Monday Musings- A Few Things I Wore in Miami

Happy Monday, ladies. The purpose of my trip to Miami last week was to get some professional photos for the blog and do some networking with a few blogger friends. Working with a professional photographer was fascinating and I’m really anxious to see the photos. Here are a few non-pro, iPhone shots of what I wore. It’s funny, but I didn’t pack many clothes to just hang out on this trip.


I wore several pairs of my Eileen Fisher washable crepe slim ankle pants on this trip because they’re super comfy and pack like a dream. I never travel without at least 2-3 pairs in my suitcase for that very reason and I usually wear them to fly. I can’t say enough great things about this white shirt. I traveled in it all day, hung it up after dinner with the ladies, then pulled it out the following day and it looked as crisp as when I started. My Jack Rogers sandals got a lot of wear on this trip because they’re comfy, stay on without much toe-gripping, and allow my feet to swell where they need to…which always happens when I’m eating more salt than usual.

We stayed at the Edition, in Miami beach. The hotel was really beautiful with pretty spots to sit and work everywhere. They were not very cooperative about us taking photos with a camera (phone photos were fine) which surprised us all but we worked around it.


A few days later I wore this rather pedestrian outfit. It was breezy so although the other gals were wearing shorts, sun dresses, or bathing suits, I wore another pair of EF crepe pants, white platform sneakers, a white tank, and a lavender shirt. This was what I reverted to between photo sessions and to have lunch outside. I wasn’t planning to get a photo of this outfit, but that’s what happens when you get a few bloggers together, all armed with cell phones 🙂 This pair of pants is slightly longer than my black pair above. I’m not sure why, but I think it’s because they haven’t been through the washer and drier yet.

This photo is a bit misleading because we worked constantly and this was not a vacation but the hammock was there and it was empty so…😎

Tania and I roomed together. Her side of the closet was filled with floral, colorful, flowy dresses that intrigued me. They’re so far from my style recipe, I admit to being a bit mesmerized. She looked amazing in the above dress so I tried it on. While very pretty and fun, I feel a bit like a fish out of water in it. She is several inches taller than me, but that’s not why it feels off. It’s just the style. Too much of everything for me.


Here’s Tania in her beautiful dress, and what I wore for our first dinner out in Miami. I feel. much more like me in this outfit :). The jacket is several years old, but Talbots makes them every spring/summer. I love the pop of color over black. This is the first jumpsuit I’ve tried in a while and love its one-and-done ease. I’m wearing a petite medium.


This is what I wore for dinner out on Valentine’s Day. My feet were not happy campers by this time of day, so I skipped these low-heeled nude sandals I’d planned to wear and slipped back into my flats. I wore another pair of slim crepe pants in Ocean (blue) with a white shirt (similar here) I’d bought over the holidays but never got a chance to wear. I topped it off with my Jennifer pearl necklace which improves every outfit. You can get 15% off their entire website with the code AWSL at checkout.

Outfit of the week


This week’s outfit features two footwear options depending on how much walking you plan to be doing. I also included a few trending themes for spring. This vegan leather bag comes in lots of colors and comes in several sizes. Woven bags are trending for spring, as are double denim looks and chunkier, angular silver jewelry.

Which shoes would you choose for this look?


  1. I love your jumpsuit and jacket outfit. That is my kind of outfit. Classic and comfortable. I am not a big dress girl unless it is a simple style, not too much material and comfortable.
    You girls looked like you had a grand time.

  2. Rosemarie says:

    I was surprised you were so casually dressed for dinner.
    Important yes to think of our feet!
    I love that you always have a lovely/joyful expression.

    1. Loved seeing the picture of you and your friends. Sorry Miami was a little cold.

  3. I am a stain magnet, so I avoid white shirts. Let me add another vote for EF crepe pants. They are comfortable and wash well and wear like iron.

  4. My first impression of the floral dress on you was ; “Oh how pretty” then I looked at it on Tania and realized that it was the scale and size that was off. I have five floral dress that I have never worn because I feel out of place in them. Your usual style is mostly mine. Our hair is similar. LED lights make mine still look blonde but outside it is white and silver wavy Bob cut. I love your blog and enjoy every one!

  5. Fun post, Jennifer! I’ve only read Jo-Lynne’s blog once, but was impressed. I haven’t read Tanya’s, but will check it out. Love your geometric tote — considering in silver… Also love that beach photo: wow! From my vantage point in the upper MW, Miami is looking GOOD this time of year (its best season, too!).

    1. I think it’s the best time to visit Miami too. I agree, Jo-Lynne’s blog is amazing. You’ll enjoy reading her and Tania!

  6. I loved the dress on you! I think it looked fantastic! But I can understand the dress being out of your comfort zone. Thanks for all you do!

  7. Elizabeth says:

    Interesting how we all react so differently to you wearing Tania’s dress! I think that the dress was wearing you rather than you wearing the dress- too much of everything: print and volume. I love that you are true to your own style, which I see as classic and tailored. You do you!

    1. It felt that way to me too😁

  8. I like the colors of the dress on you. I think I have that same linen blazer from Talbots in my closet – never worn. I like the look of it styled over black and will dig it out for spring. Enjoyed this post.

    1. Thanks! It felt just like me.

  9. I am glad you had a great time in Miami. I think Tania’s dress is stunning, but I could not pull it off. I am 5’2″ , not tall or thin enough for me to feel confident wearing. The print is a little too bold for me. I look better in solids, or a small print in a top. The style of the dress would look good in a stripe, solid, or smaller print.

    For the outfit of the week, I would wear the sneakers for walking about. The flat shoes would be for later for dinner.

    1. I’m with you on the shoes and the size of the print 😁

  10. I love the dress on you. The blue and pink look alive. I would agree, that a scaled down version would be more proportional to your height, but the length makes you look tall!

  11. I think the dress is stunning, but as you mentioned a bit overwhelming on you… perhaps in a smaller print, shorter and with less volume. I would have liked to have seen that dress on your friend Tania to see the difference.
    I’m not a “dress person” either – not sure why but even in the corporate world I felt more like “me” in pants suits or skirts with blouses.

  12. Looks like you had a great time with beautiful weather. I thought Tania’s dress looked wonderful on you. For the outfit of the week I would wear the tennis shoes for walking and the other pair for dinner or something.

  13. Love you in that floral dress!

    Enjoyed seeing you and Tania, you two are my favorite bloggers.

    You are both so humble and I learn so much about fashion and many great tips for makeup, health etc.

    Thank you!

    1. Tania is the very best.

  14. I too love the dress on you. It looks fabulous and Miami Beach is a good place for a dress like that. But, I also understand that you have to feel comfortable in what you wear. Not feeling comfortable kills my confidence.

    1. It kills mine too. I am fascinated to see that so many of you ladies love these types of dresses so perhaps I should style more on the blog?

  15. Mihaela Eftimescu says:

    The floral dress is wonderful and you can buy one in your size, no problem. Don t worry , there s also blue in the pattern !🤗

  16. Pat Patterson says:

    Jennifer, love love love that floral dress, you look fabulous. Looks like it was a great week with friends. Where can I buy Eileen Fisher clothing?
    Have a great day!

    1. I have the same problem with bold, bright prints like Tania’s dress. I like them on other people, but they’re just not me. I get uncomfortable just thinking about wearing it(haha). I do love a good maxi dress in the summer though, this one also had too much fabric for me with the long sleeves and full skirt. Something more streamlined would be my choice.

      1. Me too 🙂

  17. Yes, I agree with others that you look amazing in that dress. Maybe a scaled down version with less fabric and a bit shorter would feel more your style. The vibrant colors just pop on the white background.
    What a fun, working getaway!

  18. Jennifer, I loved the EF pants and Athleta shirt, sandals outfit. I will explore further! I agree with you o regarding the floral gown. While the print and style are gorgeous it is too much on your petite frame. Be Well! Carol

    1. My style loved all except the dress not my cup of tea either

    2. The size of the print and the fullness of sleeves are a large part of why it feels “off”. It looks fabulous on Tania!

  19. You look amazing in that dress!

  20. I love the white shirt and black slim pants outfit. The cute hat, sandals and bright tote bag kicks it up a notch. It looks great without being too too.

    1. I love that tote bag. The pop of color is fun.

  21. I laughed when you wrote yesterday that your feet were “happy campers” with the Ryka sneakers. I have bought two pairs of the Devotion X style as they are the most comfortable shoes I have ever had, and since I’m 74 that’s saying A lot. Do the Eileen Fisher crepe pants have pockets? I can’t tell from online photos. I won’t buy any pants or skirt now without pockets.

    1. Sadly, they have no pockets.

  22. SuzanneGabrielle says:

    Although the dress isn’t the perfect fit for you, the print looks great. It livens you up and is very flattering. You may want to dip your toe out of the “coastal grandmother” color palette just a smidge. I only have 2 dresses like that in my wardrobe, but every time I wear one I get compliments.

  23. Ellen Arnold says:

    I love the dress too! Wow!! And as far as the shoe choice for the outfit of the week, I’d go with the sneakers. Those other shoes look too old ladyish for me.

  24. Just to let you know that last week your blog posts and your Instagram stopped opening on my Firefox browser. It worked today only because it occurred to me to try a different browser. I don’t know why this would be, but maybe you have some idea.

    1. Check whether your Firefox is the newest version.

  25. You look great in Tania’s dress.

  26. I appreciate you felt like a fish out of water in Tania’s dress but I think (allowing for a shortened version) it looks great on you.

  27. Gail Ardiel says:

    That dress is gorgeous on you. Maybe not your size . But when I first saw it was the WOW factor. This is what you need in your wardrobe.

  28. I actually love that dress on you! But I get that it isn’t you. 🙂 It was so much fun to spend a few days with you!

    1. I always love spending time with you. It was fun!

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