Monday Musings – Plaid

Happy Monday ladies. I’ve been thinking about plaid lately. I know, earth shattering 🙂 We had a small taste of cooler weather last weekend and it’s gotten me in the mood for coziness, soft fabrics, and settling in with good books and warm tea. I was able to turn off the air conditioner and throw open the windows for several hours which is such a treat after being cooped up in the heat.

I came across this red plaid cape last week and it just hollered fall!
I got my first plaid item several years ago when Talbots sent me a gorgeous scarf as a thank you for working with them. I wasn’t sure I would wear it (I am a bit of a pattern phobe) but as soon as I added it to my jeans outfit, I saw how perfect it was for the season.

woman wear black hat, plaid scarf and blue jeans

I’ve since added a plaid shirt, some plaid pants, and several more plaid scarves. I even had my eye on a pair of plaid shoes last winter but they ended up too stiff to be comfortable.

blonde woman walking down stairs in red plaid cape

Plaid has a sporty vibe that I am just growing into. It’s a casual, traditional fall staple that’s classic and easy to incorporate into both your wardrobe and your home decor. I have fond memories of soft flannel plaid pajama’s when I was a kid and wonder if things like that still exist, and for adults.

woman wering red plaid cape over beight pants and beige sweater

This cape has a cozy ribbed collar that looks great spread open or zips up and turns over like a large turtleneck.

woman sitting on bench wearing red plaid cape

Rather than taupe shoes to blend with my pants and elongate the look of my legs, I decided to bookend the black collar with my black velvet Birdies. I’ve gotten so much wear out of these, I finally broke down and ordered them in leopard print.

I’m seeing more and more home decor in plaid these days which I assume is because people getting ready for the holidays.










I like and wear very few patterns. I realize that the ones I do enjoy are all symmetrical. They’re neat and orderly. Stripes, polka dots, checks, and now plaid, appeals to my sense of order and tidiness.

Are you a fan of plaid? What type of prints are you attracted too?


  1. For plaid pyjamas for adults (men and women) check out Canadian company, 49th Apparel. I haven’t tried their products yet, but they look cozy!

  2. You look so ready for the fall with that plaid cape and the tan sweater. Very nice look.
    Your hair is about the same as mine. I showed my stylist your picture and asked if it would work with my fine/thin hair. She said yes and cut it. I like it. My problem is getting height on top to last. It goes limp on me after a short time. A bit of teasing helps with spray. Your new cut is fresh-looking and flattering.
    Thanks for your post. I will check out the plaids soon!

  3. Hi Jennifer,
    You look great in your red plaid cape, it suits you so well.
    I have a question for you, I have been wanting to order the
    Birdies all year but I have “oh my feet,” live in my sneakers.
    New Balance, they are so comfy, but not so feminine. Do you find
    they are wide enough, and give you enough support on cement.
    All my padding on the bottom of my feet are gone, RA and
    osteoporosis are also present. They are degenerating I am afraid.
    Thank you.

    1. They are plenty wide for me and I have a bunion on my left foot plus medium/wide feet. I find them very, very comfy, but if you need extra padding, you could always add a Dr Scholls, etc.

  4. As soon as I saw this plaid on you I knew I needed to have it. Plus red is my favorite color. I see wearing it with a pair of black pants and top with lug sole loafer for the season! Thanks for finding it for me!

  5. Here in NE plaids are as common as weeds in my flower garden!
    Also, I lived in Ireland for a year when I was 12, and Avoca, among others, has just lovely woeven plaid (and other) knee rugs. We take kneww rugs to football games!
    Really like the cape, Jennifer!

  6. I add at least one new plaid shirt every fall. I wear it open over a vneck shirt, add a vintage necklace and slim cut jeans. I found a black and white, plaid, corduroy jacket a few years ago. It’s so easy and fun to wear. It’s fully lined with a front zipper.
    Love your look today Jennifer! Your hair cut looks amazing!

  7. Here’s my plaid story…
    When visiting Braemar in the Scottish Highlands, I purchased a beautiful plaid woolen wrap in fall colours , which suited me well. Unfortunately, being rather short at 5’3”, every time I tried wearing it I felt totally overwhelmed and felt silly. So back into the closet it went.
    Until…I had an inspiration 💡I took the plaid wrap to a good seamstress and had it made into two beautiful cushions, with hidden zippers and showing some fringe . These lovely cushions come out in the fall onto the tobacco leather sofa. She also made one long narrow scarf. Voila! I enjoy the lovely plaid in a totally different way!
    I have two plaid scarves , one a cashmere Burberry, and the other the reverse plaid, mostly cream, in the same colours .
    Love them both, and will wear with my Brooks Brothers trench coat. Classic style.

  8. You look stunning in that cape, I do like plaid. I have a 2 tone blue, white plaid shirt I just love. I would like plaid pajamas to wear around the holidays. We are the same height and weight so I think I could pull this off. It’s hard to tell how thick or thin something is, as I’ve found to my sorry, when you order online. Is this warm for 40 degree weather with sweater underneath. That’s about as cold as we usually get.

  9. You look great as always Jennifer. I have a plaid winter coat which I love. At first I was shy to wear it, then plaid became very popular. When I do wear it friends like it and would love to own it. I also own plaid pants. Love your blogs and the advice you give.

  10. I love all things plaid. I’ve always been drawn to it even as a little girl. Our school uniforms were plaid with a white blouse. The cape looks so nice on you and the shoes and teapot are great. Thanks for sharing

  11. What a great cape! I love plaid. But prints are tricky. So much must be considered : scale, shapes, movement/energy, color combination, even a prints personality/age. Finding which work best for me has kind of been my fashion focus lately. I’ve weeded a few plaid shirts out of my wardrobe after figuring out that the scale and colors were wrong. And have been experimenting with ways to make printed clothes in my wardrobe that I don’t want to discard work better. I’m finding that if I keep an outfit with prints monochromatic, featuring the dominate color, it feels and looks better on me.
    Even though the plaid in your cape is big, it almost reads as a solid color. I would definitely wear it as you have it styled but would need to wear the light shoes for leg elongation.

  12. Love that plaid poncho on you! The zipper makes it a stand-out among wraps/ poncho’s , in my opinion . I’ve never worn a poncho, because I’m a plus petite size girl, and I always feared that it would make me look like a blob. But I liked yours enough to add it to my wishlist. So, maybe.🙂
    As for patterns, I love stripes (though shouldn’t because of my size). I’m drawn to ditsy floral prints, and do love plaids during the fall and winter, but I buy them mostly in purses, or maybe flannel, like a shocker.

  13. You look gorgeous especially in that first shot. Your hair is so lovely, I wonder how much work it takes to look so good. I tend to expect mine to look good with very little intervention, then wonder why it is not staying the way I want.
    I like the fact that there is a zipper to keep the neck and chest warm and covered when it is cold. I think I like the plaid on this due to the fact that the red is muted and not the buffalo plaid red. I just looks cosy. Perhaps a bit too cosy for your weather yet.

    1. A handheld would probably work best, or a belt bag under the cape. I would also try a crossbody but probably would look best only when the cape is closed

  14. The cape looks great on you! Are you going to share about your haircut and what the new stylist did differently? Lots of us struggle with the thinning hair that you have talked about. Details please!

    1. She basically cut it much, much blunter. No featherring in the disconnected layers, just blunt. She also took about 2″ off the bottom which it really needed. I’m trying some new products, and continuing with 5% Rogaine twice a day. I haven’t colored it for months so I’m struggling with that lack of volume and trying to decide what I’ll do. I’m still taking the collagen which could be helping too. It has made a work of difference with my fingernails.

  15. Those glasses frames rock!!! I love plaids, but had none in my wardrobe until last week when I bought a luscious fall colors scarf to go with the spice long quilted coat from Talbots. It’s still 90 degrees and humid in North Carolina, but a girl can dream of cooler weather!

  16. That plaid looks great on you, Jennifer. So I went online and ordered one for myself! Picking it up today; can’t wait to see it in person. I love plaid but for some reason own only a scarf of two in plaid. I envision getting a lot of use from this poncho—everything from walking our dog on chilly mornings to visiting apple orchards to taking the edge off chilly evenings, just reading a book and enjoying a cup of spiced tea. I love autumn, and I love your posts. You always have great choices to keep me looking my best. Thanks so much!

    1. It’ll be perfect for those chillier days. I sure miss my little dog. I’m not ready for another one yet…Lucy still holds my heart.

      1. I’m sorry you lost Lucy. So hard to say goodbye to our fur babies. Grieve as long as you need to, Jennifer. One day, or not, you will be ready to shower love on Lucy’s choice for you. She will know when it’s time.

      2. I am waiting until a little dog who needs me, enters my life…then I will know it’s time:) Lucy still holds my heart pretty strongly.xx

  17. I enjoy plaid in small doses! I am Scottish, and have a few scarves in my clan tartan. I used to have plaid shoes and loved them–they added a great pop of color to a neutral outfit.

  18. Not normally a plaid fan, but I did purchase a pale grey/white plaid linen jacket a while ago. I have dark hair and brown eyes, so I tend to avoid plaid ponchos in bright colours for fear of resembling Pancho Villa’s mother. But, the red plaid throw looks great on you Jennifer. As for prints, I have stepped out of my comfort zone (of plain neutrals) and bought two dresses for summer – both with prints. A soft pink with silver elliptical spots and a pale grey/white/black abstract floral. They look better than they sound – well, I hope they do.

  19. Your new hairstyle looks great Jennifer! I have a grey/black/white plaid wrap that I’ve had for 20+ years and pull out every fall to wear at least once. Other than that, the only other item I have in plaid is a winter scarf I bought last year to wear with a casual jacket. I was actually surprised how much I like it as I’m usually drawn to large scale geometric patterns, and stripes of course.
    Glad to hear that your weather is finally cooling down .

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