How Would Style This Outfit in Denim Colors

Happy Wednesday ladies. I hit the local mall here because I left my blush at home, broke off my mascara wand…don’t ask:), and needed some lip balm. While there, I spotted this mannequin who seemed rather one-dimensional. The colors and shapes were ok, but I felt totally uninspired so I looked for ways to improve the outfit. I think I succeeded, minimally. I really wanted to find a tweed jacket and silk scarf for this but there was nothing on the racks here.




Don’t get me wrong, I love these shades of blue and the fit of the jeans, but I felt this outfit left a lot to be desired.
The entire look felt bland so I added a long cardigan ( I can not locate a link) in ombre colors which picked up the shade of sweater and jeans. It still felt bland so I switched the pullover for a cashmere turtleneck in a slightly more vibrant shade of blue.

I prefer this. Perhaps because the quality of the turtleneck is superior and the texture is more refined. This cashmere turtleneck comes in 8 colors and is a great value at under $120.

I will admit my options were limited because this Vancouver Nordstrom has a much smaller department for these brands. The dog also ate my homework:)

What might you try? Please share some ideas because this gal needs all the help she can get:)

Believe it or not, I’m a bit late with my gift lists for you, but I have started my own. Here’s what has caught my eye and gone in my shopping cart so far-

You do know that holiday shopping is already in full swing, right? In fact, they’re predicting a shortage of cardboard so online orders may be delayed or canceled as we get closer to the holidays because brands can’t get the product to you. I never would have anticipated that problem but it’s being predicted.

Thanks for reading ladies and remember to wear what makes you feel confident.


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  1. Welcome back to Canada, heard today we may be able to drive across the border your way soon. I think you made the right choice in putting the 1st sweater back on the shelf. Your last outfit is perfect. If I were gifted the 1st one without a gift receipt I’d wear it with a navy turtleneck. That neckline has to be a manufacturing defect, a proper boat neck would have been fine. I’d then add a fabric, raw edged ombre blue necklace or a blue plaid scarf, both of which I own. I might also try it with a lighter coloured jean pant.

    1. I love how you worded that, Linda…gifted without a gift receipt:) Thanks, I am loving the gorgeous fall here

  2. I can’t believe how much better this outfit looks on you than on the model. I like the colour and the column dressing but the neckline looked sloppy and much too big on the model.

  3. Do like the switches you made, Jennifer as casual yet polished! As to the outfit ‘as is’ for street wear; because of its neckline IMO being a hybrid of a ‘boat and sabrina’ (though its description says ‘crew’) I would definitely be adding something to it. i.e.: Top off with a mid weight scarf or even a shirt popped-up collar dickie underneath in a complimenting choice of colour(s). As to the unfinished/raw hemline of the jeans (not to be confused with frayed) choice of footwear would be at least an ankle boot of some kind. Handbag would most like be a cross body one and jewelry would be kept to the minimum. For home wear; would leave the top as is and pair with leggings and loafers or slides.

    1. Great ideas, Brenda. I like the switch to at-home stying too.

  4. Love the cashmere turtleneck in place of the dolman sleeve sweater. But however I loved Elle’s idea of the white boyfriend shirt, cuff turned back and tails out, with that sweater. Not fond of frayed bottom jeans. Just not a polished look for me.

    1. I love her idea too! This is why I love these posts. We learn so much from each other.

  5. I like the sweater but with an off white or beige jean. Nave or brown Western booties and a cool cross body bag – color like burgundy.
    The jeans are great but with a different top.
    Love the long cardigan with the tittle neck sweater in that perfect blue.
    You 👀 beautiful in it.

  6. beth byrd says:

    OOOOOH — love this color of blue. I have a plaid blanket scarf with that shade of blue along with bright lime green — it would be perfect for this outfit.

    I like the jeans, just not the raw hem. It’s one of those trends (like distressed jeans) that don’t appeal to me.

    This is a good outfit for a walk when the weather chills down a bit.

    1. I love the sound of your blanket scarf! They’re so very cozy

  7. Throw my colorful wrap over it and add my saddle brown boots.

  8. Gerri Bonner says:

    Good morning, Jennifer!

    Have you ever done a post on bras? I just can’t wear one for more than a couple of hours anymore without being miserable! Would certainly love your input.

    1. I haven’t done one for a while but it’s a great topic! I never where underwire bras anymore and am happier all around

      1. Gerri Bonner says:

        I can’t wait to see what you come up with! Thanks

  9. The top is too shapeless for me although I do like a comfy top. The cashmere sweater is a huge improvement. TADA!!!
    The jeans are the first raw hem pair I would wear since the fading is subtle and of course no rips.

    Interesting about the cardboard shortage. I would never have guessed it would be a problem. The pearl earrings are different and interesting. Anything to improve my thin sparse hair is welcome, will try Olaplex.
    Enjoy your dog sitting. The prior post pictures of the dog are adorable. So cute!

    1. Thanks, Cathy. You can buy mini sizes of the Olaplex to try to see if it works as well on your hair. I’m glad to have a large size:)

  10. Leslie Greaves Radloff says:

    Wow, it’s seldom I wake to find my choice of clothing pictured right there in front of me. Blue, in most hues and tones, is a favorite. Since I’m staying close to home with household and minimal outside and ‘worldly contact’ it’s perfect, and might even make it for a casual lunch. Love it…but with temp drops overnight I’d need to add a To cover more skin.

  11. The colors are fine, the material very casual, I think. As a long waisted inverted triangle I prefer wearing my tops the same color or a darker color to even out my silhouette. My tops are usually tucked in to give me a designated waist area thereby making my figure “appear” hour glass.

    1. Thank you, Penny. I love column dressing too

  12. I’d put a white “boyfriend” shirt underneath with the tails out and the collar popped. Then I’d push up the sleeves with the white cuff turned over and accessorize with a colorful, textural boho stacked bracelet.

    1. Yes!! I love this idea. Thanks, Elle. I can totally picture it.

  13. Ellie Bonner says:

    I like picture 2, The cardigan makes the outfit.

  14. If I were wearing this at home, it would be because it is a good color for me. However, if stepped outside, I would put on a scarf with orange and mixed fall colors plus brown boots. Put on a camel hat and carry a casual backpack/bag.

    1. Nice ideas. I can picture that outfit beautifully

  15. It is too much blue for me but I would use a large scarf that could bring in white and black with the blue something chunky not floral.
    I have tried the olaplex hair repair treatment and it worked great. I have thick, course, color treated hair.

    1. That repair set is really wonderful. I use it once a week now.

  16. Hi Jennifer,
    Are you in Vancouver WA or Canada? Who takes your photos when you aren’t in the dressing room?

    1. I take my own and I am back in Canada:)

  17. It already looked a lot better when you tucked it in.

    1. I kept trying with the top, but it’s a particularly bad silhouette for my body type.

  18. I really like the jeans and the color of the top but I know I would need something more fitted. I always like how comfy these tops look but hard to wear with a jacket. A scarf or long necklace with some cute boots would jazz it up.

  19. Nancy Lipstraw says:

    A scarf or jewelry would really dress it up. I like dolman sleeves, but they’re hard to put another layer over.

  20. I like the outfit as is, although the top seems a bit sloppy and loose especially around the neck. If anything I would brighten it up a bit with a scarf or kerchief tied loosely around the neck and also a different colour bootie, burgundy or taupe maybe.

  21. I think it would be hard to put a coat or jacket over those dolman sleeves on the denim sweater. I personally like the monochromatic look. But I’m into a more fitted look.

  22. Honestly, I would have just walked passed the sweater as I don’t care for that style. You did a good job switching it up. I can’t believe that sweater was comfortable under the long sweater. Also thought it was probably to bulky to tuck in.
    I love the turtle neck ,now that’s my style. It looks good under the long sweater as well.
    Thank you for trying on all these outfits for us .
    I give me some inspiration as what to look for when I go shopping.

    1. There were very few mannequins to choose from yesterday so this one stood out:)

  23. I’d keep it just as it is with blue top and blue denim, but I’d carry my bright yellow tote to perk up the look.

  24. In my opinion the easiest fix for this outfit in cool/chilly weather is to add a coordinating flannel shirt and leave both untucked. Add a pair of Timberllands or hiking shoes. That is why I am here looking for fashion ideas.

    1. Yay, you just provided some great ideas. Thank you, Nancy!

  25. Paulette Levy says:

    I’d switch this top with its white version to brighten up the look! If that’s too bland I’d substitute a colorblock sweater with navy, white with maybe orange? If using orange in any way I’d add brown booties and brown or tan cross body bag. If white top is added, I’d wear black booties and black cross body bag. Keep it simple.

    1. Great ideas, Paulette. I’d add brown or navy booties with orange also. Black can be iffy with orange:) Have a great day.