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Happy Monday! We are loving this Palm Springs film festival. Yesterday we saw “Franca, Chaos and Creation”, a documentary by Francesco Carrozzini about his legendary mother, Franca Sozzani. She was the Editor in Chief of Vogue Italia for 28 years. I knew virtually nothing about her going in and was glued to my seat the entire time. 

Her controversial covers and photo shoots used fashion to tackle social issues that other fashion magazines wouldn’t touch. Sadly, she passed away last month from lung cancer at 66.

Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle for women over 50

After the movie, we walked down to Sherman’s Deli and Bakery for lunch. It’s a kosher style deli that reminds me of the ones in New York.

looking over the pastries at Sherman's deli in Palm Springs

If you go to Palm Springs, this is a must try, if only for the pastries.

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After lunch, we wandered around exploring the town. It’s much colder in Palm Springs than we anticipated or packed for. One day it’s warm and the next, cold. Yesterday was both.

wearing Sassy Cowl Jacket from Artful Home

I wore my new Sassy Cowl jacket by F.H. Clothing company from Artful Home. I love this jacket! Its ponte knit fabric doesn’t wrinkle and it’s modern silhouette sends a fun arty message.

exploring Palm Springsexploring Palm Springs

Throughout our day my jacket zipper went up and down depending on the temperature. In the sun it was down creating a portrait collar and in the shade, it was up creating a stand-up funnel neck.
wandering around Palm Springs

The A-line silhouette covers a multitude of sins (pastries and popcorn) and is the perfect length on my 5’4″ frame. Expect to see me styling it many other ways.

Tomorrow we’re taking an architectural tour of the post-modern homes. Palm Springs has so much to do, we are loving it, even in the cold.

Have a great day and thanks for reading!

Thank you to Artful Home for sponsoring this post. Please see my complete disclosure statement here.



Thank you to Artful Home for sponsoring this post. They supplied the jacket; all opinions are my own.




  1. Hi Jennifer,

    Can you tell me about the fit of this jacket. I am considering ordering it and I have read conflicting reviews about the sizing. I am a size 12 and have read by some to order “down”…and by others that it runs true to size.

    Thanks… I really enjoy reading your posts


  2. I love the jacket! So cute on you. Again, because I go to Palm Springs now and then – I appreciate the tips…..like the deli where I’d be able to indulge in more of those, ahem…..sins. The film sounds fabulous! I’ll have to follow up and see where I can find it for viewing. So glad you’re having such a great time!

  3. That coat has great lines and is very flattering on you.
    You wear blue so well and I love seeing you in blues but now I think black is stunning on you with your blonde hair.
    Hope the tour is fun…I love those modernist homes in PS…an architetural paradise.

    1. Thank you, Leslie. Black is so classic and easy to wear. I’ll never stop wearing it but I do enjoy mixing it up and blue is a favorite. I’m really looking forward to the tour!

  4. Is it colder than normal for this time of the year in Palm Springs? I don’t remember it being cold weather during the day. The nights and early mornings were chilly though.
    Did you find any nice pieces at the consignment store you were exploring a few days ago?
    Your cowl neck swing coat looks soft and easy to wear.

    1. I’m not sure if it’s colder than usual, Joanna. Maybe it’s because I was expecting warmer weather. That said, there are people wearing sandals and shorts, so I may just be more sensitive to the cold.

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