Monday Musing – Ralph, Toe Polish, and Pillows

Happy Monday ladies. This week’s musings are all over the map, as usual, but they started with my last post. Saturday’s mannequin elicited more positive reactions than I’ve seen here for a very long time. It was a simple knit dress with a denim jacket and neutral accessories. What kept coming up was just how many people liked Ralph Lauren’s designs.

I watched this Very Ralph Documentary over the weekend again and enjoyed it a lot. Schmaltzy perhaps, but fun nonetheless.

I’ve been a fan of the Ralph Lauren aesthetic since I was a young woman in my 20s, trying to look chic on a very small budget. Ralph created a lifestyle brand that many people aspire to because they’re timeless, classic, and evocative of a life well-lived.

lauren perfume by ralph lauren

When his Lauren Ralph Lauren fragrance came out in 1978, I was thrilled to wear it and felt very sophisticated in it. Fragrance and cosmetics are often the gateways products for people who love a brand but can’t afford the clothes. It’s the special feeling one gets when applying a Chanel lipstick, just because it’s Chanel. One could argue that the colors or formulas are superior but most of the cachet is the prestigious name and packaging. I was sorry to stop buying Chanel Lipsticks when I switched to cruelty-free products because they always felt so darn special to use!

Back in the day, on top of spritzing myself with his Lauren fragrance, I was also sewing many of his designs with my trusty Singer machine and Vogue patterns. Remember them? His were some of my favorites and always involved a challenge because the tailoring was exquisite. To this day, I could wear some of the jackets I painstakingly tailored, but sadly I wasn’t smart enough to hold on to them.


My local Macy’s has a very small section of Lauren Ralph Lauren on the racks and it’s getting smaller all the time. I’m going to make a concerted effort to keep an eye out for them now.

Pedicure Color

A reader commented last week, that she prefers to wear a fun toenail polish color with open toes shoes when dressed for a special occasion. I know my toes looked bare in this post, but I was wearing pale polish. It reminded me of this post I wrote about pedicure color several years ago, and my reasons remain the same today. I don’t know about you, but my feet aren’t getting any better looking with age :).

Best Pillow For Side Sleepers

Several years ago I bought this tiny Save My Face Pillow.

It’s made to help side sleepers from smashing crease lines into their faces while they sleep. It worked ok and the price is amazing but the “satin” cover is really just polyester and it gave no neck support.

Then I moved up to the Nurse Jamie Beauty Bear Pillow which was a bit more substantial and also pretty portable, but again, the cover is “satiny”, not silk. Soon after that, I was able to train myself to sleep on my back so I went back to my regular pillow and bought these silk pillowcases.

Now I’m back to side sleeping so I need a pillow to help mitigate the crease lines it’s causing. I dove down the Google rabbit hole yesterday and came up with more ideas than I know what to do with. Do I want organic materials? Absolutely, that would be the healthiest. Do I want a real silk cover? Of course, because that creates slip and helps with your hair too. Is copper an important ingredient in pillows? Apparently, it is and I want it.

This Sleep&Glow Pillow has lots of positive reviews but it’s not cheap. I’ve also read several reports, including on their own FB page, that the pillow is manufactured in Russia! I’m not supporting that with my dollars.

This Beauty Pillow also has great reviews and is at a slightly better price.

This Envy Pillow seems pretty amazing but is sold out online so I’ve made some calls, and found they will be getting restocked in June. The more I read about the Envy pillow and company, the more excited I am to try one.

Do you use a special pillow? Which have you tried?

Thanks for reading ladies and remember to wear what makes you feel confident.





  1. I’m done with specality pillows. I have a side-sleeper pillow in memory foam and despite it’s hype it isn’t comfortable. My best bet is a 2-3 regular pillows, one firm, the other soft that I can arrange to support by nice and head. Otherwise I end up with weirdly shaped pillows that I don’t like and go to Goodwill.

    I like Ralph Lauren, but the sizing of the brands’ clothing does not fit my curvy body. The tops run too slim through the waist. I love the patterns they brand comes up with and will always give the scarf and bedding section a look in case there is something I love there.

    In recent years I’ve moved away from his particular style of Americana, which sometimes feels a bit contrived. The Southwestern-style sweaters they do are so attractive, but embracing American Indian culture as a White woman has becomes a minefield in these times and I’m not so much into those patterns anymore. So it’s mostly florals for me.
    I can spot a RL scarf at a thrift like nobodies business 🙂

    1. I hear you Rose. People have become to sensitive to cultural influences in fashion it can be a minefield to navigate.

  2. Please keep us posted on the pillow situation! I have neck and shoulder problems, and also I am trying to avoid face wrinkles. I tried to stay on my back, but that just isn’t working. More pain. So side sleeping is where I am right now, and wishing that it didn’t smash my face.
    I have to laugh sometimes at my “old lady” problems, but these are still serious issues for me! Ha!

    1. I will absolutely keep you posted, Ruth! I want a good pillow that’s healthy, not another just ok one, that sort of helps.

  3. I like the RL clothes and have a few pieces that are older but still look nice due to the good quality. Love the RL denim that fit me perfectly. It was an ordeal to find jeans. I think the sizing in pants has changed.

    Since I don’t like to draw attention to my bunion I use two tones of the same color. The lighter on my feet and a darker on my hands. I discovered this with a polish set that had gradient shades of peachy beige. It looks pretty good!

    Thanks for the post.

  4. Ralph Lauren has been repeatedly cited for using sweat shops. Recently, his made in China cotton clothing is coming from Xianyang province where forced labour
    is used to produce clothing. If we buy cruelty free cosmetics and skincare, shouldn’t we buy cruelty free clothing?

    1. Thank you Connie for letting us know…yes we absolutely should buy cruelty-free clothes!

  5. Hi, Jennifer !
    I use silk pillowcases from Zara Home whenever available in shop.
    Yes, I do fondly remember that Singer machine and the patterns from the Burda magazine, the only one somehow available in those times in Romania ,my country.
    As for copper, it is trendy in slimming pills, it might be in fabrics,too… I am sure you will keep us posted.
    Thank you!

  6. Love Ralph Lauren and do seek out their preppy man shirts (my label-lol) roll up tge sleeves, pop the collar if I can, and pair with Bermuda shorts. Yes inventories are slim.
    My feet are treated every 7-8 weeks at my podiatrists office. This all started when I went on Eluquis and must avoid even tiny cuts as they will bleed excessively. Because of this I paint my toes with very pale pinks or white -pink. It’s just easier to remove before I visit my doctor.
    Getting older is no fun. Now I’m facing a skin cancer in my cheek which will require Mohs. I’m miserable about this as I slather myself with the best sunscreens year round (EltaMD and Isdin) and have for around 30 years. Big floppy hats and beach umbrellas if at the ocean. I’m so protected I cannot fathom how I developed this. But like everything we just tackle it!

    1. Oh no Paulette, I am so sorry. My husband has had Mohs surgery on his face several times and they do an amazing job. The damage we’re dealing with now was sadly inflicted during our uninformed youth. I will keep you in my prayers, I know you will do well.XX

  7. I’ve used a silk and copper pillowcase for years and I feel like it really does help. I’m 56 and get told I look like I’m in my 40’s a lot. I am a side sleeper and even being conscious of pillowcase wrinkles and smoothing them out every time I roll over I still wake up with some sheet marks on my right side.

    I unfortunately do not know the brand name of my pillow but I do remember just googling silk and copper pillowcases and knowing me, bought one of the first ones that popped up. It wasn’t cheap even then, I think it was around $65 and it’s sort of a beige color with gold piping.

    1. I have been reading more about the importance of copper Shellie, and I’m convinced I need to try it. My pillow hunt continues and I’m learning more every day!

  8. I’ve been wearing gold polish on my toenails every summer for many years and still love it!

  9. I was a little puzzled by these pillows as there seemed to be little neck support. My pillow has the hollow perpendicular to those of these pillows. My neck is supported and my face fits in the hollow. At 82 I have no neck pain and no face lines with a cotton pillowcase. Genes? I also sleep, with medical preventative advice, a small pillow between my knees. Good for your spine.

  10. I do like Ralph Lauren.
    Styles are classic and timeless.
    Just beautiful and never overdone. Also, there fragrances are just right.

  11. I bought my favourite pillow at the chiropractor’s office. There are four choices to fit your neck in the same pillow depending on what side you use. I always bring my pillow with me if we’re travelling by car. If we’re flying by plane, I roll up a towel to rest my neck instead of using those huge hotel pillows. It really works!

  12. My favorite nail color for fingers and toes is a deep dark red. The color is so good against my skin. My nails are stronger than they have ever been because of the vitamins that I take. Vitamin D and Biotin have made a tremendous difference. The only way to keep polish on my nails is to use gel polish. I find that it is hard on my nails; it causes them to be thin.
    Pillows are a constant struggle for me. I have chronic neck and shoulder pain. I have tried so many pillows and very few of them are truly comfortable for me. I need support under my neck, but no height at the top of the pillow. That tilts my head up and causes pain. The most comfortable pillow I’ve ever found was given to me at the hospital. I slept on it until it fell apart. I’ve searched for one like it ever since.

  13. My hands may look 70 years old but my toes still look pretty good so I always opt for bright red toe nails. They make me smile every time I look at them! I live and work on a ranch so my feet are mostly in barn boots but when I do have the chance to wear sandals I love that my feet look happy in them. I was pretty consistent with pedicures as my toes were showing in my yoga class but then the pandemic hit and Zoom yoga took over so no one was seeing my feet except me. I don’t do pedis as regularly now but they are a treat I give myself. As far as sewing I gave up on making my own clothes years ago because the patterns were so difficult to size but I quilt and make home decor items as well as baby things now that I’m a grandmother and find a lot of pleasure in sewing. I’ve sewn more in the past two years during the pandemic than I have in the last ten. I’m so glad I started sewing in 4H at the age of nine and had a mother who also sewed. It’s a lifelong skill that I hope I can share with my new granddaughter some day.

    I like the Ralph Lauren style too–classic, crisp and easy to wear.

    1. Red toe nails sound like they’re a delight for you to see and wear! Maybe make them more of a habit and treat yourself. We deserve it!! I’m so grateful my mom sewed too. I’ve made more home decor and clothes over the years that I never could have afforded otherwise.

  14. Ralph Lauren is my go to for dress up and some casual wear. My Macys usually has a decent selection and I’ve even scored some major sale items too. They all have worn well. Last week I wore a Ralph geometric shirt, skinny black pants, and heels to a 50yr reunion. Always feel great in Ralph Lauren!

  15. Jennifer, your sewing stories took me down memory lane. Hours spent sewing my 8th grade graduation dress (3-tiers of gathers), high school picture suit, high school white graduation suit, and a soft suede peplum suit. Recently, I considered a return to sewing, mulled over patterns and then was saddened by the quality of fabrics. Maybe one day I’ll make it to Mood!

    1. The selection in my local store is pretty dismal too but I’m pretty sure you can find any and everything online. My, how things have changed. Even the patterns have gone downhill.

  16. Have always loved all things Ralph Lauren. However they really are getting harder to find. I love the toe decal idea, might try it!

  17. Do like Ralph Lauren garments however was a bit disillusioned when doing over a spare bedroom and purchased two reversible duvet covers that had contrast patterns but were the same in color. One was for the bed, the other was for a pleated bed skirt as well as pillow shams and I was shocked how easily it came apart. In other words it wasn’t quality construction, however understand a lot of his brand is now made in China. As to silk pillow cases; I love the brand called Blissy, Though a bit pricey (in Cdn. funds) they IMHO are well worth it as also easy on the hair style. (No bed-head …. lol!) Last but not least; quite a few years (just for fun) ago I added nail decals to my toe nails and being the summer they certainly ended up to be the topic of conversation, as surprisingly I even had men comment on them …. ☺. -Brenda-

    1. Quality is so hard to predict just by a brand name these days. I’d have been very disappointed too. Blissy are very nice!! Decals? That’s something I’ve never tried. You’re a trailblazer Brenda! Happy Monday.

  18. In March found a petite Ralph Lauren occassion dress online through Macy’s, a rare sighting.

  19. I too really liked the RL outfit, and found myself wondering why. I decided it’s due to a desire for classic simplicity, and, I assume, the quality of the fabric in the dress. I appreciate the range of brands you try on for us, however, in my own aging style, choose to pay for less clothing with more quality.

  20. I’ve loved Ralph and his products for year. I even had his wallpaper! The clothes are usually classic, timeless, some would say preppy. Here in Connecticut that’s not a bad thing!
    I’ve had some of his 3/4 sleeve t shirts for over a decade… no fading, twisting or pilling.His shoes run large, so I need a 5… hard to find.

    I sleep on my side with 2 pillows to keep my head raised ( allergies). I shift the top pillow so its under my head, not my face. I use real silk pillow cases that zip tightly so no wrinkles on the pillow or me! And no extra specialty pillow!

    1. That sounds like a great setup Susan. My allergies can use all the assistance possible these days. Do you also put a small pillow between your knees?

  21. Very interested in your pillow dilemma- I, too, am a side sleeper that smashes my face into the pillow. I have silk pillowcases, but still notice increasing facial lines from my side sleeping. HELP!! Thanks for your research

    1. I’m going to do sone phoning around today about the Envy pillow because I like the concept of putting your head in a position of leaning up rather than down. I’ll keep you updated.

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