Would You Wear It- Lemon Print

Happy Wednesday ladies. I have a mannequin for you today which reminded me of a theme I’m seeing at many retailers this spring. Perhaps that’s why I’ve taken up having a cup of warm water with lemon first thing in the morning.

lemon print dress at loft

Are you a fan of wearing food prints? Does it matter what food it is?

How about this dress covered in lemons?



Remember these lemon print shorts and the skirt I tried on last month at Talbots? I don’t wear yellow or prints and yet, this skirt is still in the running for me.


Ann Taylor is also onboard with lemons and here are a few of their options

More lemons here

This reminds me of the time I made my own Limoncello.

We have a robust lemon tree in the backyard. The fragrance from the blossoms is intoxicating in the spring. Lemon is a very popular scent in lotions and fragrances, both the sweet blossom and the tangy fruit.


So what are your thoughts? Does lemon print appeal to you? How much at a time and how would you wear it?

Thanks for reading ladies and remember to wear what makes you feel confident.


  1. Yellow is such a refreshing color. I would wear some of the tops and possibly the cute skirt but large prints don’t look good on me. However, I love the lemon scents in my bathroom- the soap ,hand cream.and room spray. The bathroom is neutral and I added yellow towels too. Jennifer-you look really cute in the shorts. I have a yellow top I purchased last year and still have not worn it but now I’m pulling it out after seeing all this yellow. That lemon tote bag with look great with it…

  2. In general, I don’t wear botanical or food prints, but I might consider tying a lemon scarf on a raffia handbag, just to look seasonally appropriate and “on trend.” I might also consider lemon-themed golf attire, but that’s pretty much it. I personally think lemon prints look more adorable on girls vs. women. Also, I suspect that in a year or so, anything lemon themed is going to look dated and “so 2022.” I could be wrong, though. 🙂

  3. I find the lemon prints to be refreshing and fun and something I would love to wear in warm weather. Unfortunately, yellow looks awful on me. The Loft dress is very attractive and I would definitely wear it IF the black background helped to subdue the yellow effect.

  4. suzansioux says:

    I bought a sweater with a lemon print from Talbots once but never wore it.

    1. OMgosh! I have that cardigan in my closet….heavy cotton and years old, wedgewood blue with both whole lemons and slices. Thanks for the reminder! Hmmmmm, will I pull it out of my closet so I’ll be in style without spending money…lol. Yeah, probably wear it during this trend.

  5. I wouldn’t necessarily look at lemons as food…but rather as horticulture, much like flowers or other botanicals. That puts it in a different category than, say, pizza on your skirt, lol. Yes, I would wear a lemon print. That black/yellow midi dress is beautiful.

  6. Food prints generally wouldn’t appeal to me–except for something like an apron, maybe–but I find myself liking lots of lemon prints which are popping up everywhere this spring. Maybe I like them because it’s a way that I might wear yellow (a color I like but usually find unflattering on me) since it’s often on a black, yellow, or navy background. Most of the current lemon prints seem summery and fun and more botanical than food to me. So, in spite of my usual preferences about color, simplicity, solid colors or geometric prints–I like these!

  7. The lemon skirt and tied blouse look so cute on you. I loved it the first time you showed it. As for me, I have to say no to fruit patterns in my clothing. But I do love my lemon print apron!

    1. I love lemons! I love to eat them. I love to drink them. And, I love the cute black dress splashed with lemons on it! 😊

  8. I like prints, but find that most lemon prints are too large in scale. The Ann Taylor
    Offering is nice.

  9. rachel paradis says:

    The lemon prints are fresh and vibrant. They remind me so much of the Amalfi coast. While I agree the larger lemon prints may be a bit much, why not have fun with your clothing?

    1. I think that’s why the skirt is speaking to me. It’s fun!🍋🍋

      1. Katelyn K says:

        Jennifer, please don’t hesitate to purchase that skirt. At my local Talbots, there were only 5 left. 3 in petite and 2 in regular. Sadly, my size was sold out (8 regular). I found this skirt ran a bit high in the waist in regular but was too short and bunchy in petite.

  10. Beverly Jo Anderson says:

    I really like the lemon skirt and knotted blouse on you. I live in Kansas and no lemon trees here….if I lived where lemons grow I’d for sure wear some lemon type of clothing as I love lemon desserts!! I also love the color yellow. 😊 🍋

  11. Does anyone else remember the song by Trini Lopez that was recorded in the late 50’s? “Lemon tree very pretty and the lemon flower is sweet but the fruit of the lemon is impossible to eat”.
    I love all things lemon but may have to draw the line with clothing. I generally have a lemon scented hand soap at the kitchen sink. And a bit of lemon in my hand lotion or a candle with a touch of lemon are all so refreshing.
    I am so jealous of your lemon tree! I too, put slices of lemon in my water or a favorite (summer shandy) beverage for an added boost in flavor.
    Happy Wednesday everyone!

    1. I do remember it! Happy Wednesday, Jan

  12. “When life gives you LEMONS, make LEMONade”, however such a pattern on garments is a little too trendy for myself. -Brenda-

  13. Dolce and Gabbana, made a beautiful retro inspired cotton lemon print dress a few years back, their take on prints has a fun Italian flare. Of these, I like the silk scarf.

    1. I think I’d like it in a scarf too

  14. I noticed the lemon trend when I shopped, along with the pink & orange together on several mannequins. I am not fond of the lemon use, especially if the print or the “ lemons” are large and garish. I don’t think it would be attractive on most larger shapes, either.

  15. I wouldn’t wear fruit prints on my clothes. They look adorable on little girls but not for grown-ups. Actual lemons yes…I use them for cooking/drinks and enjoy a good lemon cake.

    Now a lemon- themed patio party may be fun!

    1. Lemon cake has my mouth watering!

  16. I always find theme prints a bit too twee…definitely not a fan.

    1. Yes Cathryn, I too love lemon cake, lemon bars and I have an awesome recipe for lemon ricotta sweet bread! And a lemon themed patio party, how fun!

  17. Donna Dobbins says:

    I am not a lemon person in food or drink. I think the clothes are pretty but I would not wear anything with lemons on them. Not sure if I own any clothing with any type of food on the them.
    Not a style for me.

    1. Thanks! I knew this idea is not for everyone.

  18. Paulette Levy says:

    Overall the lemon print doesn’t grab me, but after seeing you in that cute skirt with cool looking tee, I could change my mind. It would be wonderful on a hot humid day if I needed to dress up a bit – a doctor or other appointment, let’s say.
    I love fragrances/creams with a touch of lemon scent – just not too overwhelming. Your lemon tree sounds nice, though. Lots of exceptions to my rules I guess!

  19. Mollie Weis says:

    Yes, I would wear many of the lemon prints. Actually I have a navy background with lemons in a sheath dress. Each time I wear it I receive compliments. I’m a small petite person, so too much fabric overwhelms me.

    1. Lemon on navy is so fresh for spring

  20. I like the style of the dress but not the color. I do not care for the “lemon” design or any other theme designed clothing. Lemonade drinks yes – Lemon clothing no!!

  21. The lemon print dress has more of a graphic print feel to me, and is the best lemon print I’ve seen this season. That being said, I might consider wearing it as a scarf. Otherwise, it’s too trendy, and I wouldn’t pay a lot for an item that I would wear only a few times.

  22. I too am drawn to the skirt. And the shoes! Some of these would not work for me, but I wonder if it is more about cut and style than the print. “Old lady” is more about your attitude and style than the print. Over all, I like the fun vibe.

  23. Nope. Would not wear fruit prints. Maybe for napkins or a tablecloth.

  24. Perhaps because I live in the Midwest, with its long and dreary winters, I LOVE these lemon prints with their fresh vibe. And even though solid yellow doesn’t suit my skin shade, I adore how bright and cheery lemon prints are. So absolutely yes I will seek out several of these pieces.

    1. They are a cheery vibe

  25. Yikes! That’s a lot of lemons. But you know the saying…

    I do have a silk blouse in my closet that has muted cherries in the print, so I do own one fruity top. But I can’t say I am drawn to any of the lemon pieces you found. Too much for me.

  26. The dress, skirt and shorts are cute for someone else. I would feel self conscious wearing lemons. I would prefer lemon print on kitchen towels.

  27. I would not wear any of these prints. These are in a category of ‘themed prints’ (Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Patriotic, Valentines, etc.) that screams “Old Lady” to me.

  28. Love it!! Cheerful and bright.

  29. Do I wear food prints? No pizza, meat, sandwiches, or apple sauce. (And not the prints those things leave on clothes when spilled, either!) But yes to foods that are whole as in nature, and have a lovely color, like lemons. I like the lemon print with the black background.

    1. Lol, I never thought about meat sandwiches or apple sauce as an option. Happy Wednesday

  30. Maribeth Conklin says:

    No, I don’t care for the pattern. To me I am reminded of upholstery fabric from the 50’s and 60’s. Just not my cup of tea. I would probably love it on someone else.

    1. Good morning! Thanks for sharing

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