Monday Musings- Medicare, Feet, and Outfit of the Week

Happy Monday, ladies. Now that I’m on Medicare, I’ve noticed a few odd changes. I had my annual check-up with my primary care physician last week, but it’s no longer called a physical. It’s called a wellness visit which reminds me of the well-checks I took my children for. The questionnaire seemed to only focus on my mental health and physical limitations, which I found oddly depressing.

She gave me the latest pneumonia vaccine and checked all my vitals then we went through my chart. Sheesh, it’s long! I’ve already had my annual mammogram, but this year it’s time for a colonoscopy, a full blood workup, and a follow-up CT with contrast of my lungs. They’d found a tiny spot on my lungs about ten years ago and are monitoring it because I was a very heavy smoker many years ago. They’d also found a small spot on my husband’s lung too, which turned into lung cancer. Early detection is the key to everything, so I’m open to any and every test my doctors think is a good idea. In fact, I’m considering paying for a full body scan. Have any of you done that?

The other thing we chatted about was my feet and how painful they get. She thinks I have arthritis in my left big toe, but it feels just like the bunion I had surgically fixed on the other foot, so I’m not convinced. She gazed down at my shoes (mules) and gave them a thumbs down for my feet. 🙄 I bought some comfort shoes last week, but for short trips, I can still wear cute shoes without pain if they feel secure on my foot and have cushioning.

Outfit of the week


This week’s outfit of the week has some fun sandals by Sofft. I’ve owned several of their shoes over the years and will be relooking at what they have now. I love that these solidly attach to your foot, but still let your feet breathe. They come in seven colors, sizes 6-11.


I’m not a huge fan of the boxiness of woven chore jackets, but I like this cotton sweater version from Everlane. It comes in 3 colors and is a great weight for spring. The chinos have a great straight leg and come in 5 colors, regular, petite, and tall, in sizes 23-37. I added a long sleeve classic stripe tee (on sale), an architectural shoulder bag that is marked way down, classic hoop earrings that are anything but ordinary and 78% off, and some cool shades that are 73% off. In fact, the cap is also on sale.

With thoughts of our trip to Mexico on my brain, I had a peek at some swimwear options. Here’s what I found at Kohl’s-

Thanks for reading, and remember to wear what makes you feel confident and doesn’t kill your feet.


  1. I’ve never understood fashion’s affinity with horizontal stripes on women’s shirts/blouses/tees. Would really love a post on why this is a thing and why the fashion industry refuses to use diagonals or verticals.

    Love this blog!!

  2. Welcome to Medicare! They didn’t have me do the clock test, really? Thank God! I have a family history of female cancers, so my doctor ordered a pap smear for me and Medicare paid for it at my visit. I really still want to continue those every few years. I also have a CA-125 blood test every few years, as it can show ovarian cancer, which my mother passed from. I’m also an early breast cancer survivor. Never skip or be late for a mammogram! Give me all the screenings!

    Ahh shoes………those are cute. I need some good walking shoes.

    1. I’m one for all the scans too, Mary! I wasn’t asked to do a clock test.

  3. Phyllis Hughes says:

    Being 4’10”, I lived in 2, 3, and 4 inch heels from the time I started working in banks at the age of 21. Alas, at the age of 45 I had to give them up because of tendenitis in my right ankle and pain in my left ankle from two bad sprains. Ten years later I developed a bone spur on my left heel. The Podiatrist told me I had to wear only “walking shoes,” and no sandals. I did that for a while, even though it was against code where I worked. Then I found Vionics and Naot shoes. Zappos sells them. Yes, they tend to be expensive, so, I buyer fewer pairs.

  4. The only shoes in my closet are OOFOS, because years ago I had such awful plantar fasciitis I had to go for “intensive physical therapy” and got a cortisone injection in the arch – so painful. OOFOS have a large variety of types of shoes. Since wearing them, I have never had even minor discomfort.

  5. Jennifer, there is a excellent blog called BarkingDogShoes.com and the writer has rheumatoid arthritis and other foot problems. She features shoe reviews for every type of foot problem . I have found some comfy cute styles from her site.

  6. Had my wellness check up. Did the clock and remembered my three words with a hint from the nurse on the last
    As for my feet. Ni more flip flops from Old Navy. I ruined my feet because I wore them all the time. Not a great idea.
    Now I buy better shoes and the problems with my feet are way better.
    Getting old is not for sissies. 🤣

  7. Jennifer, I have been on Medicare Advantage for 5 years. I agree with your view on Wellness checkups. After my 1st I now ask for an annual physical appt instead of the Wellness checkup.
    Regarding shoes, I have an arthritic big toe and a history of plantar fasciitis. The shoes that work the best for me are Abeo from the Walking Store and Alegria at Alegria Shoe Shop. I have too many too many Alegria shoes to count lol!
    Thanks for all you do. I am new to your blog and enjoy it very much.

  8. I think the medicare wellness appointments are a real pain. Did they ask you to draw the clock and remember three words. For some reason that offended me. I can only wear certain shoes now because of former bunions and arthritis and just plain pain. I call my dress shoes “one hour shoes”. Great outfit of the day!

  9. Those Medicare questions are a bit disturbing…like suddenly at this age they’re concerned about your emotional state. Perhaps such a screening should be done at every age. As for feet, I’ve never been able to wear mules. I just walk right out of them. I had one pair of backless Merrell sandals with several strips of leather that crossed the instep quite high up toward the ankle. They were soooo comfortable and easy to walk in. After several years’ wear, they’re not in good shape, and I haven’t found anything similar. Love those Sofft shoes. I bought a similar style about a year ago and love them.

  10. I just turned 80 this week and have been on Medicare for 15 years with no complaints. I appreciate the wellness checks because I feel that someone cares about my health!
    My thoughts on shoes: take good care of your feet! I wear a 12N with a very skinny heel. I have no idea how anyone buys shoes without knowing their width! Also, for too many years now, my main footwear would be Brooks running shoes with a Powerstep insert. NOT very fashionable – BUT – I can walk wherever without pain. I can wear a flat if I’m going out and I wear Munro sandals (Pisces) in the summer. Again, as long as I won’t be walking far. I don’t like it, but have had to adjust to it as a fact of life. Most of the shoes shown on here don’t come in my size – talk about depressing! Jodie’s Touch of Style blog had a great article a few weeks back about adjusting narrow shoes to fit better – I plan to try some, perhaps I can attempt wearing another style. My ‘other’ shoes always have straps to help them stay on and I couldn’t wear a heel of any kind – fall prevention!

  11. Good morning, Jennifer. I laughed when I read about your doctor’s reaction to the mules you were wearing. For years I have avoided wearing mules because I thought they were a health hazard. I have several fears as I age, and one of them is falling and breaking a hip! So I always wear good quality, securely fastened shoes. Those sandals fill the bill! Thank you.

  12. I’ve been on Medicare for the last 7 years and it actually was a great relief to not worry about being refused coverage because of breast cancer more than 35 years ago. I didn’t have the gene test back then because I would have had to pay for it myself and no one could guarantee that I wouldn’t be “blacklisted” if they found anything. My daughter had to fight with her insurance to cover a mammogram at 35 despite her family history (me), so I’m personally a fan of Medicare.

  13. Ah, the joy of being 65 when you are suddenly become an old person. I refuse to do the time/clock test and told my PCP I’m drawing a digital clock next year, which made her laugh. She’s great, but Medicare, hmm … we’re probably the last generation that grew up with analog clocks. I’m a strong believer in preventative medicine but not unnecessary radiation. Also such visits take time from people who actually need appointments as I did a couple of summers ago. Love the OOTW. As you live in CA, can you figure out why the sandals have a CA cancer warning on them? They’re leather except for the sole, and I’d really like to purchase them.

  14. Just a comment: ER doctors find that many ankle/ foot injuries that they see
    are from wearing open back shoes. Just me: not a fan. Medicare will pay for
    CT scans of the chest for smokers or if there is an issue . Whole body scans sometimes find things that then cause more worry but are harmless. As a former internist, I was not a fan. However, the CT calcium scans for coronary artery disease are very useful. The chinos are cute.
    Wish I could find sandals that I could put my arch supports in, or wish I could find arch
    supports that were “invisible” in sandals.
    Great blog and comments!

    1. Mary, I have the exact same issue with my custom orthotics. Vionic and Frankie4 make sandals with excellent arch support built-in.

      1. I have found the greatest comfort for arch support is Taos Shoes. They are expensive but lots less expensive than foot surgery! I wore FitFlops for years but they are so wide. They are very comfortable though if you find styles that aren’t wide. Both brands have some very cute shoes.

  15. Yes, medicare visits are different for sure. They are always watching my cholesterol. My LDL is a little high. I have a bunion on one foot that only hurts when I wear too narrow of a shoe. I have to have a wide toe box. I look for shoes that have good support or cushioning for bottoms of my feet as well. There are many shoe brands that are comfortable that look youthful. I did have surgery on bunion on other foot. It looks great, but the recovery seemed painful and long. I don’t want any more surgeries.

    1. I agree on Taos shoes. I have wide ball of foot, narrow heels, high arches and after many years of working on my feet, I’ve developed plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendinitis in one foot, Morton’s neuromas and just plain old BAD FEET. I do wear custom orthotics but I’ve found the Taos to be comfortable for a few hours without the insert. For sandals with arch support, Finn Comfort are wonderful but very pricy. I do believe Medicare will cover a custom orthotic and in my experience, it’s the best thing!

  16. Yes, the Medicare well checks can be depressing, mainly because it makes you realize how old you are! It is important to focus on prevention. My thoughts on that are make sure you have a great doctor that you trust, and it sounds like you do.
    Love the outfit of the week! Very cute and easy. The sandals are great and like you said, allow your foot to breath,… but still hide a multitude of sins! Lol!
    I have sciatica right now (I hope it goes away, and am in PT), so I’m pretty much wearing flats everyday, but small heels like these still work.
    Have a great week Jennifer!

  17. I still love Walking Company for many shoes and sandals. They are only online now. ABEO are fabulous for me! They have different footbed styles which they assessed in my retail store when it existed. You will have to assess. But I can walk miles in those sandals and they are cute. Some of the dressier ones I wear for fashion and less walking, but a great footbed still!

  18. Ah, feet. That’s my biggest concern right now. I have two painful bunions and now, arthritis in both feet. The tops of my feet hurt the most, right down to the big toe. I’ve tried everthing and now have an appt. with a surgeon. Very tough finding shoes and every step hurts. I appreciate you posting about your journey and comfortable shoes.

    1. Are you considering bunion surgery? Have you heard about how successful it can be? Can it be done just on one foot, as my right foot is much worse. How long does it take to recover?

  19. Hi Jennifer,

    I definitely hear you about having a body scan. I would definitely consider paying for one just for peace of mind. I worked in the medical field and it is not unusual for lesions to be picked up incidentally on a scan which often leads to things being caught early and treatable.

    Regarding summer sandals my pet peeve is I really don’t like to have any toe cleavage showing and many styles seem to make my toes slide forward. I usually do well with Ecco or Clarke sandals but am always on the lookout for new styles.

  20. I have been a Medicare “girl” for over ten years – absolutely no complaints – except for the questionnaire which is repetitive and I simply refuse to answer some questions😂. I did want to comment that we have a number of friends who are physicians in various specialties and they ALL do not recommend the full body scan unless recommended by your personal physician in conjunction with a specialist agreeing to the need for the scan.

  21. I have the Ecco sandals you featured. I bought a second pair when I realized they work for me with my orthotics. I love it when that happens!

    One small victory!

    Maintaining my health is my part time job….being thankful I have access to great health care. I appreciate my Medicare so much!

  22. I’ve been eyeing that style of Born and Sofft sandal so I can’t wait to see how you style them!

  23. Janice Taylor Freedman says:

    I fully believe in scans and mammograms. My early stage breast cancer was caught on a mammogram. My neuroendocrine pancreatic cancer stage 4 (a very slow growing cancer) was caught in a cat scan for a kidney stone with cancerous nodules in my lungs, same way Steve Jobs had found his, I share his pancreatic cancer. A friends cancer was caught in a full body scan required for work. This test saved his life, since it was caught early. I enjoy your blogs, and Talbot’s is my favorite store. Wearing pink and light blue gives me joy. I live in comfy loafer all year, and Merrells in winter.

    1. Early detection is so very important.

  24. Pat Patterson says:

    Good morning & Happy Spring🌻, I’ve been on Medicare for 7 years and I remember my dr’s office calling me and leaving a message it was “welcome to Medicare, you need to schedule your appointment”! I too, am always looking for comfortable shoes especially in summer. So many cute ones are off the table for me having had both bunions removed & plantar fascia surgery.
    Oh well, life is still good! Have a beautiful day everyone.

  25. Good for you for taking care of yourself. These tests can be burdensome. But as someone who likely owes their life to a diligent radiologist who “saw something unusual” on a mammogram, I am a huge advocate of early detection. Yes, the tests sometimes miss things. But they are the best we have.
    I’m so diligent that I did get a full body scan. It showed a tiny, tiny spot on my kidney that required my follow up. My internist had a different view of the scan, which was a very tiny spot that appeared harmless required my exposure to even more radiation to prove it was nothing but the added more harm to my health. Needless to say, she was not a fan. On the other hand, the husband of a dear friend discovered he had a heart aneurysm, which has been able to be successfully monitored for years because the scan provided a baseline. My bottom line is that the scans have pros and cons, so make a careful choice. I now decide against it, mostly because my cancer treatments have provided me enough radiation exposure for a lifetime.
    Ah, shoes. My cranky, wide feet only feel happy in the expensive brands. So, like everything else, fewer but better is my motto. The upside is that the shoes seem to last longer, so can be carried over to the next season. If sneakers and loafers ever go out of style, though, I’m in big trouble.
    Have a good week.

  26. Boy, I know what you mean about Medicare. Just turned 65 and the landscape has changed with regard to my health insurance and I don’t like it either. I, too, was a smoker in my misspent youth and have a couple of nodules that they watch each year with lung scans. I pay $100 out of pocket for a Cardiac Calcium test which went from 0 to 2 this year, even though I’m a vegetarian and exercise at least 4x week. Still a good score, but what did I do wrong?? Ahh, age! All we can do is our best! Love your blog!

  27. So glad that you write about the importance of our journey to stay healthy. I have never been a smoker but I have a family history of heart disease so I stay on top of those issues. Again thank you for your post today. On to style, love the pants you have shown, look so comfy. I already have a khaki poplin jacket that would go great with these pants. Have a great week.

    1. Happy Monday, Sandy!

  28. I’m now on Medicare as well😩. I’m paying much more in premiums than I did with private health insurance (through spouse’s work plan) so, not happy about that! I hear you about the whole body scan, something I have considered. Close family member recently diagnosed with Stage 4 pancreatic cancer and if that’s in my future, I’d like to catch it (or whatever) early.

    1. I’m so sorry about your family member, Carole.

  29. I did a full body scan several years ago and it showed 0% blockages, no issues anywhere. I doubted the results! At my “wellness visit” my doctor actually recommended that I do one to ease my concern over occasional leg issues. Probably will…

    1. I think they’re a great idea. Glad yours was clear.

  30. Jennifer, I appreciate your comments about finding appealing sandals and shoes to wear. I also struggle to find sandals and shoes which are appealing but which don’t irritate my chronically painful feet with bunions. The two styles you shared this am both look fabulous and I will definitely order one or both in hopes of finding success with cute sandals which stay securely on feet. Thank you!

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