How Would You Style This Outfit?

I am constantly amazed by the way I see mannequins styled. Large brands usually send display directions to their stores so you will see the same outfit in every one of their stores’ windows but there are some that use their own creativity.

Which begs the question, who is styling these outfits?


I ran across this one yesterday and was curious what you would think. For me, styling is everything. You can take a grain sack and make it look chic by how you style it. You can also take incredibly expensive clothes and style them to look awful. Great style has no price tag, and you’re only limited by your creativity.


This outfit was giving off an Anne Of Green Gables vibe on top with the pin tucking, smocked cuffs, and ruffles buttoned to the neck. From the waist down, I was getting a Hee Haw vibe from the loose legs and hole in the knee. They were just unpacking their fall clothes so my options were limited to restyle this. Here’s what I tried.

I could have unbuttoned the top buttons and kept the same jeans but I am not curvy and these just didn’t fit me so I changed into these skinny jeans in a dark wash. I tried the blouse tied in front, then long over the skinny jeans. I pushed the sleeves up and bloused them over the elastic which downplayed the ruffled cuff.

What are your thoughts on what the mannequin is wearing?

How would you style this blouse and jeans?

Thanks for reading and remember to wear what makes you feel confident.





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  1. The outfit -as is- reminds me of Sundance offerings though they usually accent with cardis or a short neckerchief knotted at the neck or some jewelry. Booties would pair well too!

    For my style I’d go with dark wash skinnies or straight leg slim jeans even in black! I don’t usually prefer prints but this small print could be that exception. I think a lot could be done with this! Crossbody bag, boots too!

  2. I have a flowered blouse but will only wear it with a vest or under a loose v neck pull over in solid color. Too much patter makes me nervous. The Jeans are not for me. I don’t like rips. I’m okay with raw hems once laundered,

  3. My 28 year old daughter would probably wear this outfit as styled. But, I love how you took the trend and made it your own. Looks much better your way in my opinion.

  4. I like the third way you styled this outfit. I just feel the shirt does best with a solid black pant or possible a black faux leather pencil skirt.

    The blouse doesn’t give off a blue Jean vibe to me.

  5. I may be the only reader that likes the distressed, cropped jeans. I would wear them with casual sneakers or “flatform” sandals in warmer weather and switch to high shafted booties and a chunky sweater when it gets cooler. Unfortunately, the high rise is probably too high for my short waisted torso. I don’t really like the fussy blouse with so many busy details, and would never buy it for myself. I agree with most readers it looks better with the neckline open and sleeves pushed up. I would do a half tuck rather than tying it to decrease bulk at the waist.

  6. My comment is a thank you for posts, always, but the DRD and the restyling of store displays are so helpful. Sadly I’m just not comfortable in prints. Small barely there patterns I can make work. Or perhaps a wrap or kimono.

    1. You are most welcome. I hope to always, inform and inspire women to dress with confidence so we can enjoy this fabulous time of life:)

  7. Neither pieces interested me as much as the size and shape of the mannequin which looked, at least to me, that of an idealized body, but maybe the clothing was pinned to shape it. Also interesting was your comment about styling directions coming from manufacturers. The shadowy pieces in first photo had an Edwardian shape and floaty vibe that I’d pass on if it’s going to trend.

  8. Both of your stylings were a vast improvement over the mannequin! I wouldn’t even try to style those jeans. I think the blouse is nice and it looks good on you but I wouldn’t have been drawn to it from the display

  9. My eyes were immediately drawn to the mannequin’s “feet” which look like goat hooves! No frills or ruffles or torn-up clothes for me, so the outfit is a definite No for me. I agree with others that the outfit is much better as you styled it with dark pants.

  10. I do love this blouse, for a younger person. I am over 70, so I think it would look too matronly on me. but back to styling: I would not wear it with those jeans. in fact, I would not even own those jeans! I would wear with skinny dark wash jeans or black slim pants. it would like nice with silver earrings and a black bag.

  11. I actually like the blouse, though it wouldn’t suit my lifestyle, but did you read the reviews? I’ve never seen such bad reviews on a piece of clothing. Apparently no one who ordered it was happy!

  12. The dark blouse looks so nice with the dark skinny jeans.
    I like the jeans but with a more casual top.
    By the way, your hair looks very cute the way you styled it.

  13. I like the top with dark pants, slim fit and not tucked in. You are wearing this in picture on the far right. Looks very nice. Looks awful with those jeans in first picture.

  14. Wow the top looks so much better with the top buttons open and tied at the waist. Also the dark jeans look much more put together. I always like this look .. can never pull it off. The all black outfit was pretty interesting and rather goth looking.

  15. Actually, I like the black blouse on the right in the top photo. Can you tell me what store it is?

    The floral blouse is pretty without being too cutesy. I definitely prefer it unbuttoned when worn with jeans.

    I could also picture this blouse with a black pencil skirt — I think the ruffle would be a nice contrast with a more traditional skirt and would be a perfect business outfit.

    1. That’s a stock photo so I’m not sure wear the top is from, sorry. I agree, it’s nice. A pencil skirt is a great idea!

  16. You blouse and jean comparisons are so insightful. I see the blouse tied as you did, under a blazer. I am not a fan of ripped jeans at all. In my day ripped Jean were cut all around and we wore them as “cut offs.”

  17. Oh my gosh, that blouse looks so much better with the top buttons unbuttoned and the darker jeans! I would have walked right by the mannequin as styled. The top is too frilly for me–I especially do not like frills at the wrist. Just not practical. As for the jeans, I don’t care for the lighter wash or the hole in the knee (I just don’t get the appeal of ripped jeans), but I like the looser cut for a change from skinny jeans. Maybe with a darker turtleneck sweater and boots in the winter?

  18. The top looks MUCH better with the darker jeans. Depending on body type both of your options are winners! The store mannequin does not look “styled” to me.

    1. Great point Ellen. I know they can’t put earrings on a mannequin but it’s the accessories that are missing. A nice belt, etc

  19. The middle photo with the top tucked and tied over skinny pants is the most flattering-probably for most of us. I am not a fan of the prairie look in tops or dresses.

  20. Not a fan of the jeans, but would try to tone down the blouse a bit. However there are types who would look fantastic styling the blouse the way it is. I don’t think there is much the store stylist could do without completly hiding the details that are meant to be shown. On myself, I would tuck into dark jeans, open the neckline, or if temperatures dictated would wrap a lightweight colourful scarf around the neckline tied to the side and add a cardigan or jacket to obscure the ruffles on the sleeves. Guess that makes it totally different top. I do like the subtle pattern.

    1. Great ideas. I think it’s fine to totally change the feel of a garment and make it work for us any way we want it to.

  21. These ruffled, pintucked blouses seem to be everywhere! This one is very “pretty”, a term I don’t usually gravitate towards. I do like this print styled with jeans. Maybe it gives off a high/ low vibe. I do wish they would have elevated the blouse with fabric covered buttons. I would use minimal accessories and for me it would be untucked.
    I could top it with a jean jacket or longer cardigan.
    Thanks for showing us the latest fashions for fall!

  22. As to your question, ‘who it styling these outfits’? Well, I personally think the visual merchandiser had a one too many puffs of legalised marijuana before work.

  23. I love the top but not the jeans. I’m not a fan of light wash jeans as I don’t feel they are flattering on anyone. I do like the top tied in front with dark wash jeans. Great choice by you!!

  24. I would style this blouse for work, tucked into a fitted trouser (like a Chico’s Brigitte with a back or side vent) and a below hip cardigan with flats. I really like the blouse but often this style of blouse doesn’t flatter my age.

  25. I like shirt, but agree that I wouldn’t wear the neck buttoned up. I definitely like it best untucked with dark jeans and open collar.