Let’s Style This Mannequin

Happy Tuesday ladies. I ran across this mannequin on Monday and thought we could have some fun discussing the outfit. Grab your second cup of tea or coffee and let’s get to it. I know that stores dress their mannequins to showcase their new merchandise and give us styling ideas. I want to hear your styling ideas!

How would you wear this look?


Does this fit how you like to look? Would it fit your lifestyle these days?

Please share your ideas and inspire others with your suggestions, why or why not.


I was chatting with a friend yesterday and the subject of women’s style came up. No surprise there:) As we sat outside, enjoying our coffee, we had a front-row seat to do some people watching. A lady near us was wearing a skirt, low heels, modest jewelry, and I think, pantyhose. She stood out in our uber casual environment, in a pleasant way.

Life has become more casual for many of us over the past year, and in response, we have simplified our daily outfits. Some have gotten to the point of looking pretty austere. I see more and more women wearing a simple shirt, pants, and shoes but no accessories. Similar to a home with no pictures on the wall and no knick-nacks on the coffee table, an outfit with zero accessories can look undone.

Accessories are the little touches that give personality to our look. They’re how we can wear the same garment as another woman and make it our own. They tell the world how we feel about ourselves that day. If we don’t bother to add any, that also sends a message.

Are you adding accessories or have you dialed them way back?


Thanks for reading and remember to wear what makes you feel confident!


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  1. K
    April 9, 2021 / 7:37 am

    Thanks Jennifer for your blog. The accessory comment hit home! I’m learning so much from you about putting a look together that’s lovely , or Sharp ,or original or on style or all of these.
    It’s fun and inspiring to read others comments too. I find I look at my closet with new eyes and see gaps and or new possibilities.
    Thanks again!

  2. Jill
    April 9, 2021 / 6:55 am

    Love both the dress and the shirt, but not together. The dress is a bit more formal than the shirt, that said I also might like the outfit more of the dress was black or navy. I too get the beachy vibe from these two pieces together. Could see wearing the dress at a resort dinner, add bangles and perhaps a pendant necklace with gold hoops and nude heeled sandals. The shirt would be a cute coverup over a swimsuit or good with shorts and tank

  3. Rose
    April 9, 2021 / 5:21 am

    I also think that this looks “beachy”. I think espadrills, straw hat, some simple bangles, and tie the shirt at the waist.

  4. Denise Pfahl
    April 9, 2021 / 12:13 am

    Lets see now, the shirt is too casual for the sleek textured column shift, the textures are too different; I would add a belt to the dress, eliminate the shirt, add a hat or head scarf, earrings, sunglasses, and pointy sling back low heeled shoes in a nude color to elongate the leg. A short bolero jacket in a similar fabric as the dress, over the dress would be cute if it gets chilly. I could see a small purse/tote in half nude leather to match the shoes, and half straw to match a straw hat. If you used a head scarf, then match the purse to the shoes.
    The shirt would look best with cotton denim slacks or skirt.

  5. Julie Traxler
    April 8, 2021 / 5:57 pm

    Well, I read all the comments, and I have almost forgotten what the mannequin had on. As I recall, it was a peach knit column dress with a very light traditional shirt over it. I saw this as kinda beachy. I guess I would do espadrilles with a large straw hat. Of course I would be carrying a beach bag with swim suit and a novel. For added interest, I would be wearing bright leather earrings and a long bright beaded necklace. The sunglasses would be on my face. I really had to think about this one!

    • Jennifer
      April 8, 2021 / 10:23 pm

      Thanks for sharing Julie

  6. Kathy
    April 8, 2021 / 4:38 pm

    Let’s pretend that the dress is black or navy. Now I can style it.
    Dressed down, I would add a straw hat, sandals, big earrings and statement necklace and a tote bag. Perhaps a belt.
    Dressed up, replace the shirt with a shawl or large silk patterned scarf, small clutch. More refined jewelry and a kitten heel or open back shoe.

    • Jennifer
      April 8, 2021 / 10:22 pm

      Your outfits sound lovely.

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