How Would You Style This Outfit- A Long Tunic?

Happy Wednesday ladies. I wandered into my local Chico’s earlier this week and was surprised to find it pretty bare. Their website is loaded with great things and the gals were bringing new merchandise out from the back so I’ll go back later for a try-on session. I did spot this mannequin who was wearing a very wearable outfit, but it’s not one that would flatter me at 5’4″ so I played with some options.


This tunic is a gorgeous shade of cranberry (also available in olive). It’s not available in petite and even if it was, its shape can often overwhelm shorter women so I played with some styling options. Some worked, others not so much:)

First, I tried it open over this navy tank top, tied in front. I don’t know about you, but this isn’t working for me. The side slits allow me to just tie up the front, but it feels like there’s too much going on with this look.

On the right, I let the tunic hang open and added a faux croc belt to the jeans. To this, I would add a longer pendant necklace like this or this layering necklace, and wear navy suede booties like this.

So what are your thoughts? Would you try this look?

How would you style it and what footwear would you wear?

Please be descriptive so we can all get some styling ideas.


Thanks for reading ladies and remember to wear what makes you feel confident.


  1. I agree with those who are 5’4” or shorter who say the tunic would look better with black leggings. I like the pockets because they help broaden my narrow shoulders. I think I would like the olive color better since red is not flattering to my fair complexion.

  2. I like the 3rd showing with the tunic open. It looks great with the jeans, belt and top. I’m 5’5″ and would wear this anywhere. It’s classy looking. Although I live in Canada, I’ve shopped in Chico’s in Laguna Beach and I just love their store, wish we had one up here.

  3. Always nice to see your Chicos posts. Keep showing the options on “how to wear”. The Fall 2 collection is coming out next week. You will love the color palette.
    Check them out next week ❤
    Miss you my friend!

  4. I enjoy your posts showing how you would change up an outfit that is on display in a store. They are very instructive on how I might be able to modify the styling of a particular item that I like, but that would not work for me as styled in the store. Please keep doing these!

  5. I’ve quit going to the Chico’s near me because the inventory is so skimpy. As a result, I’ve lost interest in the brand. Just not a fun shopping experience. Long tunics like this don’t do most of us any favors. I’m trying to find tops with some shape and waist.

  6. Although I have shrunk to 5’3.5″ (and seem to. be shrinking further with every yearly physical), I enjoy wearing tunics, and I really enjoy this cranberry color. I think it would look great with my medium cool skin tone and dark hair. However, I would style it with leggings or skinny jeans. For me, a bulky or long tunic over anything else is not flattering.

    I do like how it looks on you with the tucked in tank! Again, that would be not too flattering on me, with my short torso.

  7. Not crazy about the tunic.
    I am 5’4” and think it would be too much for me to carry.
    Did like the color in a different style.
    The color looked very nice on you.

  8. Most of the time I’m fond of tunics. I’m 5’8″ and love tight pants. But I try to stay away from breast pockets being an inverted triangle they accentuate my broad shoulders. I’m surprised you are so tiny, your pictures make you look much taller. It’s funny that tunic didn’t really suit you in any of the outfits. It was wearing you not the other way around

  9. This tuni – no, all tunics are a big no because I am 4’11”. No legs show, so it’s an incredibly bad look.
    For me. Were I tall with yards long legs, I’dbelt it over my incredibly small ( dreaming right?) waist . It would go over dark was straight leg jeans with a deep color boot. Navy to match the jeans? Or burgundy? Hmm.

  10. The blouse is a beautiful color. Since I am barely 5’5 I would have the same trouble as you are. My shoulders are narrow and my bust is 34B so this would be good with the pockets. It would work if it was a regular hip-length top.
    I have too many pieces in my closet to “make work” because they are the right color. I have learned my lesson.
    My money goes to clothes that look good as soon as I put them on.
    And wrinkles are a NO. The store should at least have a steamer available. It would be a plus for them saleswise since you are showing them to us!

    1. I was out shoping today and the clothes were not appealing because they were so wrinkled I am not sure they would ever come out.

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