How Would You Style Embroidered Jeans

Happy Saturday, ladies, and welcome to the weekend. I spotted some daffodils along the highway the other day, which tells me spring is on its way! Our weather has usually dried up by this time of year, but the gray and rain are still hanging on. I’m thrilled to know our reservoirs are filling up, but sheesh…I”m ready for spring weather.

It’s time for our Saturday discussion. Each week, my friend Pam and I share a mannequin we’ve run across and ask if you’d wear what it’s modeling. In an effort to reduce the critiques I’m hearing more frequently here, I’d like to subtly shift the direction and focus on constructive ideas!

I want to hear how you’ll style things, so let’s inspire each other to think outside the box and share our ideas. My goal is for this to be an uplifting place for women to visit and find ways to update their style. So going forward, this feature is how would you style….?


Would you wear this much detail in one outfit or break it up? How would you wear these pieces?

Bestsellers on AWSL this week:

MY GAUZE SHIRT JUST ARRIVED, AND I LOVE THE COLOR! – the rest of the outfit is here

Let’s go see what Pam’s mannequin is modeling in Over 50 Feeling 40

Thanks for reading and sharing your styling ideas with all of us!


  1. Embroidered jeans are actually limiting and tough to wear for gals who carry their weight from the waist down. And if you’re vertically challenged and have the embroidery climbing your thighs, well, it makes you visually shorter. I agree that an embroidered shirt, or an embroidered jacket would be easier to wear. As for chunky jewelry, when there’s clean lines and a simple outfit, it can change it from okay to great. But it seems over the top with this outfit. I’m good with the bright pink – it’s such a positive spring, summer vibe. I love how you bring on the conversations Jennifer and look forward to seeing what your followers like myself think each week!

    1. I love the conversations too!!

  2. I like the blouse. I’d ditch the chunky jewelry and go with a great pair of dazzling earrings. About the jeans – I’m all for embroidered jeans but not when they carry up the thighs. Why draw attention to that area. So – embroidery along the ankle and even up the side like tuxedo pants … ending just above the knee.

  3. I like the outfit as is. The blouse is really pretty but with the embroidered jeans I would style it with a short or long sleeve tee matching one of the colors in the jeans. Chico’s jewelry is always amazing but sometimes too big for me. I would probably style my tee with a delicate necklace or a long one.

    1. I agree with Rosemary. I would style with a tee in one of the colors. I think the embroidery is a fun twist on blue jeans and have a pair that I wear occasionally. A cute pair of flats and I would be ready (not much of a jewelry person other than a couple of silver bracelets I wear all the time).

  4. Susan McClelland says:

    The blouse is a very pretty colour. I have a volunteer position that requires “business casual” dress and the top would look great with black pants or a skirt. Would also be cute with jeans or white pants. I love the necklace and would wear it with lots of my spring/summer outfits. I wear a lot of black and white and it would add a pop of colour to any outfit. Embroidered jeans are not in my fashion wheel house.

  5. I actually like the outfit as is but might lose the necklace and instead wear a longer chain style.
    I embrace the idea of simple and solid everywhere else with embroidered pants.
    With that blouse I might pair with white wide leg cropped pants in linen with espadrilles. I might switch that up to palazzo pants in a dark color (black?)

    1. That necklace seems a miss with this outfit for many ladies

  6. First off; as I feel there is sufficient detailing on the blouse I would replace the gold metal tips on its ties and replace them with a self Chinese button knot, that would eliminate choice of finish type in jewelry. (Options – Rings/watch/bracelet/ earrings/necklace .) With that being said; as to the jeans since I feel ‘less is more’ I would ‘not’ pair them with this top and would choose something more simplistic in design rather than have both compete for attention. Also color in the top would still be relatable to that in the embroidery however would also have to suit my complexion. As to footwear and a handbag I would keep in mind the guideline ‘x2 colours of the same kind, any time’ and would be comfort/casual in style.

  7. The jeans by themselves have too much going on for me. I’d style the top with straight jeans in denim, white, or black with sneakers for a casual look. I’d also style without the necklace for casual. To dress up the look, I’d keep the necklace and style with wide-legged black trousers. I’ve seen some dressy evening pants that feature a chiffon layer over black crepe pants, which would look classy with the top and necklace. I’d like strappy silver evening sandals with this.

  8. Pamela Over 50 Feeling 40 says:

    I like embroidered jeans, but would look for a top that works more in my warm color palette…perhaps even a navy paired with a fun cuff bracelet. The jeans that fit me best at Chico’s are the jeggings…I like a slim fit and find it best in the jeggings. I also get more traction and lower cost per wear in a denim that is not embroidered. But these are fun to own if you want something for special occasions.

  9. My comments are pretty much in line with everyone’s. I like the top and pants, minus the necklace! In fact, I think that I will try to find them at my local Chicos to try on – for me it would be a great look for an outdoor party, a meal out, or a casual concert.

  10. I like the shirt and would probably pair it with frayed edge white ankle jeans, espadrilles, and a tote that was colorful. I wouldn’t wear a necklace with this top.
    Can’t really speak to the embroidered jeans as I wouldn’t wear them.

  11. I love the outfit however, I would choose a simple chain with a small charm on it.
    The outfit is so nice it does not need a big chunky necklace.
    Flats or sandals would go nice in navy.
    Happy Saturday!

  12. This is what I would do:
    I would leave the top alone as it already has enough flair with its collar & neckline.
    As the jeans have all the colored embroidery on them, the only jewelry I would add is a pair of colored hoop earrings.
    Pick a color you like from the embroidery on the jeans.

  13. Let’s face it the jeans would be a bit below my ankles, which is fine. I’d lose the chunky-colored necklace and call it done. A lot is going on here, but the solid blouse grounds it a bit. All in all a fun option!


  14. The pink blouse is too warm hued for me but I do have this blouse in cobalt and would wear with these jeans. (Love anything embroidered!) I would not wear the short necklace; a long necklace could? work. Sandals in nude or navy to finish the look. Thanks Jennifer for showing this charming artisan look!!

    1. It has a very creative vibe!

  15. if the jeans were looser, less of a skinny and more of a boyfriend or wider straight, for work I’d wear them with a tee in white or pink and a navy blazer with navy or white ballet flats. For casual weekends I’d wear a pair of white sneakers and a zip up hoodie with the same white or pink tee underneath. The blouse is just not something that I would wear so I’m kind of stuck as to how to style it, maybe with a pair of white shorts and sneakers.
    As an aside, Jennifer does it bother you that the jeans are not embroidered in the back? I was kind of surprised when I clicked thru and looked at all the photos. IMO it makes the jeans feel unfinished. Especially as I noticed that they have a matching jacket, and it is embroidered on the front and back, and the sleeves.
    I would be more inclined to wear the embroidered jacket, I think it would be great with white cotton pants, or a navy skort or pink/white/navy tee shirt dress. So many possibilities

    1. I see that often with Chico’s embroidered jeans. Perhaps they feel it’s comfier to have a plain back?

  16. The Amazon blue floral dress looks perfect on you and the nude sandals are what I would choose as well. Thanks for the links on all the favorites this week!

  17. I love the outfit but would probably wear a simple chain instead of the necklace. This is something I would definitely wear. The top would be cute with white pants. The jeans would be cute too with a white cotton shirt or plain T-shirt. Would probably wear plain booties or a sandal.

  18. Karen Brooks says:

    I am so glad I found your blog, the fashion tips you give are more of the style that I strive for, I am not there yet but working on it. I love the embroidered jeans, but I am not sure I have the courage to wear them ? Thanks

    1. Welcome, Karen. I’m glad you’ve joined us.

  19. Stephanie says:

    I really like the blouse. I’d wear the jeans and blouse together, but loosely tie the neck together with the tie string and ditch the necklaces. They are too much with all the other details going on. I’d wear a nude or navy flat to finish off the look.

  20. I would select a less chunky necklace with the outfit, the jeans and top appear to be light and fresh, suggesting to me spring is on the way!! I would select a simple gold chain or no necklace at all as the blouse, in my opinion, has a lot going on around the neck.

    I am seeing more and more people selecting a nude color shoe to compliment their dresses. It seems to give an elongated look and does not distract from the appearance. I am considering switching to nude shoes when wearing skirts/dresses.

    1. It’s hard to go wrong with a nude shoe

  21. Hmm, my instinct with these jeans is to pull the hem out to let them fray, add a few holes and add a chambray shirt and Miz Mooz sandals!

  22. Jennifer, you are wearing nude shoes with the lovely blue dress. Do you think blue shoes would be too much? I would of tried to get a navy shoe to go with that dress. Thanks for your advice.

    1. A blue shoe would have drawn attention to my feet. Nude footwear always helps elongate the leg.

      1. never thought about it like that, thanks.

  23. Yes to the jeans and the top. I am still commenting on the would you wear it platform, not how to style it. That is something I already do wear, and like the whole thing except for the larger necklace, I would change out the colour of that and perhaps fill in a bit lower with another one since sometimes the “V” in the neckline is a bit low. The blue floral dress from your style collective is gorgeous as is the pink coat, loving your picks.

  24. The link to the pink top goes to JCrew jeans

    1. I noticed that too. I’m curious to know where the blouse is from.
      I love the jeans. I need a curvy fit.

    2. Yes, I own several pair embroidered jeans so I love this outfit!! Id wear neutral cute booties or funky sandals.

  25. I would definitely wear this outfit as it is! Fun and a little artsy too. Nude shoes, or possibly blue shoes would work, I think. I struggle with choosing the right shoe, but with your help I’m getting better.

    Jennifer, are you still using dazzle dry nail polish? Is it helping your nails to grow strong and healthy?

    Thanks for all you do!

    1. I am still using the Dazzle Dry and love it! The thing about this polish is that it’s flexible, so it bends when your nails bend, which keeps it from chipping. They’re still recovering from all the sanding the salon did to them over the holidays, but they are looking much better!

  26. I would style the embroidered jeans with a black or white 3/4 sleeve t-shirt and sandals. The pink blouse has too many details which compete with all the embroidery. I do like a bit of embroidery on jeans. This pair has too much for me. Happy Saturday.

  27. I have a pair of embroidered jeans I purchased from the Sundance catalog and I love them! I look at one of the colors in the threads of the embroidery and wear a sweater or tee that matches or comes close to that color. I think you are spot on in that you don’t want to bring too many colors into the mix, so I typically stick to a solid color. You can have fun with shoes wearing these jeans as well!

  28. The jeans are super cute! These are jeans I would wear for a fun Saturday. I’d welcome compliments like, “ cute Jeans!” The top is adorable with it! In my opinion, this is a fun look for someone young at heart. Thank you for sharing Jennifer! Appreciate your insights!

    1. Happy Saturday, Marcie

      1. Thank you fashion forward sweet lady!

  29. I actually have this outfit; I wear the denim jacket that matches with other pieces or as a set. I like embroidery!

  30. Since I wouldn’t wear the embroidered jeans, hope that I can comment on the shirt.
    For a casual errand day, I’d wear the shirt with the same style of jeans, less the embroidery, light neural wedge sandals, with a rattan tote.
    For a beach day, I’d try the top with wide leg black linen pants, the pink Birks you’ve featured, a hat and a beach tote.

    1. It would be really cute with wide-leg black linen pants. I love black with pink.

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