Look of the Week: White and Black

Life’s racing along at a busy clip. We arrived home from Palm Springs to glorious sunshine and a few surprises. My scale is telling me I had one (several) too many date shakes and wasn’t active enough. It’s so easy to fool yourself on vacation, but the routine at home makes things all to obvious.

Welcome to reality and time to get back on track. I’ve already cut back on unnecessary carbs and added more veggies. I also have to drag myself to the gym when my cold is gone.

black lace top with slim white pants

We saw our accountant yesterday to get a jump start on our taxes. I wore classic white and black.

black lace top by Hanky PankyFor the business meeting, I wore a black tank underneath this lace top because I didn’t want to look undressed. A nude tank wouldn’t interfere with the lines of the tank but could appear more suggestive than a black tank that you can clearly see.

black lace top with slim white pants

I wore 2 long necklaces to draw the eye down to a V and added simple silver hoop earrings.

black lace top, white pants and leopard handbagMy vintage leopard handbag added a bit of extra pattern.

black lace top, slim white pants and leopard handbag

Even though my weight is up, my hips and legs are still slimmer than my top so I wore lighter pants. These Renuar cigarette pants are pull-on style with faux front and back pockets. There’s no bulk from a zipper and snap which makes these great to wear under slim fitting tops.

slim white pants and lace cutout suede shoesI originally styled this with black ballet flats but they looked too heavy. The open pattern of these sandals added needed texture and looked airier.

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I topped everything with a long jacket that is loose and camouflages a multitude of sins. Because the top and pants are both fitted, I needed a loose jacket.

Wearing: lace top // cigarette pants // long jacket

Fashion and Lifestyle blog for women over 50

I carried my vintage Kate Spade handbag to add extra pattern to this monochromatic outfit.

styling white and black with a touch of lace

Style Tip: Place patterns to keep the eye moving around your outfit. The focus travels from the lace top down to the handbag pattern then down to the shoe pattern. The focus is balanced.

There is something so classic about wearing white and black then adding pattern to keep it interesting.

My entire outfit is available at Purple Poppy, a small boutique on Cape Cod that also sells online. They’re offering my readers a 10% discount with the code Poppy (capital P) at checkout.

Do you add pattern to monochromatic outfits?

Thanks for reading and have a fabulous day!

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Thank you to Purple Poppy for sponsoring this post; all styling and words are my own.

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  1. Black and white is such a classic combo, I love the jewelry you added and the edgy looking shoes!


    1. Thanks so much for including me, Elaine! I’m honored.

  2. You were, no doubt, the bright spot in that tax accountant’s day. Adorable. If you have to face taxes – may as well look chic and feel good doing it.

  3. Thanks for the tip about using pattern(s) to distract from our less positive features. I couldn’t spot any of yours.

    1. You’re sweet, Julie. You did notice there are no profile pictures of my tummy:) Distraction is a fine art and a wonderful tool!

  4. That is a great hint regarding a black versus a nude tank. I would have automatically reached for the nude to not interfere with the lace.
    You always look lovely. You truly do know how to dress for your shape. I sometimes struggle with that.

    1. Thanks Joanna. I hope my sharing will help illustrate things to consider when dressing yourself. Please feel free to ask me for suggestions.

  5. absolutely one of your best, I loved everything about it…but when you added the long jacket I went into full on swoon! loved the purse, the shoes everything!

  6. You look fabulous in white and black! The lace top is so pretty! I love it paired with the long cardigan and the necklaces. And I want a bag like yours!

    I hope you’ll be all better soon!

  7. Need help with size of lace top

    1. I normally wear an 8-10 on top and found the medium most comfortable. I have large shoulders too. How else can I help?

  8. You know how to dress to flatter your shape…no one would suspect that you need to lose any weight.
    I love white pants and have white NYDJ in a slim cut…have a long black sweater and a black tank so I think I will steal your idea…I do not have many patterned pieces…just a couple of black and white tunic type tops and a striped Tee.
    Love this fresh energetic crisp look on you…

    1. Steal away, Leslie:) A fitted white top is a big mistake on me these days. It highlights every extra pound I am carrying. I have to wear looser pants too so the muffin top doesn’t show.

  9. Love the Purple Poppy! It is on my list of stops I have to make each year when on the Cape.

  10. What size top are you wearing – does it run true to size

    1. I am wearing a large. The medium fit too, but as I mentioned…too many date shakes lately:)

    1. Thanks, Jodie! I always hang on to the interesting accessories.

    1. I’m warming up to lace these days!

  11. Such a good idea to purposefully use a bag to add pattern. I tend to use jewellery or scarves but will add badgs to my menu.

    1. It is a menu, Annemarie. Great way to describe it!

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