Monday Musings- Here’s What’s On My Mind This Week

Happy Monday ladies. I hope you had a great weekend. We spent some time with my grandson which was amazing. He’s such a bright little fellow. The little rascal is now higher than my shoulder and he’s not even 8! Here are a few things on my mind this week.

My hair

I tried a new stylist, who did a wonderful job. She had to cut a fair amount off to remove ragged ends and damage from my extended trip to Canada. The length is now sitting at an unflattering spot for my wide jaw which is driving me crazy. It needs to either be cut shorter or I’ll have to patiently wait for it to grow.

Did I mention I’m neurotic about my hair? Hair loss will do that to a woman. One wrong snip on baby-fine hair, thinning hair can be the difference between awesome and tragic. It also cut off a fair amount of my highlights and low-lights so I’m seeing what mother nature is doing and there’s a fair amount of silver in there. Hmmm. There is a lot of ruminating going on about my hair…you will be the first to know.


white terry woman's robe

I bit the bullet and bought myself a new white, fluffy robe over the weekend. I wasn’t shopping for one, but when I spotted this one, I didn’t hesitate for a second. White lasts just so long in most things, but in a bathrobe that I drink tea in, cook breakfast in, turn over the laundry in, etc, etc…it stays white for an even shorter time.


After I got home, I did a little online looking and found some other options. They didn’t have this robe at the store or I might have chosen it because chenille is so soft and cuddly. This luscious robe has a hood, but I’m not sure I would use one. This organic cotton robe is oh so plush..but what if I spilled tea down the front?


fashion blogger jennifer connolly wearing Lou & Grey signature sweat shirt and pants.

I’m not a huge fan of sweatshirts on me, but I bought this Lou & Grey one last year and love it! Part of what I love is the color but it’s also incredibly soft! I loved it so much I bought the matching sweatpants. That’s so far out of my style zone I even shocked myself. I wore the set again this summer while relaxing at the cabin on Pender Island which got me thinking about when things get wet and nasty this fall and I’m spending the day at home.



Sweatshirts aren’t what they used to be. The shapes are being updated as are the fabrics. The sleeves on this one are unique and give it a whole new twist. This one looks more like a sweater and is 50% off. This gray leopard print one has my name all over it. This embroidered sweatshirt is a work of art.



What’s on your radar this week?



  1. I love the sweatshirts! Thanks for presenting them!

    I like your hair this new shorter way. Sometimes change is good. I highly recommend going gray.

  2. Whenever you address the subject of “hair issues”, we all chime in with our unique stories of hair misery! The money that I have spent on “miracle” products over my lifetime is not funny and I am still on the hunt for that miracle. Lol I do wear my hair longer today and find it much easier to style than when it was shorter. In the summer I would get frustrated and cut it short only to find it took longer to style. Now, I have the option of pulling it up in a clip or pony on day two and spend less time working with it.
    I still care and I think that’s good! Hang in there Jennifer!

    1. I did like being able to clip it up in the back, thin as it is, so I guess I need to get some length back:) Thanks, Jan. We really are all in this together and I love how we support each other.

      1. Hi Jennifer – I can relate to the baby-fine hair battle. I always follow your “hair” posts with interest. You are braver than I am with the cuts and they alway look good on you!

        I have never liked the sweatsuits of the past but surprised myself by buying – and liking- one last year. I’m on the hunt for another. I don’t want to live in them all the time but they definitely have their place.

  3. I feel your hair angst! I finally got tired of trying to make my baby-fine, thinning-all-over-and-can-see-most-of-scalp hair look decent. Saw all the doctors and tried ALL the things. I haven’t looked back after starting wearing nice wigs in 2020. I LOVE my wigs! It took a bit of trial and error to find what I like and also some time to get used to seeing myself with a normal amount of hair. I even cut my shoulder length crappy bio hair off because I will never leave the house without either a wig or a hat. Synthetic wigs are so easy to care for and I always have a great hair day! I buy most of mine online at They have awesome customer service and great return policy. Wigs certainly have come a loooong way since my mom wore one back in the 70’s! You may not be ready for wigs yet, Jennifer, but something to think about and maybe some of your readers might be interested.

  4. I prefer French terry for sweatshirts. The thick fleece ones just get too warm to wear. I think they must trap the heat, and I run warm anyway, so I don’t need the help. I tired waffle-knit, but it wasn’t keeping warm enough. Like Goldilocks, I think French terry is “just right.”

  5. Love love love you in the dark green and would like to see you in the dark/deep copper color. On the hair – I haven’t had my hair cut or colored since February 2020 when I had a very short pixie cut. I now have beautiful fine grey/silver/brown “pewter” colored hair that falls below my shoulders. I love styling pony tails and buns with fine tendrils. Am playing with the idea of curtain bangs… I’m determined never to having short hair ever. And, I’ve had an additional $200.00 plus dollars every month in my pocket hahaha.

  6. I feel your pain with fine thinning hair. I am 71 and right now I am trying to grow out a short pixie. I love it short but maybe it was too short. Haven’t colored my hair for several years, more gray than brown . So i went and bought some hair color and did the deed. Washes out in 28 shampoos, color is nice and it did give my hair some body. I have to put so much product in my hair to get it to look half way decent. My whole life has been a love/hate relationship with my hair. People tell me my hair looks nice but I’m not buying ig. LOL

  7. I’m new to your blog Jennifer and enjoy the content very much. I also love listening to “the over 50 style team” discussing fashion. What’s on my radar this week? I would have to say the Hydro Cotton Terry Robe. I have been on the lookout for a nice terry bathrobe, read the reviews for this one and ordered it. Thank you for making me aware of this lovely robe Jennifer!

  8. Have you tried the “Nioxin” system for thinning hair? Like any product it does not work for everyone or every reason for hair issues it does work well for many people. My sister uses this at the recommendation of her hair dresser and her Doctor…..worth a try. You can read Lady Alopecia’s webpage to get an idea

  9. At 67 I’ve had to accept the fact that my hair will never be the same as it was even 2 months ago (chin length bob, and coloured mid brunette). I’ve lost my hair due to chemo, and when it will finally be able to grow in, it will most likely be white and it will take years to get back to chin length. I’ve started a Pinterest Board of short and sassy grey hairstyles to inspire me. I will probably change my clothing style to an edgier, dramatic vibe to suit the new hair. In the meantime I have embraced scarves and a variety of hats (snoods and berets) and am looking at accessories to add to the hats. I found an art deco inspired headband that wraps around a hat that I’m so looking forward to trying. I’m taking this as an opportunity to shake things up a bit.

    1. God bless you Yvonne and heal you. Prayers are being said for you. I cannot imagine what you are going through right now. Your willingness to embrace the changes that are coming in the near future for you tells me you are a strong woman and will rise up to conquer any challenges presented to you.

      1. Thank you Dianne and Jennifer. With age, comes wisdom and strength. I don’t think I would have handled this as well if it had happened 10 or 20 years ago. And I have an amazing support group of family and friends.

  10. Thanks for inviting us to explore the more-refined sweatshirts and pants. Some are uniquely stylish and luxe. Anything less makes me feel dowdy, even when home alone.

  11. I found my hair was thicker when it turned silver. I really like it. I keep it short and sassy and I think looks better now. I love sweatshirts but not with a crew neck. They choke so I look for the scoop or vee neck. I rarely wear bottoms and tops together but on extra cold mornings, it sure feels god to snuggle into a set,.
    That quilted sweatshirt is fabulous. Can’t afford that one but I’ll keep my eye out. Puffed sleeve is a maybe.

  12. Consider going naturally gray. It’s liberating. I did it years ago when my color became orange and I haven’t looked back. Aging hair is a challenge. I will say that for sure.

  13. Thank you for the cute sweatshirt ideas. I love wearing a sweatshirt as it is perfect for layering and more casual than a sweater. Athleta had some great sweatshirts with different designs last fall (animal print, zebra stripe) and they are ultra soft. It is still well over 100 degrees here (Scottsdale AZ) so not quite ready to pull them out yet but I might have to make a few purchases from the offerings you featured. I love your new haircut!! Have a wonderful week!!

  14. I also have fine and too thin hair. I showed my stylist a picture last week and left the salon happy. Not too short, just right amount of layers, casual and not my usual overly manicured do. Then I washed it. “Combed my hair a thousand ways but I came out looking just the same.” Sigh. I’ve been struggling all weekend wondering whether to go back and cut it Judi Dench style or just accept that this is *me*. I dare not ask my husband, who has known me since I was 19–he’ll tell me he likes it best when it’s long and I can wear a scarf on top. LOL, those days are so long gone. On top of that this morning, I filled my pill box with the last of my Isdin hair vitamins, which haven’t been as effective as I hoped. Time to schedule appointment with dermatologist to see about next step, likely minoxidil.

    1. Hi Maryy! I used Isdin vitamins for three months and it was my lifeline to better hair. After a two month hospitalization in 2017 with severe infections I lost my hair. My dermatologist got me started month one, and told me to take the vitamins for three months. I did, and it worked. Hair gradually stopped falling out and grew back. Live Isdin products .

      1. I will check them out. I am hooked on their sunscreen but had no idea about the vitamins. Thank you!!

  15. I love a good fluffy robe but I can be pretty hard on them so they have to last. I really like the sweatshirts you showed. I started wearing them when we were locked down. I think that changed people’s view on a lot of things we wear. I understand your fine hair problem. I finally gave up and keep it short, it really does look thicker.

  16. I’m a white robe person as well. I always have a fleece one that I replace every couple of years. It’s sublime putting it on on cold mornings here in New England.

    Love sweatshirts and always looking for nice colors.

  17. Jennifer, I feel your pain with the baby fine thinning hair! I have been struggling with the exact same issue for the last two or three years, trying everything from vitamins to hair serums to Minoxidil. My thinning and loss was the worst around the crown but especially right in front on top and on both sides at the spot (where men get the parking space bald spots). My scalp was clearly visible so it was very noticeable. It was affecting my mental health so I finally bit the bullet and went for a consultation and had a hair transplant three weeks ago. Although 70 percent of their clients are men, they told me that more and more women are coming in for the procedure. They took a donor strip from the back of my head (which is where I have the most hair), ear to ear, and separated all the hair follicles and transplanted them to the front area where my most severe hair loss is. You cannot see the area where the donor hair was taken as my hair covers it and will eventually grow and cover the thin scar. I like the fact that, number one, it is my own hair and will continue to grow as my normal hair would, and I can cut and color as I normally would. I should begin to see results in four months or so, but the full results may take up to a year as hair grows only about a half inch or so a month. I think I made the right decision for me and already feel good about the choice I made. Just a thought…
    If any of you ladies are thinking about this, one thing to keep in mind is you have to do it while you have enough hair for a donor area to be used in the back of your head. Also, be sure to get your hair colored first as you can’t cut or color for about four weeks afterwards.

    1. Thank you, thank you for sharing your personal story with us Maile. It’s something I’m betting most women have never thought of as a possibility.

  18. It’s just starting to get cool enough in my neck of the woods to begin thinking about sweatshirts and fall clothes. My biggest dilemma is always shoes: I love flip flops and sandals and never know how to replace them when it gets cold. Consequently, I own very few pairs of winter shoes. This year I’m determined to find comfortable but stylish winter shoes! I look forward to seeing what you have on your feet, Jennifer.

    1. If you love flip flops, mules are a great transition. I love them but they need to come high enough on my foot to feel stable.

  19. Love the new sweatshirts too- both fabric and styling- not at all like sweatshirts of years ago- thankfully!
    The closest I have to a white fluffy robe was a gift – pale aqua fleece type robe that I wear during winter after showering or baths. It’s warm and fluffy but I rarely cook in it. I’m not sure Id ever bought it myself but I certainly use it!
    On hair – I’d leave it and refrain from cutting shorter as you’ll just face this length again as it’s growing in. I still highlight and lowlight but not often and Id continue to do so until you reach the length you want. That might be the time to make drastic changes.

  20. I feel your pain with the fine hair. I have the EXACT same issue and recently had mine cut to an unflattering length for my wide jaw. And I hate it. I can’t wait to see what else you do.

  21. It is great you could spend time with your grandson. My radar is very blippy this week, trying to shake off a chest infection, hoping I will be chipper enough next week for my second Pfizer jab. I had been holding off until Pfizer became available to the over 60s, who up until now were only eligible for Astra Zeneca. I managed to go on a waiting list and snaffled my first Pfizer jab two weeks ago. It will be a good feeling to be fully vaccinated (I hope)

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