lean toward clothing pieces that can be worn again into the spring that doesn’t scream Valentine’s Day. I also think you can keep things subtle by adding fun accessories like a pair of earrings, a brooch, a scarf, or even a pair of socks.

Over the Top

I consider the over-the-top pieces to be ones that really should only be worn leading up to and on February 14th. They aren’t workhorse wardrobe pieces that you can repeatedly wear because they look like Valentine’s Day pieces and will seem out of date soon. If you’re a fan of seasonal clothing and have ample storage room for these pieces, then you’ll love these. If not, opt for some of the more subtle options above.

Shop More Red, Pink, and Heart Styles:

Do you like to wear pink and red together? Are you a fan of heart-themed clothing and accessories?

I’d love to hear from you below!

Be sure to wear what makes you feel confident and delights you.


  1. The leprechaun in me says, “Now do St. Patrick’s Day!” 😉

  2. Melinda Beckett says:

    Jennifer, you look beautiful in the cowl neck pink sweater! I do wear pink & red together. It does not need to be a holiday, either. I have noticed more pink & orange lately in the stores. Color is important in my wardrobe, but I also love black & white combinations as well.

  3. Do own a few sweaters in pink however only choose red in accessories but with that being said; feel the two can be worn together provided their hues compliment one another. As to themed clothing the only time I may make it a point to wear such is on Halloween when answering the door to trick ‘n treaters which may consist of themed applique sweatshirts or in garments that are colour coordinated with my outside decorations and might add a (cheap light-up) novelty brooch or necklace to the equation. Last but not least, I’ve never been one for heart jewelry but to each their own and l too love the pink sweater on you. -Brenda-

  4. I do wear red & pink together if a pattern on a top. I like the combination. I wouldn’t wear red bottoms with a pink top. Well, I wouldn’t wear red bottoms, period. Nor would I wear hearts. My girlfriend does though. It makes her happy and I like that for her.

  5. My favourite colour combination is pink and orange! I don’t normally dress for Valentine’s day (not since I was in elementary school). Thanks for sharing some interesting looks.

    1. Pink with orange is stunning!

  6. I have a Talbots blue sweater with pink, red and white small hearts on it and it goes great with jeans. That is the most I do, I like pink tee shirts and wear them for every day. We are past heavy sweater weather in the south, but the pink sweater you had on was beautiful.

  7. Janice inKy says:

    Pink is one of my favorite colors in most any shade, but I especially love hot pink. Also love pink and red and have a number of tops with that combination. I ordered that exact pink sweater the minute it went on sale. Got several compliments the day I wore to the Dr. Office. It looks beautiful on you, hope you took it home with you. I do wear themed clothes and accessories for the holidays but not as many or for as long as I did went working. If I were still working that white and pink tipped Chanel type jacket would be coming home with me 🥰

  8. Ruth Shave says:

    I love pink and will start adding red to it! My kids will tell you that pink is my signature color. 🙂 I think your over the top heart clothes can be worn whenever you want. I find them fun, festive and smile creating!
    Thanks for great ideas!

  9. Bring a Teachers Aide for many years, I had the sweater, jewelry and socks for every Holliday and some you would not know.
    I did keep the socks and some jewelry but did loose the tops.
    I do love red but pink not so much. By the way, you look great in pink.
    So I am one who does not dress for the Holliday so much (a little bit more for Christmas) and still have the Holliday socks.

  10. I have just started wearing red and pink together as growing up, I was always told that one should never wear these two colors together. I feel that this color combination resonates happiness.

  11. The festive pink cowl neck sweater looks terrific on you.

  12. My favorite colors are pink and red but I don’t usually wear them together unless it’s in a striped sweater or something similar. I love all the hearts and think it’s fun for those who enjoy going over the top. I agree the pink sweater looks great on you ❤️

  13. Pink looks wonderful on you. I wear a lot of pink, I like the look on my complexion.

    1. It looks great on you!

  14. I like wearing red and pink though don’t often wear them together. They are a great combo, especially when the pink is a pale pink. I love that pink sweater you are wearing! I always felt that pink is a color most people look good wearing. Always thought Valentines was a nice holiday to break up the winter blahs, even if it’s just having a nice dinner at home!

    1. I did not used to like pink, but now that my hair has turned white and silver, I love it! I always get compliments on my hot pink sweater. You look terrific in pink. I remember how interesting your post was on intensity of shades as being the most flattering.

  15. I have been looking at how Talbots combines pink and red and am still not convinced that it’s a great combo, although both colors are in my wheelhouse., I really love a vibrant pink, but a lot of people actively dislike pink, so I would not wear it in a work setting. I’m not comfortable with themed clothing, much of which looks too girly-girly to me.

  16. Jennifer, that color of pink in the turtleneck looks fantastic on you. I really don’t buy holiday specific clothing. But some of the examples you have above you could really wear anytime.

  17. While I always lean “subtle” for holiday wear, I admire the “over the top” women. Why not have a little fun? I agree that the rose colored cowlneck sweater looks great on you!

  18. Pink is so good on you. I have noticed that whenever I wear a bright pink sweater or T people are so friendly towards me. I believe colors do influence peoples moods.

    1. I agree, they do influence our moods.

  19. Jennifer, pink is a great color for you. That pink cowlneck sweater looks terrific! I hope you bought it. Happy almost spring.

  20. I think I may be the lone person who would not wear pink and red together. It is just “shouts out” too much. When I was younger, my hair was red and my coloring just didn’t look good wearing red. Even now I stay away from that color — it doesn’t make me happy. Cheers to all of you who love it and can make it work for you.

    1. You’re smart to wear what makes you happy!

  21. I do love pink and red together and glad I held on to CAbi cardigan sweater that I can pull out in February! Pink is a great color on you : )

  22. This post makes me happy. Love the Talbot’s blazer and pink shirt on you. It’s all good when clothes make us happy and you look so happy in that outfit. I don’t wear themed clothes, but will wear jewelry that fits the holiday. My husband gave me several pieces of heart jewelry over the years that I’ll wear on and after Valentine’s day.

    1. Pink is certainly a happy color💕

  23. Jennifer! You really rock the pink! Looks so good on you!

  24. Pat Patterson says:

    Jennifer, such a beautiful color, you look fabulous!
    I wear red sweaters/tops it brings makes you feel happy
    Great choices today

  25. I have never thought about red and pink together but am finding myself loving it this year. Seems like such a happy combination! And I agree you look great in pink!

  26. You look good in pink!! Years ago in my 20s, I had someone tell me “redheads shouldn’t wear pink”. I laughed and made a smart retort and continued to wear pink! I have always liked the combination. Pink makes me feel happy and as Susan said, if you live in the Midwest, by February you are craving color, and pink is my go to for an attitude lift. Because I am a redhead (more auburn than red), I generally keep the solid red on the bottom with pink closer to my face. Thank you for highlighting some of the pink/red pieces various retailers have out this year—I’m going to snap up that Talbots jacket!

    1. Of course you can wear pink!! We all have a flattering pink plus if it makes us happy, why not??

  27. Paula Craig says:

    I love the pink poplin top & red jeggings. I will buy them. You look so happy in pink!
    I don’t wear themed outfits; I think scarves & jewelry can pick up a holiday theme well.

    1. Pink is definitely in my radar. It’s such a happy color!

  28. I love pink and red together especially if it is kept to the top or bottom. Love the look with your snakeskin boots once again!

    1. Thanks Denise 💕♥️

  29. suzanstew says:

    Here in the Midwest we are so tired of winter by the time February rolls around we enjoy celebrating Valentine’s Day, even with a few clothes. I had a sweater that I used to roll out around every Valentine’s day a wear once or twice a year, but I finally got tired of it. It also made me feel old when I realized how many years I had been wearing it on these few occasions. I like the idea of the pink and red, though.

  30. As a teenager, my bedroom was red and pink – I’ve always loved it (and hearts) but tend to dress in more subdued colors.

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