Look of the Week: Modeling and Makeup

I guess I can now add model to my list of many talents! Last Monday I flew down to model in the Covered Perfectly fashion shoot. It was a blast, but wow…a lot of work! I have a new respect for models!

Pauline Durban, the woman behind Covered Perfectly, met me at the airport…took me to see her office, meet her staff and see where all the magic happens. It’s impressive!

In May 2012 she invested her life savings to design and create tops for women, that she couldn’t find for herself.

“I wanted women’s tops that made me feel attractive, and confident that I was showing the best parts of me.” ~ Pauline Durban

She wanted soft to the touch tops that were long enough to cover the right part of her arms and also long enough to cover her tummy.

Who doesn’t want that? I know I do!

I was tempted to just stand there like a bump on a log but the photographer kept prompting me to move and sway my body. I felt like a deer in the headlights but gradually got more comfortable.

modeling in Covered perfectly photo shoot
Here I am modeling their Color Block top.

This is me before and after the makeup artist worked her magic on me.

before and after makeup for Covered Perfectly photo shoot

Makeup has to be much heavier for a professional photo shoot. In person, it looked sort of scary. I felt like it accentuated every line and wrinkle I had.

I learned a thing or two from the makeup artist. I’ve been covering my under-eye circles all wrong…more on that in another post.

Here I am modeling the Mandy top in the new Olive color.

Covered Perfectly Mandy top

False eyelashes above…none below. They make a huge difference. The other models and I chatted about how many of our friends wear false eyelashes every day. It’s more women than you’d imagine.

Covered Perfectly Simple Comfort in burnout fabric
This is their Simple Comfort top in the brand new Burnout fabric.

The length was perfect over my leggings…pardon the pun. All Covered Perfectly tops are a flattering length.

Not knowing I’d be modeling a dress, I didn’t bring the right shoes with me. This would look MUCH better on me with open throat shoes.

Simple Comfort Dress from Covered PerfectlyThis Simple Comfort Dress is the perfect chameleon that dresses up and down with ease…can’t wait to get my own!

Modeling was an amazing experience. I had no idea what expect and had the time of my life. Thank you to Pauline for giving me this opportunity. I’ll never forget it!

Have a great day.

xo Jennifer


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  1. You look fab! I’d love to learn how to wear false eyelashes. If you come down here again. Give me a call and we can meet!

  2. Do I have to “pile on” here and tell you how fabulous you look? O.K., well, I guess it can’t hurt. Love the makeup and your hair looks great. Now you know why all those celebs look so perfect all the time. They have people primping and fussing over them all the time. I must say, though, I thought you looked pretty swell before the makeup artist started working on you.

    I’ll bet one of the things she told you about concealer was that you were wearing the wrong shade, probably too light?? That’s a common mistake. Looking forward to all the great makeup tips.

    Cheers, M-T

    1. Thanks, M-T, you’re so kind. It was a fun experience for sure. I don’t think I’d want people primping and fussing over me all the time. The celebs are welcome to it!

  3. What a great experience! You look great in the Covered Perfectly clothes. Sounds & looks like a great line!

    I don’t like things near my eye, so I have never tried false eye lashes, but I know that even just applying mascara correctly makes such a difference. May have to investigate false eye lashes (and get over my dislike) at some point….

    I’m also curious about what you’ve learned about under-eye concealer.

  4. Hi Jennifer, you look fabulous in that green Mandy top! I so enjoy your blog, thank you for the work you put into it. I’m looking forward to any makeup tips you can share.

  5. Interested to see the length of the top on a petite woman like you. Sometimes they seem long to me. Loved the eye makeup. It eliminated any “hood” on your eyes. Beautiful.

  6. You look mahvalous my dear. What a wonderful opportunity! Love the make up. You look radiant. Love the clothes,too!

  7. Dear Jennifer – you look so stylish all time – such a great inspiration you give!
    Love your blog – always looking forward to your news!.kind regards from Germany –

  8. Jennifer, You look so great in these tops! Your a perfect model for them. I hope you had fun.
    Can’t wait to chat and hear all about this! xo Kim

  9. I was one of ten women featured in Lois Joy Johnson’s, founding Beauty and Fashion Editor of MORE Magazine, book, “The Woman’s Wakeup, How to Shake Up Your Looks, Life and Love After 50.” I had a blast. When I take off my glasses, I can’t see a thing, plus I’m not inhibited. Add the Rolling Stones playing in the studio, and it was a fun day! Glad you got to experience that. xoxox, Brenda

  10. I struggle with under-eye concealers and have yet to find the perfect one. I’m anxious to find out what you learned form the make up artist. When I first saw the before and after make up picture my first thought was that the eyes were way too dark. I always feel too much heavy, dark eye make up on older women makes them look older. But then when I saw the professional photos, they make up didn’t look too dark at all and looks fantastic. The bright light must really wash a lot of color out…your right, the model make up does have to be heavier. I own one Covered Perfectly top that they gifted me in exchange for a post. I do love their clothes, but my budget is limited so I can’t spend a lot of money on clothes. Love the top you have on in the first picture.

    1. It was way too heavy up close..but in pictures it works! I won’t be wearing false eyelashes for day wear anytime soon!

  11. Jennifer, when My sister (a photographer) did the head shots for my blog, she brought in a professional to do my makeup, which included false eyelashes. What a difference it makes! After my first shoot modeling for a post, I saw that I really needed to “punch up” my makeup for pictures in the future, so I went and had it done again, this time paying attention so I could replicate the look!

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