Isla Dress for Artful Home

While I own and wear a lot of black, I love to branch out and wear colors that actually flatter my complexion. How’s that for a fun concept? It’s not always possible to find color options in shapes that I like so when I do, I jump at the chance.Isla dress by Sympli for Artful Home

This Isla Dress is my first piece of Sympli which surprises me because they’re designed and sewn in Canada. That makes them near and dear to my Canadian heart, plus they’re a company with a heart. Nearly 85% of their workers are part of a “Home Sewer Network” that allows them to work on their own terms so they can care for families and elders. How great is that?

Jennifer Connolly or A Well Styled Life wearing Isla dress from Artful HomeArtful Home carries a carefully curated collection from Sympli which flatter the body and travel effortlessly. Their asymmetrical styling and fluid shapes make them customer favorites at Artful Home with regular five-star reviews.

This Isla Dress is part of their newest holiday collection. My instinct was to order the black but once I saw the blue, I knew it was my chance to stand out in the sea of black outfits I’ll see throughout the holidays.

Isla dress by Sympli in Sapphire

This flattering dress easily goes from casual to business and dresses up for a party with a quick change of accessories.Isla dress by Sympli from Artful Home

It’s keyhole neckline and mandarin collar would look awkward with a necklace so I just added earrings and a bracelet. I couldn’t resist adding this Pezzo Scarf which has flecks of silk in the same gorgeous sapphire.

Isla Dress and Pezzo scarf from Artful Home

The Isla Dress has a silhouette which slims through the torso for waist definition, then releases into a flowing skirt. Its asymmetrical hemline is created by a folded panel of fabric that drapes into a notched hem.Notched hemline of Isla dress from Artful Home

The medium weight matte jersey drapes beautifully, doesn’t cling and is wrinkle resistant. This dress is a winner for many reasons but the color will make it a star in my wardrobe.

Are you gravitating to flattering colors this season?


Thanks for reading ladies and supporting the brands that allow me to bring you new things.

Thank you to Artful Home for partnering on this post. I was provided the dress and compensated. All opinions are my own.




  1. Blue is definitely your colour! I agree with many who have commented that those aren’t the right shoes for the dress though. Like you, I would choose black shoes over nude ones to wear with it, but I think that it would look better with a pair that are less heavy looking.

    Thank you for introducing a Canadian company. I’m especially impressed that their garments are made in Canada instead of offshore as so many are.

    1. I agree! Buying things made in Canada and the US always makes me happy.

  2. Love the dress on you. Fits perfectly! I do have to many blacks in my wardrobe. but I’m making a concerted effort to not buy black. Hat to tell you but I agree about the shoe. I think a simple pump would look better. But you were probably out away from home. That’s the shoe you brought and that’s the shoe you will wear. But you do look great! Artful Home has marvelous offerings!

    1. This blue is so stunning I am in love with it. They do have fabulous things!

  3. I love the colour of the Sympli dress on you! I did not know about their home sewers program and as you can tell from my spelling, I am Canadian. All the more reason to support this brand! I am trying to update my look and hadn’t thought of these shoes. More great insiration!

  4. I love those shoes. Can you tell us more about them.

  5. The color looks beautiful on you, but I have to agree with the above comments on the wrong shoe choice. Looking at the model on the website, I can see why you chose the shoes you did; however, her dress falls at her knee and her legs are much longer than yours. Your shoes just seem so chunky compared to the simple, soft, delicate lines of the dress.

  6. Julie Anne says:

    The couple of Simpli items I’ve owned have been unique and wore well. That is an absolutely stunning dress – the design and the colour. You wear it well.

  7. That color looks so great on you. Loving that dress. It’s a very flattering cut.

  8. The color really does suit you—moreso than it does the model on the Sympli website! So nice to find a perfect shade, isn’t it? I’ve found that looking at myself in photos allows me to see what is not so obvious to me in real life, e.g., that a bright pink really brightens me up, while certain shades of green make me look drab. Interesting that you should look so good both in pale pink and in a strong sapphire.

    1. Snapping photos of your outfits is very helpful Renee. It helps you train your eye.

  9. I hope this is not a repeat post; I thought I posted earlier. I LOVE that shoe with the dress. The saturated blue calls calls for drama to anchor it, I think. And the black is just right. My eye took them both in and loved the combo. Also, the architecture of the shoe was a good wrap for the arty, asymmetric vibe of the dress–same mood.

    1. Thanks Clarissa. I have always loved black with blue. The strong colors appeal to me too.

  10. I agree on many of the comments regarding the shoes, too heavy and the scarf may have been pretty as a loose shawl at your shoulders. Don’t you love our honesty. Your look today made us think and perhaps learn when we choose a shoe.

    1. Shoes are an important component of most looks. It’s always wise to consider they’re impact.

  11. Yup gotta go with the comments re the shoes. Too much wrap around the ankle makes the legs look shorter. Nude shoes are the answer to any outfit and especially a dress this delicate and feminine looking. The color is perfect on you and you will get raves at the holiday parties!

    1. Thanks for sharing Susan. I disagree about a nude shoe being the answer to every outfit. I never wear nude shoes with dark slacks because they chop my leg at the hem of the pant where a dark shoe would elongate it. That said, our style is always about personal choice!

  12. Loved the dress, but the shoes were a bad choice. Loved everything else.

  13. Love the dress, I live in Vancouver and know the Sympli brand very well and have several pieces. The blue is beautiful but, keep it simple with nude pumps. Save the beautiful scarf was another occasion, you are all the dress needs.

  14. GORGEOUS COLOR ON YOU…just beautiful (the scarf is perfect with that lovely hint of asia dress & might serve as a stole for evening). Agree with other comments re: the shoes….

  15. Clarissa Cejka says:

    I think the black shoe is beautiful with the dress; the blue is a strong, compelling statement and I think calls for a shoe with personality! My eye kept going back and forth between the dress and shoe, in a good way. I found unity in the look. The only neutral I can think of to stay in the mood of the dress would be a bronze metallic or pewter metallic. By the way, what make/model is the black shoe?

    1. The shoe is not a current style, it’s from Earrhies, several years ago

  16. I don’t think you mentioned it this time, but I absolutely love that bracelet! I’m saving up to buy myself one.

  17. Beautiful scarf and dress! I like them worn together as they compliment each other.

    1. Thanks Linda, I liked the colors together and the contrast in texture.

  18. The dress is beautiful on you, Jennifer! I love the dress but also all of Artful Home’s scarves. They are all wonderful works of art.
    I’m happy that you are enjoying your trip with your daughter. It’s been great fun reading about your adventures. Thank you for sharing!

  19. I buy a lot of Sympli for travel. It packs like a dream! I’ve never had any wrinkles.
    This dress is gorgeous! I love the cut and colour on you. Beautiful!

  20. The dress looks beautiful on you, but the black shoes are too heavy for the dress. A pale shoes would be better.
    The colour really suits you.

  21. A great color on you and my favorite as well. I have to agree, my eyes went to the shoes first.

  22. That dress is a winner! I always go for that shade of blue, and black shoes rock! I don’t own or wear white / nude / bone shoes. Ick

  23. I also agree about the shoes. I just don’t like this new trend with the shoes. In my opinion, the shoes with the higher wrapping around the ankles shorten the legs. If you are 5 ft 10 inches tall, it doesn’t matter, but when you are shorter like me, they don’t work. A simpler style like a pump would compliment the dress. Beautiful color for the dress. You look great. Love their scarf with it too.

    1. I agree, Linda. This style of wrapping the ankle cuts the leg off. Even at 5’8″ I wouldn’t buy any shoes in this trendy style.

  24. The color looks great on you. I must agree with the above comments though…the shoes are a miss.

  25. Agree with the other ladies. My first thought when I saw this was, I love the dress but not with those shoes and think the scarf hides the beautiful lines of the dress.

  26. Thank you for featuring Sympli! I discovered the brand in a boutique on Prince Edward Island and tracked it down in Ottawa at Shepherd’s ( FYI Canadian readers Shepherds has a great online store and carries several of the brands that Jennifer features in CDN dollars and ship country wide) Sympli is an awesome brand that travels well and all pieces work well together and are easy care.
    I agree about the shoes a lighter, nude shoe would look better the black suede look very bottom heavy. I think this dress stands alone and I would stick with a great pair of earrings and clutch as accessories…forget the scarf. It is lovely but it hides the dress and weighs the look down.

    1. I couldn’t resist the gorgeous scarf since it matches so well. Nude shoes do elongate the leg but I don’t own a pair which are the correct style for this dress.

  27. I was looking at their website just yesterday! Thank you, I’ll go back to them now.

  28. Karen Aagesen says:

    I felt the same, a nice nude shoe would have worked better for me, love the dress and the color is great on you!

  29. A beautiful dress and color and looks lovely on you. Perfect for us blue eyed gals! I think I would have chosen a neutral or nude shoe to wear with it though. Instead of my eyes going to the dress first….they went to the black shoes. That’s just my humble opinion. Love your blog and especially enjoyed your trip to Japan with your daughter. A trip of a life time.

    1. We had a wonderful trip! Focal points do draw the eye so if you saw the shoes first, I didn’t do my job of highlighting this gorgeous dress.

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