Monday Musings – On The Hunt For Color

Happy Monday, ladies. We used to own a gorgeous second home on Vancouver Island which had lovely views over Georgia Straight toward the mainland and the mountains beyond. Both my brothers lived nearby, my daughter was a short ferry ride away. We have many fabulous memories of time spent there and I sure wish we’d been able to keep it.


What I didn’t love were the interminable gray skies we got in the winter. I’m not sure if I struggle with seasonal affective disorder, but I just might. I know my mom sure did and I inherited her jumpy legs so it’s highly possible.

In a strange twist of fate, I’m discovering the same type of gray skies where we live now which has me turning on all the lights during the day and craving upbeat colors.


I was wandering past Old Navy last week and spotted a color that just dragged me into the store. They call it Pale Glass, I’m going with mint:) Tracksuits don’t didn’t fit my style, I dislike banded pant bottoms on me, and I only wear workout clothes to work out, but these had to come home with me. I wore them to walk yesterday and ended up staying in them all day. Every time I looked at my leg or arm I got a jolt of happy which tells me it was a good purchase.

In other random color news, I’m a bit surprised at what’s happening on my head. When I stopped coloring my hair, I envisioned luscious silver locks with touches of white. As I look at my hair in the above photo, it doesn’t look that different than when I was adding high and low lights.

My left side has much more white than the right but the overall effect is still sort of blonde, not silver. I still have a ways to go until all the old color is cut off, but the whole effect may be less striking than I was hoping for. I find it funny that I’m disappointed that I’m not gray enough at 65. Who would have thought that could be a “thing”?

I’ve finally gotten my hands on this personal style book by David Kibbe. His theory breaks down body shapes into yin/yang proportions to help women discover whether they’re Dramatic, Romantic, Theatrical, Classic, Natural, Flamboyant, Gamine, or combinations of several types. You have to look past the 1980’s fashions but the concepts are fascinating.

He also encourages women to embrace and dress the body shape they are rather than trying to correct what we perceive as flaws. It’s out of print and in high demand but I found a reasonably priced one at Thrift Books before the holidays. You can also drop a cool $500+ on Amazon.

I noticed purple popping up in stores long before I knew Pantone had declared Veri Peri the color of the year for 2022. Veri Peri is periwinkle with a strong red-violet undertone that resembles a dark lavender. In reality, anything close will be on-trend this spring. I adore periwinkle so it’s definitely on my radar.

Some Veri Peri

It’ll soon start showing up in home decor, accessories, clothes, and movies and I will be ready. I ordered this cotton cardigan because it’s on sale, but think I will hold off on the periwinkle nail polish for now. I do want to push my comfort levels on color, but not shove it off the edge:)

Are you a fan or periwinkle?

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  1. I love periwinkle too. That pale glass color suits you which proves once again we know what colors we look good in and make us happy. Neutrals are wonderful but the right color can just lift the spirit.
    I’m like you, I avoided matching sweats or track suits thinking they were only for exercise but Covid changed all that, I wear them at home just for lounging or maybe to someplace casual like a library or cafe. Suits my casual, natural, sometimes bohemian life. 🙂

  2. David Kibbe!!! Wow! That brings back memories. I used to have that very book and actually went with a girlfriend, to his studio in NYC where he was hosting group sessions on color! So much fun. For the life of me though, I can’t remember what style I was. He had a hard time identifying “my season,” but dubbed me “a spring.” Still not sure he was right about that. Lol! Wish I hadn’t given the book away!
    I love periwinkle too. It’s a flattering color on many. Love the sweater you bought. Hope you’ll model it on here when you receive it!
    Happy New Year Jennifer!

    1. I too am waiting for my gray hair to turn a beautiful silver as I envisioned it when I quit coloring my hair. It has been 14 months since my last color, I have quite a lot in front and on the sides. My mother had salt and pepper hair into her eighties and I guess I will too.

    2. That’s exciting! Happy New Year, Nancy

  3. Hello, Jennifer!
    I found a group on Facebook that’s called “Strictly Kibbe,” and have asked to join.
    I also found the following site, while doing a Google search
    There are additional FB pages that are about David Kibbe, but they don’t seem active.

    1. I have asked to join that FB group too!!

  4. Jan Meyer says:

    When I grew out my grey, I chopped it into a pixie and assumed it would be pretty white. I have a cowlick on my right front which was quite white. I was wrong…..I have grey but not overwhelming. I’m like you, I thought one thing and was a little disappointed. But I’m saving money and my hair is really healthy a d super fast to style so that’s a win.

  5. I love periwinkle and as luck has it, I crocheted a gorgeous tunic pullover in cashmere and silk in this very color last year. At the time, I also scored a tank to go under it in the same color at Chico’s. That is the beauty of yarn shopping. There are colors galore to choose from! I also love that cardigan you purchased.

    1. I really miss knitting. My hands just won’t do it without cramping now.

  6. Your new, natural hair colour is amazing and beautiful, Jennifer.

    1. You’re sweet, Ruth. Thanks

  7. Celia Bass says:

    I’m happy, happy, happy that Veri Peri is going to be more available this year. This was the color of my mother-of-the-groom long dress 20 years ago, and it’s been special to me ever since. And I, like you, wish that I had more gray hair but mine still has much darker sections where I’d like to have more gray. I thought the same thing…who would have thought we’d want more gray. Having winter coloring, I wear mostly jewel-tone clothing summer and winter so the gray skies do not get me depressed except when the wind is blowing, and it’s cold outside for my daily walk. I’m actually pleased that our weather went from 82 degrees to almost 32 overnight so I can wear my winter sweaters.

    1. Wow, that’s an amazing drop!!

  8. I think Very-Peri is a beautiful color, but it looks terrible on me, so I will have to give it a pass. 🙁
    For those interested in Kibbe body typing, there is an abbreviated version on the website “The Concept Wardrobe”.
    I am sure the book has more detail, but I found the body typing quiz very helpful and the conclusions spot-on, at least for me.

    1. I will check it out because the book is confusing

  9. I love the color periwinkle!!

  10. I pretty much only wear cotton clothing and was excited to look at a “cotton cardigan,” but, sadly, it’s rayon and nylon. I do love the color though. In reference to your “jumpy legs,” is it restless leg syndrome? I have suffered with that for decades.

    1. It is restless legs syndrome and it drives me batty sometimes

  11. Happy new year, Jennifer. I love periwinkle! My ski jacket is shades of purple and periwinkle, and I just love teh Nordstrom gloves you show. I’m making an effort — it’s only Jan 3rd – to purchase only what I need. Unfortunately, I don’t actually need new gloves, even though these would be a good investment. I do need boots and running shoes, and I love New Balance, so I’m putting those on my list for now. FYI, totally endorse use of vitamin D, which has been prescribed for me a couple of times up here in NE.

    1. I have been taking Vitamin D for years now. Color is a great vitamin too:)

  12. Your hair looks silvery white on top in the third pic… very pretty! I’m on the same page with you about being newly drawn to mint green. It seems fresh and spring-like… I’m ready for the latter. Recently bought a few items… a sweater in Menthe at LOFT and a sweater/blouse at Talbots in Willow Green and can’t wait to dress up/wear them out in public once the stats go down in my county. Just yesterday JJill posted a Story asking what customers would like to see them offer in 2022. My answer was periwinkle. 🙂

    1. I hope J.Jill makes some.I love their clothes

  13. Like you, I dislike banded bottom pants but that’s a lovely color. Your hair looks lovely, your mirror may be deceiving you; in the photos, it’s striking. I’m liking VeriPeri as a color (but please re-check the sweater, the one that comes up on that link has zero cotton in it). I’m on a search for the David Kibbes book, thanks for the recommendation! Wishing you health and happiness in 2022

  14. I love the Old Navy jogging suit, they are great for walking or just hanging around. I ordered new sneakers because I over ate during the holidays and walking is back on the schedule.

  15. Periwinkle is a lovely color. I know I am effected by the weather, and I lived in the foggy Bay Area, even the light box didn’t help much. Wearing dark colors or being in dark environments doesn’t help me either. For some reason shopping in a well lit store with many colors around me helps, this is one thing the online shopping can’t duplicate.
    The mint is pretty on you.

  16. I am like you. I know I have SAD. It is one reason I moved from Iowa to Texas a long time ago. And I do love color in all things – home decor, clothes, landscape etc. I can’t understand why so many women in cold, dreary climates have wardrobes of mostly black and gray. There are so many beautiful colors out there.

  17. Love the Old Navy jogging suit, great color. So glad periwinkle is in now, I love that color. That cardigan looks really cute! I think you just feel better wearing a great color. However I won’t give up black. It looks good with my silver and dark hair.

    1. I think your hair is going to look stunning Jennifer! I grew mine out as well a couple of months ago. I keep it in a short pixie so it only took a couple of hair cuts. Both my mom and grandma has gorgeous white hair and was hoping for that as well but while it is pretty much all white in front the back is more salt and pepper. I wasn’t sure at first but now I quite like it , so hang in there.

      As for colours I have always been drawn to jewel tones and find now with my white hair it works. Beiges and pastels not so much.

      Happy New Year!

      1. Happy New Year!!

  18. Periwinkle? YES!!!!!!!!!!!! This is a great color. I like most anything in purple or blue shades. I like the Old Navy hoodie/jogger pants on you. I clicked on the site and the outfit comes in a great shade of pink. I might have to buy that. That would brighten my day. Thanks.

  19. Mona Rioux says:

    Hi Jennifer, I’ve never been shy to wear colour! I’ve met so many women who are only comfortable wearing black, usually because they’re not confident to draw attention to themselves with colour. But add colour = raise your mood! I went through a very sudden break-up in 2008 (9 yr common-law relationship) and I was very concerned about falling into a depression so I made a decision to never wear black to ensure my mood was always up. It worked! It took me years to feel comfortable wearing black again. I live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada so we have a very cold climate where the daylight is very short in winter. I always add a splash of colour in my outdoor coats and/or my scarf/mitts/gloves. Another trick to combat winter blues I use is to increase my vitamin D intake. Your hair looks great!

  20. Mona Rioux says:

    Hi Jennifer, I’ve never been shy to wear colour! I’ve met so many women who are only comfortable wearing black, usually because they’re not confident to draw attention to themselves with colour. But add colour = raise your mood! I went through a very sudden break-up in 2008 (9 yr common-law relationship) and I was very concerned about falling into a depression so I made a decision to never wear black to ensure my mood was always up. It worked! It took me years to feel comfortable wearing black again. I live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada so we have a very cold climate where the daylight is very short in winter. I always add a splash of colour in my outdoor coats and/or my scarf/mitts/gloves. Another trick to combat winter blues I use is to increase vitamin D. Your hair looks great! I don’t have the guts to go grey yet. I’m 59.

    1. It’s not for every woman. You have to do what you feel most confident with.

    Such a favourite of mine that I rarely see. I’m on the hunt – including the nail polish. 😊💜

  22. I look forward to reading your blog everyday! Thank you!
    Periwinkle is a favorite color of mine, so I’m glad to know we’ll be seeing more of it. I also like your ‘pale glass’ workout outfit…. It’s amazing what a little addition to our wardrobe can do to motivate us!
    Happy New Year & Good Health for 2022!

    1. Happy New Year Julie!

  23. I have been looking for that book for a couple years now and so far no luck, as I am not paying the huge dollars Amazon wants. The worst thing is that I had that book in the 80s and then when we moved in the later 90s it was sent to thrift. Oh how I wish I had not been so hasty with a few things then. It was fascinating but my memory is a bit fuzzy on the content. I did follow the content in the 80s with the job I had and felt at my best at the time. I was a soft classic/romantic and it has served me well for most of my life since. As for the Very Peri, I love that colour and am so glad it will be easier to find this year, may have to stock up on favorite items. I do have the nail polish and even layer it with another colour on top to change it up a bit at times. I am with you on the wanting more grey. I have a white streak in the front and a salt and pepper mix on the rest and I want more of the front look.

    1. I did the same thing with Suzanne Caygils’s book and I could shoot myself for donating it!

  24. Hi Jennifer~ It has been dark and cold here in Oregon the last two weeks We are back near 50 and rain never looked so good. Love that green and purple makes my skin look really healthy, go figure. Thank you for being so genuine!
    Back to the gym today, boy am I ready!
    Your hair looks great!

  25. Not being silver enough is a thing. I let my color grow out in 2020 and was disappointed that I wasn’t more silver or white. I have a patch of light warm brown right on the top of my head, and the back of my head is still more brown than gray. Still, I am happy with how it looks and my baby fine thin hair is certainly happier. Interestingly enough, my hair has more body now than when it was colored. When I am outside or by artificial light is when the silver really shows up and shines. I think your color is going to be lovely. Now that you wear more color your whole face radiates happiness and good health.

    1. It does look better outside so I guess I need to be sure I get out in the fresh air more often;) Thanks Pam

  26. I love periwinkle! I started following you about a year ago. Our hair is very similar., except mine is a little curlier which adds even more to the challenge. I suggest you hang in with the hair. I was 70 (now 75) when I let mine grow out. I love it and the freedom it brings. Your colors might change some tho.

    1. I think my colors are already changing;) I plan to stick with it to see whats up there

  27. As I age, I find I crave sunshine. Is it my aging eyes or my years of working in a windowless box? Luckily, here in NC, we have plenty of sunny days even in winter. I find I’m more upbeat and energized when the sun shines.

    1. I know I see so much better in bright light. I love the sunshine:)

  28. SuzanneGabrielle says:

    I love periwinkle and have a gorgeous tunic sweater in that shade I bought a few years ago. Since I live in a much warmer climate now, I would love to find some lighter items in the shade.

    1. I’ll keep an eye out so will share when I do.

  29. Susan Kelley says:

    Like that_Not grey enough!. I don’t seem to be either,but in a different direction. So I guess I will stay with what I have!Please share any goodies you find in the book. 500.00 a pop is stiff. I would rather err on the other side and maybe not dazzle too much. But I always want to find out what I am not doing that could be better! Happy New Year!

    1. I will share. Happy New Year!

  30. Hi Jennifer, Thank you for your blog posts I really enjoy them. I suggest you consider getting yourself a UV lightbox. I purchased an inexpensive one on Amazon last year–with a timer and several light settings. I use it in the morning when I’m reading for 20-30 minutes and I’ve found it to be very helpful with my “winter mood.” Perhaps it would help you. Ellen

    1. Thank you Ellen. I’ll look into one. I’m concerned about the UV exposure so need to do some research.