It Was All Fun and Games

We hit the road yesterday, for the long drive home. Our holiday in Canada has been just over 4 weeks which feels both long and short. Short on family time because there’s never enough. Long on getting organized because we know how many boxes are sitting unpacked.

Our last weekend was particularly fun. Our daughter took us to the Squamish Days Loggers Festival which is like nothing we’ve ever experienced. Squamish is a bustling little town, 45-minutes north of Vancouver, on the Howe Sound, surrounded by stunning mountains.

The first evening, we had dinner in a fabulous little restaurant then wandered around town to check out the festivities.bed racers in Squamish BC on A Well Styled Life

The first event we saw was the bed races. bed race on gurneys on A Well Styled Life

One brave soul lays on a gurney while 5-6 people race it down the street at breakneck speeds. Some “patients” wear helmets but most do not.5 firefighters pushing a gurney in a bed race in Squamish BC

This firefighter didn’t even lay down. I’m shocked no one fell off and needed a gurney ride to the hospital.

The following day we took the 10 minute Sea to Sky Gondola ride up, 855 meters (just over 2900 feet) above sea level. The views from the top are breathtaking. While Mr. AWSL and I sat on the deck soaking up the majesty of this place, our daughter went rock climbing.

I’m constantly amazing at how much more adventurous she is than me. I’m not a princess, but I’m happy to sit and drink tea while she wants to strap on a helmet and challenge herself to scale rocks. She did not get this adventurous spirit from me. She got it from my mom.

Jennifer Connolly of A Well Styled life wearing a casual outfit with straw hat, white cardigan and white tank top
straw hatsunglassesearrings on salecotton cardigan

As she neared to top, I went out onto the suspension bridge to get a better picture of her. I’m afraid of heights so this was as daring as it got for me.

Jennifer Connolly of A Well Styled Life wearing straw hat, white sweater set and deep blue jeans on suspension bridge
straw hat cotton cardiganpull-on jeanssneakers

Later that afternoon we went to the Squamish Days Logger Sports Festival. I’ve never been to anything like it. This is one of the sawing competitions. loggers in green field sawing huge logs with hand sawsIt’s hard to believe how fast these guys saw slices off these enormous logs. The crowd goes wild during these competitions and it’s hard not to be caught up in the excitement.man throwing and axe in competition in Squamish BC

Next was the axe throwing competition. Apparently, it’s a fairly common sport. You get points based on how close your axe gets to the bullseye. This axe missed altogether.pug in behind back seat in car

My daughters’ little pug was our constant companion. She’s a total character and made her displeasure known when I forgot to put her crate in the back and she had to ride without her cushions.

We’ve only been gone one day and I miss my daughter already. It’s so hard living almost 1,000 miles away. There are no quick trips to have coffee, go shopping, or just share a glass of wine which really stinks. I’ll have to make a point to get up to Vancouver more frequently.

Have you been to an axe throwing competition?

How about a bed race?





  1. Oh how I love that part of the country! Thank you for sharing it with us. Though we’ve been through Squamish many times (our daughter-in-law’s family have a cabin at Whistler) we’ve never really explored the town nor have we been there for the festival. I also regret that we didn’t take the time on one of our recent visits to Vancouver to take the Sea to Sky Gondola. Did you hear that it’s been closed due to vandalism? On August 10, a cable was deliberately cut resulting in close to 30 of the cars crashing to the ground. Thankfully, the gondola wasn’t operating at the time and no one was hurt, but it will be closed indefinitely.

    1. I did see that! It was awful. I do t expect that in Canada. I’m just glad no one was hurt.

  2. Glad that you had time to spend with your daughter and wishing you a safe travel home , Jennifer. -Brenda-

  3. Rosemarie says:

    Hi there Jennifer

    So glad you enjoyed your holiday to Canada = my home = Vancouver. Squamish is in a beautiful setting and the drive there is spectacular. Fun time for you sharing with your daughter.

    Wonderful holiday you had.

    Maybe more time for you up here – keep checking out flight specials/Amtrak etc.

  4. What a unique experience and such beautiful scenery. I regret not exploring the Vancouver area during my two years near the border. Being able to grab coffee, lunch or anything with our son and nieces was something that I found very hard also. I meant to ask you if you’ve explored the town of Ft. Langley. We have an extended family member living there and it looks like a fantastic place to live. Enjoy the rest of the drive back. I know you have a motor home, but we found Lithea Springs in Ashland to be an incredibly peaceful last stop before the last leg home. xo

    1. Ft. Langley is adorable! We haven’t spent a lot of time there, but remember how very cute it is.

  5. Ditto on missing daughter who lives in the UK while I am in the Midwest. She has always been a traveler, so I suppose it shouldn’t surprise me. Her grandparents emigrated to Canada from Scotland and visited family back and forth every two years. It must have been so hard. I remember when phone calls were really expensive and rare. They all planned family events (weddings, parties, etc.) around the annual visits (one family went each way each year to help spread the costs). It makes me REALLY grateful for FaceTime and the internet. Chatting isn’t being together, but it’s something.

    Your trip looks like great fun! I grew up in a small town and summer festivals drew in many, many people home for their annual summer trip. Great memories.

    1. Thank goodness phone calls are affordable. I do remember when long-distance charges were insane.

  6. I’m sorry you are so far away but thank God for the Internet and the telephone. We can at least keep up with their lives.
    I live on the beautiful MS Gulf Coast so we always have something going on. If you’re ever in the states, you should visit. Of corse wo have wonderful seafood and poor boys. Cajun and creole inspired. The Big Easy, New Orleans is next door.?

  7. I’ve been on that tram and very much enjoyed looking at the floor of the gondola! I got big butterflies when my husband walked the bridge; no way I could even get close. About daughters: my youngest moved from here in Seattle to Virginia for 3+ years with her young family. It was agony to have her so far away when it had been a half-hour drive here. This year she moved to Vancouver,BC (woo hoo!) and now it’s about a four hour drive instead of a five hour flight plus airport time. I share your feelings on being apart from daughters. So love this blog!

    1. A four-hour drive would be fantastic. You are fortunate, Judy!

  8. You must feel pulled between living close to your son & grandson or closer to your daughter. You’ve chosen the first so you can be in your grandson’s life. You’ll just have to fly up to Vancouver more often to see your lovely, spirited, funny, loving daughter. But.. I do know it’s not the same as being close.
    Safe travels home!

  9. What a great post! We are moving soon and I worry about not seeing my kids as often. Sounds like you had a wonderful trip. So glad you got this opportunity. Boxes will always wait patiently for you—haha!

    1. You’re right about those boxes. It would be fun if they could unpack themselves:)

  10. Local festivals are the most charming. I have never seen sawing, ax throwing or gurney racing. But we did go to a cows-come-home festival in the Swiss Alps where there were some interesting events. I particularly enjoyed one where men did a dance lifting those very large cowbells.

    But the real topic of your post was distance from the olose family you love. I’m the bad only child that left my parents in NY when I was young to live in CA. And we’re close and loving! But I hated NYC. We communicate and visit often. But it’s not the same as being there.

  11. Debbie Davis says:

    I join that group missing our daughters…I live in NY and she in California. She was always within 1 hour (except when in college) and she moved about 18 months ago…I never imagined how much I would miss her even though we FaceTime and visit as often as possible! She is happy with the move and that makes me happy…but I do miss her. My husband’s grandfather was a “lumberjack” in Northern Maine in the early 1900’s…it’s a dangerous and exhilarating profession and it’s nice to see loggers able to showcase their talents at a festival such as this. It looks like it must have been a lot of fun! Thanks so much for sharing your life with us as well as your fashion sense Jennifer!!

    1. My daughter really loves Vancouver, how could she not? I’m just going to need to make a point to visit more often. I love it there too.

  12. Nicole Reed says:

    Your visit sounded perfect! My son has lived in Dublin, Ireland for the past eight years (I am in California). While we visit twice a year, it is so hard to be so far apart. Thank goodness for FaceTime! Love your blog. Looking forward to seeing how you organize and arrange your new home.

    1. That is a long way away! Yes, Facetime is invaluable for us too. Ireland is so lovely, it would be a great place to visit often.

  13. LucyIrwin says:

    I so enjoy all the personal stories you weave into your posts. Please think about sharing your unpacking and settling into your new home going forward. Your writing style is fun and most enjoyable. Real life and how to style it to our best advantage !!! Thank you !!!!!

  14. I feel for you. My mom lives in Florida, I live in Canada. Always tears when the visits end.
    It looks like you had a terrific time together though!

  15. I feel your pain, Jennifer, on missing your daughter! My daughter, who is about the same age as yours is 1700 miles away and I treasure every time we get together, but so wish it were more often too. Thank you for sharing your stories—love them!

  16. You are a stronger mom than I, Jennifer! I would not be able to watch a family member do this. I am such a wimp!! The views look lovely and how much fun the events would be.

  17. What a terrific vacation you’ve enjoyed especially time with your beautiful daughter. Now back to the “fun” stuff ?
    I have gone axe throwing which has become a popular sport around Ottawa, Ontario Canada. You should try it; there is something very energizing about it. I have not seen a logging event as you have seen but definitely it looks exciting. Safe travels home and I look forward to your next post.

  18. I wanted to let you know that because of this blog I went to Chico’s and The Loft and bought several items that will look fabulous on me as I return to my 31 and last year of teaching. You make everything so interesting working in your personal stories and you have given me wonderful ideas to put together for my work/play wardrobes! I would have gone to Nordstrom too but my husband became very ill and wound up in the hospital so shopping will have to continue once he is good enough to get out. Today is my first day back and I will be going in Chico’s slacks and a cute lightweight shirt from The loft. If I get the courage up I will take a photo. Thank you for helping me upgrade my wardrobe!

    1. Have a good first day back at school from a retired teacher.

    2. I’m so sorry to hear about your husband, Linda. I do hope he’s on the mend quickly. That is so scary. I’m thrilled to hear you’re feeling excited about your wardrobe. It makes such a difference when we know we look our best.

  19. Safe journey home! To the bed races and axe throwing, I must answer no. We don’t have anything like it! Sounds like a fun and vibrant time though especially if you are cheering on a favorite team! That I do like! I’m an ardent Red Sox and Patriots fan. So I do know the feeling of being caught up in the atmosphere.
    I’m so lucky that both my daughter and our year old twin grandchildren and my son and his family live within a 15 minute drive. I’m sure you’ll be visiting your own daughter more often once you get unpacked and settled in.

  20. I’m so glad you had this chance. Thanks for sharing it. I appreciate “going on vacation”.
    You’ve had the chance to see that your daughter is a competent grown woman now. Cry when you need to.
    It’ll be alright.

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