Leopard Pieces I’m Loving Now

The leopard print trend is coming on strong for spring ( I don’t think it ever left) and brands are finding unique ways to add it to their line. I started my search online yesterday then jumped in my car and hit the shops. If you love leopard, it’s a timeless print that works year after year and never looks dated.

Most leopard print is orange and black but there are options in navy, gray, red, pink and brown. J.Crew has several looks using leopard with navy in both clothes and accessories.

This trench coat caught my eye immediately and it’s three views of leopard trench coat from J.Crew on A Well Styled Life

It’s got a full lining, removable hood, pockets, covered zipper, hidden snaps, back vent and best of all its water repellant. Sign me right up..it went into my cart immediately:)

Here are some other options at J.Crew

Linea Paolo Knox II Platform Genuine Calf Hair Sneaker on A Well Styled Life
Platform Sneaker

My feet are happiest in flat shoes so I’m always looking for ones that aren’t boring. Platform sneakers are coming to the rescue this spring with lots of fun patterns and details. There are lots of leopard ones showing up which would add sass to any look this spring and summer.


blush leopard handbag on A Well Styled Life
Blush Leopard Handbag

The leopard bag is easy to find and wear. The options are almost limitless but if you’re looking for unique, here are a few I spotted…bad pun intended:)

I went to J.Jill for Dressing Room Diaries yesterday, wearing my favorite leopard flats. The sales lady thought everything I tried on looked great with my shoes. Then she told me that leopard print is never carried at J.Jill. In fact, she’s been told not to wear any to work because it’s off brand for J.Jill.
What brands come to mind when you think of leopard print?
Thanks for reading and have a great day.


  1. I love leopard, and I definitely think of Chico’s. Right now, my closet has a blouse, a pullover sweater and a sleeveless V-neck in leopard, as well as a belt and a couple of scarves. A little surprised by the J Jill tidbit, but it definitely explains why I never find any there. I’d love a pair of leopard shoes, but they need to be really supportive and ideally have a removable insole to accommodate an orthotic. 🙁 Shoes have become more complex for me in the past two years. Maybe I’ll check out some of the platform sneakers.

    1. My feet are complaining lately too Laurel. It’s a drag but glad to see more comfy options.

  2. Cabi has a soft pink leopard print scarf this year. I can’t wait to get mine – it’s in the mail.

    1. I love pink leopard! There is no Cabi by me so I’ll see if I can find it online.

  3. Dianne Fraser says:

    Hi Jennifer,
    I always enjoy your blogs. I am quite a bit older than you and I am 5′ 41/2″ and 138 pounds but a little top heavy. I am always looking for flattering dresses as a change from always wearing pants. Do you have any recommendations?

    1. I don’t wear dresses that often because I tend towards separates. If you are appreciably larger on top, you may find skirts and top easier to wear. Talbots, Macy’s and Ann Taylor always have nice dresses.

  4. Chicos, Banana Republic, Anthropologie…?
    I am a fan of faux fur, pelt accessories……

  5. I love animal print…..always have. I don’t go overboard with it….but do love it. I even got leopard print carpeting on our stairs. Everywhere else is quite neutral with hardwood floors, so that is my “pop”. Get many compliments. Thanks for your blog…..love it!!

    1. Wowza, I love the sound of that! Leopard on the stairs is brave.

  6. Interesting about jjill. Maybe that’s why I prefer that store over Chico’s. Leopard print just doesn’t do it for me, never has, and I doubt it ever will. I dislike any animal print, really. It’s another of those left over “mother-in-my-head” dictates. Animal print was “cheap” and only “cheap women” wore it. Obviously, I don’t believe that any woman in leopard print is “cheap” but that voice in my head is too loud to ignore.

    1. I hear you Kay. Those lessons learned from mom are hard to ignore.

  7. I luv leopard print and your shoes! Need to go shopping.

  8. I like it in accessories. I have a belt and a scarf. I would wear it in a shoe if I could find an oxford. Slip on shoes slip off my heel so they are a no go. I like the sneakers you featured but with my height I don’t need that think sole. I’ll find a pair….

    1. There’s a lot of options out there so I’m sure you will.

  9. Years ago I bought a leopard print cardigan (consignment, like a lot of my wardrobe). I wore that little cardi to death! A little fun, a little edgy. Small doses, on nice pieces looks best I think, Leopard could get costume-y real fast,

  10. I’m loving these Jennifer! I have a leopard print chair I found in Dallas in my bedroom right now and it’s so fun. Thanks for sharing all these stylish leopard pieces, hope you’re doing well,


    1. So nice to hear from you Dale! My dining room seats are covered in leopard I love them.

  11. Linda Lennon says:

    Two years ago I bought a reversible leopard/black nylon vest from Dress Barn. Yup, DB! I think I paid $40 for it. I don’t wear it often but when I do I always get compliments. It comes to above my knee, has deep pockets & can dress up a plain black sweater or sweatshirt in a minute.

  12. I guess Chico’s comes to mind for me.., that is where my leopard prints are from, but I love a little touch of leopard and might need to own those sneakers!! Thanks Jennifer!

  13. I have a pair of leopard trousers, a leopard top and leopard boots. Throughout the year these 3 pieces have seen me through the year. I have a problem with flat shoes as they usually have a high front and with a high instep are very uncomfy. Long live leopard print – i feel sure it will be around for many years

    1. I do think it’ll be here for ever. I’m still using a leopard handbag I bought 32 years ago.

  14. I have an “old” lightweight jacket, and a purse, but both lean toward black and white. I can not wear brown or gold based animal prints. I’ve used theses two items for quite some time and haven’t felt they were passe’ yet! Good to know my instincts were ok.

    1. I have a gray and black leopard coat that gets worn all. The. Time. I think it’s the color.

  15. I like leopard print, but realized I generally on buy it in shoes. I do have one Ann Taylor tunic in leopard print, but that’s it. I find clothing items can become overwhelming, as in the leopard print is wearing me, not the other way round! Perhaps it’s because I’m tall, so that means a pretty big amount of print. I love the print on shoes, and own several different pairs.

    1. I have more accessories than garments too Ramona. It’s easier to wear.

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