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Leggings For Spring

Leggings are a dirty word in many people’s minds. They see them as a slovenly way to dress, that looks like you’ve given up. We’ve all seen those gals who wear tights as leggings and let everything hang out. I also know they can look flattering so today I’m sharing a modest way I like to style leggings for spring.

woman wearing blue tunic over leggings for spring

This post, The Modern Way To Wear Leggings After 50 gets more traffic than any other post on my website so it’s obviously a subject that interests women over 50. It has my best tips for wearing leggings. I tend to wear leggings most often in the colder months with booties and tunic sweaters. Since it’s a style that some women like to wear year-round, I’m going to start sharing some stylish ways to wear them.

over 50 woman wearing white leggings and long tunic shirt

Under a long tunic shirt is a natural way to wear leggings. The tunic covers all your “lady bits” while you remain super comfy underneath. This was intended as a bathing suit cover-up but I immediately saw other ways I could wear it. I chose to wear the top buttons unbuttoned to break up the big expanse of the shirt, but you could also add a belt. The high side slit helps elongate my leg. It comes in tons of colors, I am wearing a medium.

woman wearing lisse leggings and blue shirt

These are by Lyseé, who really knows how to make a great fitting legging that’s totally opaque. I have umpteen pairs of leggings in my wardrobe and 80% of them are the Lyseé brand. I love how the tulip-shaped hem in the front helps my legs look longer by showing more of my ankle. These puppies have 5% spandex in a 4-way stretch that will never bag out, no matter how long you sit in them. They have a 4-5″ deep, concealed inner waistband panel that wraps front to back and holds everything in place.

woman wearing lysse white leggings for spring with blue tunic shirt

These leggings are meant to be snug so expect them to require some tugging, to pull into place. They come in this white denim and 2 blue washes in sizes XS-XL. I’m between sizes so ended up with the small but think I could also wear the medium.

Here are some more Lyseé leggings-

My white platform slides are from last year but a quick look around the web tells me the style is very popular this year. Here are some other options in varying heights-

Do you wear leggings?

Thanks for reading and remember to wear what makes you feel confident.


  1. That blue is great on you! … I exercise a lot and wear exercise tights most days, mostly black ones by Zella in winter. Lighter in summer. I only buy exercise tights, so I’m unfamiliar with leggings I guess. I wear breezy cotton dresses, when it’s hot , and a hat!

  2. I love your style, Jennifer! I wear leggings a good deal – athletic styles for when I’m working out, and when running errands, (or hanging out with grandkids!) more elevated like yours. One of my favorite outfits for the past several summers has been white leggings with tunics (almost short dress length). Two of my favorites happen to be by Eileen Fisher; one is linen, the other a lovely cotton knit. So cool for our very warm, humid NC summers.

  3. Darlene Hegel says:

    I love wearing leggings and thank you for writing this post! I have an orange long button shirt similar to the blue one you are wearing and I style it with white leggings as well. I also like Lysee leggings. The quality of the legging is important. Leggings seem to be a controversial clothing piece but perhaps they are more suited for cooler climates like where I live. Here in Alberta, Canada spring has barely arrived and wearing a legging under longer tunics, dresses, shirts, sweaters is comfortable, stylish, warm and suitable for all ages, even me at 74! Its an important layering piece in my closet and has taken me to many functions and day to day events. Create a classy outfit and wear them with style!

  4. I wonder if wearing leggings is more an American style than anywhere else. I haven’t seen anyone wearing leggings in my part of Canada for a few years now and my sister just returned from Europe and England and did not see anyone wearing leggings. I do however see the younger gals wearing yoga pants with sneakers, but not sure if they are actually running errands after the gym or if that’s their day look.
    I have been know to run an errand in my golf clothes on my way home though LOL.

  5. I do wear leggings and I own several pair. I think that with the right shoes and tops they can look very modern & stylish. I’m on the petite side so I find that tops that are just long enough to cover what needs to be covered work best. And choosing the right fabric (which I learned from you, Jennifer) is key. Otherwise you run the risk of looking like you’re headed to the gym.

    1. I agree. This is quite long but I could not resist the color.

  6. Love, love my leggings but prefer tight weave cotton knit with as little spandex as possible as wear them in four seasons namely for house wear teamed with either tunic length sweaters (Fall/Winter) or oversized shirts, including shirt dresses (Spring/Summer). Also choose ankle length as can always rush (above the knee if wearing the latter) rather than cuff the bottom, if wanting them a shorter length. As to platform sandals; due to back issues unfortunately will have to just opt for either flats or low wedge ones this summer. -Brenda-

    1. I love leggings with shirt dresses. Hope your back feels better, Brenda.

  7. I love this look! Thank you for introducing the way you’ve styled it. I like the cut of the legging as well. It’s too hot for our climate in the summer but in the winter, I wear this style sometimes.

  8. I wish those that wear them as pants would see this posting and how ladylike you look!

  9. Jennifer, I’m interested in knowing if you think printed leggings under a solid top would look okay?
    I really enjoy your blog. So I would value your input…. Thanks!

    1. A subtle print would be lovely. Very bright and large prints tend to look like excercize leggings to my eye.

  10. I too wear leggings in the cooler weather but bought some that are ankle and capris length.
    The look great with an appropriate top. Very comfy and cool surprisingly.
    Have to say I like leggings and have them in many colors also.

  11. Catherine says:

    No no no to leggings under dresses! I hated that trend in the nineties and I hate it now! OK thanks for listening to my rant. Why don’t you blog about your fabulous sandals instead? Now THOSE babies are cool.

  12. I don’t wear leggings. It’s just not my aesthetic. You styled your’s discreetly, Jennifer.

  13. Mary Ruth Harden says:

    I do wear leggings always looking for tops long enough to cover bottom, front and upper thighs. Thanks for the wearing of the beach shirt. Very cute and would be a great bathing suit cover up too.

    1. Southside Girl says:

      THIS! I never used to wear leggings, but in the past five years I have grown to like them. I always wear a longer top to hide my curvy bottom–that clingy fit doesn’t do me any favors–but they are quick and comfortable. I live in AZ and in the summer I wear a capri length–too hot for full-length here, and it’s a more flattering option for my aging thighs than shorts… And I will wear them under shorter dresses.

  14. I don’t really think it’s my style, but I like the way Cynthia Hattersley wears leggings under mini dresses. There are some gorgeous minis that I’ve seen lately in Regular that might work with leggings on my 5′ 2.5″ frame. But I always question how often I’d wear them, and so I never do. I’m not really a fan of leggings in hot weather. Your look is casual and cool though.

    1. I haven’t thought of your suggestion to wear leggings with short dresses for years now. But it is such a good idea. There are a lot of flowy short dresses now and since I don’t like showing my bare legs all that much a legging would be the perfect idea!

    2. Cindy always looks fabulous! I love her style.

  15. I wear leggings to exercise in and for running errands. But definitely with a longer top or sweater. Since I don’t really wear shorts I like the capris for summer with sandals.

  16. Great post, Jennifer.
    Yes, I wear leggings, but styling is critical! My rule is that my top has to hit mid-thigh when paired with leggings. Capri length leggings are great for summer and I wear them often paired with a flowy linen tunic. Shoes are the great differentiator and set the overall tone for your outfit. Chic slides or sandals elevate the look. I never wear flip flops (personal choice) and I wouldn’t wear athletic shoes either.

  17. You look great!

    I hope there will always be a place for leggings in my wardrobe. I wear athletic ones for hiking and casual ones (like what you are wearing) for everyday wear. For me, the key to looking good in leggings is making sure I have a top that covers my tush!

  18. Maybe I shouldn’t comment on this post if I’m not on board with the popularity of leggings. Have I seen too many examples that actually made me feel uncomfortable or is it simply my personal style preferences that have developed over years of trial and error. For me, just because something fits, doesn’t make it right. We don’t reach a certain age without developing our own unique style preferences.
    You definitely know how to style leggings so well! By doing so, you can wear them with confidence.

    1. You should absolutely comment, Jan. You’re point is excellent! They’re not an aesthetic for every woman any more than palazzo pants are. Personal style is just that, personal. We need to wear what makes us feel confident, and not just because it fits.

  19. I only have several black leggings that I only wear in cooler temps, but I really like your look with the white leggings and the long tunic. This is most flattering for most of us. Thanks for the tip😀

  20. Not exactly leggings, but close fitting and looking more like pants are my Chico’s Ankle Perfect pants. Stretchy and comfortable, they are my go-to now. I had hand surgery recently which immobilized my hand for weeks. Because they have no zipper, they were easy to pull on and off, which made it easier to dress myself. I may never return to jeans. It feels so good to wear something that doesn’t impede mobility and pairs with just about every top for a stylish look.

    1. I love those pants! My crepe pants from Eileen Fisher aren’t technically leggings either but I categorize them as such because they’re so slim fitting. I’m so sorry to hear about your hand surgery. I know, first hand, (bad pun) how painful that can be.

    2. Are the Chico’s Ankle Perfect pants you refer to the Brigitte ankle pants? I put Chico’s Ankle Perfect pants into the Chico’s search box and nothing came up.

      1. That’s the pant I’m referring to.

  21. Maribeth Conklin says:

    Yes, I wear leggings for many reasons. Athletic wear, under dresses I Fall and winter. I sometimes roll the leg up and wear a summer , casual dress and cute slip on sneakers. I have a definite look wth leggings. I also hate when people think tights are leggings and show all their body parts. Not a classy look.

    1. I’ve seen some outfits that are cringeworthy with leggings but they can look classy, much to peoples surprise. Your looks sound fun!

  22. I too find leggings or skinnies too tight, but on my knees and calves. If I size up, the thighs hips and butt are baggy, so no leggings for me. I’m also under 5’ so a large shirt looks overwhelming. I wear linen blend pull on loose pants ( just got a new bunch from NY & Co in petite!)in the summer , usually with a thin 3/4 sleeve boat neck t shirt from Talbots… tucked and slightly bloused toI keep the leg line as long as possible and to hide the stretch waist. The cotton or rayon in the linen blend prevents too many wrinkles.
    You look great and comfortable!

    1. Tunics are harder to wear for petites. Your formula sounds wonderful!

  23. I don’t wear leggings (except to goodwill so I can try on clothes) but I have been on the hunt for navy leggings to wear under dresses if it gets cold when I travel. I’m 4-10 so finding the right length is hard. Plus I hate high waisted. I’m not willing to spend $ because this is an experiment, so I haven’t found anything yet (Amazon, old navy, thrift stores).

    1. Check out cropped leggings which would likely be full length in you. Try Walmart or Kohl’s too.

  24. I had never cared for leggings because they are too tight on my calves. BUT….I’ve seen Capri leggings under tunics and short dresses for us more mature ladies. So I plan to give some a try.

    1. Perhaps ones with a lower spandex count would be more comfy on your calves. Under short dresses is a great way to wear them.

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