Would You Wear It- Lemon Print

Happy Wednesday ladies. I have a mannequin for you today which reminded me of a theme I’m seeing at many retailers this spring. Perhaps that’s why I’ve taken up having a cup of warm water with lemon first thing in the morning.

lemon print dress at loft

Are you a fan of wearing food prints? Does it matter what food it is?

How about this dress covered in lemons?



Remember these lemon print shorts and the skirt I tried on last month at Talbots? I don’t wear yellow or prints and yet, this skirt is still in the running for me.


Ann Taylor is also onboard with lemons and here are a few of their options

More lemons here

This reminds me of the time I made my own Limoncello.

We have a robust lemon tree in the backyard. The fragrance from the blossoms is intoxicating in the spring. Lemon is a very popular scent in lotions and fragrances, both the sweet blossom and the tangy fruit.


So what are your thoughts? Does lemon print appeal to you? How much at a time and how would you wear it?

Thanks for reading ladies and remember to wear what makes you feel confident.

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  1. Doris Casavant Morson says:

    The first photo speaks volumes to me on the difference between shorts and a skirt or skort…. I prefer the skirt/skort over the shorts any day somehow the skirt is more flattering on an older person than shorts I love soft yellow

  2. Love the dress, elegant, cool, I would wear it. The white shirt is a great style for your figure but I would not wear the skirt or shorts. Fruit prints are up there with flowers and leaves but are the only “food” I would want to wear.

  3. I love lemon prints for Spring and Summer. However, I prefer a white background. I think the black background on this dress makes it appear heavy.

  4. Pat Balducci says:

    Love lemons. Ordered several items!!

  5. Susan Haggerty says:

    Absolutely!! The reason being is that I love everything lemon! Not to mention that I also love yellow! Lol! I bought that Talbot’s lemon skirt, and the lemon LS shirt. Will not wear together since that’s too many lemons for me! Otherwise, other food prints don’t appeal to me on clothing.

  6. I’ve been noticing lemon in home decor, and now clothing. I rarely wear prints: floral, fruit, or others. I do prefer the lemons on the dark background (the dress) to those on the lighter background (the skirt)

  7. Actually, I find the lemon trend just delightful. I bought the sweatshirt pictured in your links with tiny little lemons embroidered on it. I felt I could incorporate the trend with that piece without making a total commitment. I also bought a small crossbody bag with lemons on it. I don’t know it I would wear larger scale lemons, but I do think it’s so fresh and fun!

    1. I do too. It’s just fun and whimsical

  8. Karen mcf says:

    Hold still my heart! Love all the whimsical lemon prints and would buy that midi dress if it were in my size! JEnnifer, the skirt is adorable on you!
    Am probably going to purchase the navy sweater with lemons!
    Thank you ❤️🍋❤️

    1. They are a fun addition to a wardrobe 🙂

  9. I would say, usually no, I don’t wear food prints. Some of them are cute though. There was a time in the early 90’s that I did have a few outfits with food prints. Now…nothing with lemons, although what you show here look nice. I do have one t-shirt with pineapples on it! They’re stamped in gold on an ivory shirt and I love it! I’ve had it for years now and I still like wearing it; and I get compliments!

  10. Lois Williams says:

    Love lemons, love the dress and I have a pair of lemony Talbots jeans from a few years ago that I wear from time to time!

  11. Love the black lemon print dress. As a matter of fact, I really like the lemon print shorts, skirt and shirts.
    So cute for summer.

  12. I think the lemon skirt is very cute on you, Jennifer. Personally, I wouldn’t wear lemon apparel. It’s too cutesy.
    I do love lemon desserts though and a lemon cleaner always smells refreshing.

  13. Southside Girl says:

    I actually love this dress and am waiting for it to go on sale! I have a lemon print top from Banana Republic that I have enjoyed for a couple of years. So yes, I would definitely wear it!

  14. I love lemons and yellow both, but I don’t think I’ll wear the print. I do love those little lemon-shaped bags, though.

  15. Not for me. Too trendy. But if life gives you lemons…….

  16. I am trying (forcing) myself to drink more water and have a glass with a lemon wedge in it on my desk as I type this. I have to say, I am drawn more by beautiful colors than the print motif itself. No food prints in my wardrobe.

  17. Mihaela Eftimescu says:

    Hello, Jennifer !
    Of course, I would !Last year the trend was ravishing the whole Amalfi Coast, I bought 2 dresses similar to the Taylor picture you posted, and then I saw the real Dolce&Gabana in a shop in Capri, but what the use? I comforted myself. There are shades if yellow, as you well know, like that short skirt you tried in a previous post, which becomes our age and complexion.
    👍 for lemons !

    1. Thank you for sharing! Anything I found in Capri would extra special.

  18. I love lemons, but not necessarily as a print for clothing. I have a nice lemon tree in my back yard and appreciate their scent and favor. I do have a fun lemon necklace from a few years ago that I still wear occasionally, but that the extent of my lemon wearing.

  19. I’m to short to wear a midi dress, I like the skirt with the lemon print ,no on the tops they look plastic. I love the lemon looks at Chicos. It’s the color of the Italian coast.

  20. I’m not drawn to lemon (or other fruit) prints on clothing, although some of the Ann Taylor prints looked cute. The Talbots’ skirt looks nice on you though. I am fine with lemons on dish towels and love lemon soap.
    I drink hot water with lemon, but mainly in the afternoon and evening. I like my caffeine in the morning but am drinking way too much tea and am trying to cut back. My daughter floats lemon and mint and sometimes other herbs in ice water in the summer. It’s quite good and needs no sugar.

  21. gwen ewing says:

    I think the lemon skirt is adorable on you! It’s funny, because I don’t like the lemon shorts! Thanks for your posts!

    1. I feel exactly the same. I wonder why …

  22. Cath 🇨🇦 says:

    Well, I do like the lemons 🍋on the navy dress…and just ordered one ! Those are colours that suit me, and I already have the accessories…so it will be a happy dress that I’ll enjoy wearing. I did see another dress on Loft that is a tangerine red print, so it’s coming too. I’m needing a refreshing change in my warm weather dresses, and I’ll look forward to my package arriving from Loft. I had previously ordered from that brand and it was speedy and exactly what I wanted. Good to know ordering from Canada is fairly easy, with a set shipping charge that is not exorbitant.
    Happy Spring!

    1. Thank you for letting me know that about shipping Loft to Canada! They’re a smart brand. I wish more would follow suit.

  23. beth byrd says:

    Oooh, I really like that dress and I would definitely wear it. I think the black background gives it a more sophisticated look than some of the other lemon prints (although I like those, too). I like the length and the straps are thick enough to cover bra straps. Very nice!

    1. Great observation about the black background. I agree! It takes some of the sweetness level down.

  24. Jennifer, Thank you for sharing, I looking forward to your posts.
    Lemon printed clothing is not for me, I feel it is limited, maybe a scarf. However love lemon scented soaps & lotions are clean and fresh. A good Limoncello is always refreshing.

  25. I’m just not making room for anything that I might only wear once or twice all summer, and lemon yellow just drains color from my face. Next year it will be a different theme. I could see lemons in an apron or kitchen towels, that would be a fun pick me up!

  26. Ruth Janet says:

    No, a hard pass on the lemons or any other fruit for that matter! Yellow is not a colour I gravitate to but as someone else mentioned they would look cute on a little girl.

  27. Mona Rioux says:

    I’m open to wearing prints if they’re good colour for my skin tone etc, and style for my silhouette. Having said that I LOVE the mannequin dress. I hope I can buy it in Canada! I love the skirt and shirt on you the best

    1. I’m not sure if you have Loft in Canada. I hope you do

  28. I’ve been noticing lots of lemon print clothing this spring, so I’d opt out of buying just because they’re too trendy. The espadrilles are pretty cute though, and I think I could get by with wearing them in summers to come. They’d be great to take on a tropical vacation. I do love lemons… anyone remember Love’s Fresh Lemon cologne in the early 70s? In the phallic-shaped bottles? (That was lost on me at the time, lol.) I’m not opposed to wearing fruit prints as long as they’re tasteful (ha, punny). Just yesterday a white LOFT button down shirt with tiny embroidered strawberries arrived in the mail and I can’t wait to wear it. It’s a relaxed fit so I’ll tie it at the waist the way you show in your photo, Jennifer… thanks for the idea.

    1. Oh! I see LOFT has an embroidered tiny lemon version of my strawberry shirt. It’s blue and white striped cotton… you might like it, Jennifer!

      1. The little pjs have that same blue and white stripe so they’re on the way to me 🥰

  29. I really like the lemon look. I have a summer cardigan with pineapples on it. I wasn’t quite sure about it but I received compliments so I continue to wear it. The dress is cute. I like the skirt with lemons on you.

    1. Kathy in Wa says:

      I agree. I like the lemon print dress pictured. I would wear it in summer. I also like that navy sweater with the lemon that would be great with white. I see it as a classic summer look that is fun.

  30. Janice in Ky says:

    This trend isn’t for me, I don’t do yellow, that is the one color you won’t find in my closet. It makes me look sick. In looking at the clothes you have shown I find the prints look better on the lighter backgrounds not quite as in your face. I love the lemon skirt and tie blouse on you the first time you wore it last month. I do love most anything lemon flavored in the way of food and love lemon cleaning products. The smell says clean.
    So bottom line is a no for me especially the dress with the dark background.