Monday Musings- The Queen, Unusual Shapes, & Outfit of the Week

Happy Monday, ladies. It’s funny how certain occasions stick in your memory. I vividly recall my mom telling me to remember that this was the day President Kennedy was killed, and so I do. Another vivid memory was when I heard that Princess Diana had died in a fiery crash. The third is when I heard that Her Royal Majesty Queen Elizabeth II passed away last Thursday. We were on a walking tour of the La Citadelle De Quebec, and almost immediately, they lowered the flags to half-mast.

The Queen’s passing shouldn’t have come as a surprise because she was 96, but for some strange reason, it did, and it brought me to tears. When I learned that the Canadian currency would now be made without her likeness, I quickly ordered another Rainbow Queen mug and this mug. Silly, I know, but I’m OK with it.

I’m not the type to hang an ornament of her on my Christmas tree, but many folks are.

I remember singing God Save The Queen at school when I was young. I vividly remember seeing her up close on one of her visits to New Westminster, BC. She was the tiniest little lady! Her Corgis inspired me to look into the breed, and we brought into our family who we adored.

It turns out that her everyday china is my good china…the Royal Dalton Canton pattern. I just dug out our teapot, but the lid seems to be missing. Neither of us remembers breaking it, but the pattern is discontinued, so we may be out of luck. Queen paraphernalia has always been popular, but I expect it will become more so as people miss her stabilizing presence.

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Cruise Wardrobe

As mentioned, my cruise wardrobe was extremely boring. Black, gray, and some other neutrals predominated. I didn’t want for anything…but variety. I brought some Chico’s DefineMe jeans to photograph for an Instagram campaign and they were perfect for the cooler weather in Quebec.


The DefineMe denim is super comfy. I find it somewhere between a skinny and a straight-leg, so they’re a great modern shape.


This expandable tote has been incredibly handy. Zipped open, I can put my hat inside, along with my scarf, water bottle, and other necessities. Then zipped smaller, it’s just a great bag.


Outfit of the Week

an outfit feathering plaid, texture and woven bag

This week’s OOTW started with a hunt for texture when I fell head over heels for these Lois Hill earrings. I love the artistry of textured silver, and her handmade shapes are gorgeous. The woven Birdies went into my cart in the sky blue. Women rave over the fit of these Spanx ponte pants, which will make a great basic for so many outfits. While I was at it, I thought it would be fun to combine this short checked jacket with an animal print blouse in the same shades. A great neutral lip color and intriguing sounding fragrance finish off this ootw.

Thoughts on style

It never fails that travel causes me to rethink my style recipe. I love nothing more than to people-watch for outfit inspiration and observe how other ladies put their looks together. The gals who stood out to me were wearing a classic base that they accented with something artistic or creative. Bright colors and patterns were not as popular as I expected. Jewelry seemed low-key, but unique shapes took center stage.

I have several pairs of lantern pants that almost got packed, and I wish I’d brought them. I saw several gals rocking theirs and a few others wearing barrel-leg pants. I prefer mine in a knit fabric with some drape plus that also makes them perfect for travel…next time:)

See also –How To Wear Lantern Pants

Now that I’m home and thinking about fall, I’ll be looking through what wasn’t worn last fall to see if it’s something I want to wear this fall.

Do you put aside pieces for a few years and then bring them back into your wardrobe?

Thanks for reading, and remember to wear what makes you feel confident.





  1. Hi, Jennifer !
    I think that the shock of the Queen s passing away is so terribly felt around the world because, generally speaking, the sensation of our time is the world is falling apart, so a a loss of ballance is innevitably a terrible conclusion.
    Whenever I had the chance of wandering the stores in London and admiring their clothes and hats – although the English women in general exhibit a loss of taste – I could not help imagine that the Queen is truly interested in giving everybody the opportunity to dress and feel dignified . The jewelry is also present in a design that mimic the royal collections.It s wonderful to feel like a beautiful lady , even Eliza Doolittle agrees in the recent production of My Fair Lady .
    Welcome back !

  2. I have been using my special little mug, a treasure I bought in 2019 at The Queen’s Gallery just around the corner from Buckingham Palace.
    It is a 1/2 sized commemorative mug / cup with gold scroll work and other iconic symbolism in recognition of the 70th anniversary of Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip… E and P beautifully intertwined .
    It is perfect for my Nespresso coffee and , although I own other unique small cups, it was this one I chose lately. Wednesday was definitely a day to reflect and take in the enormity of the sudden change happening in the UK and the Commonwealth countries around the world. Charles III has been taught well, so we’ll watch and see what unfolds. “God Save The King”

  3. I’m so happy you had a great cruise. I have so enjoyedQuebec city and have visited there two- three times. Each time I found more to love! The food, the history, the charming small streets and people watching. We visited a small island (name escapes me) and even went on a wine tour. You look so pretty and I hope you found cruising tune to relax. .

    1. I wonder if you visited Isle d’Orleans…just north of Quebec City on the St Lawrence?It has a very historical feel and easy to drive around in a day. Lots of places to visit and learn about the early French settlers.

  4. Hi Jennifer~ We are leaving on 10/13, departing from Boston on a New England/ Canada cruise on Norwegian. I would love to hear about your cruise and if your readers have gone on this cruise.
    Thanks for your inspiration.

    1. You’ll love it. It was a fun cruise but be sure you bring things for rainy weather because we got a fair bit of it in the beginning.

  5. I have always followed all things Royal. I don’t why everyone was surprised about the Queen’s death but we all were. I guess because she’s the only Queen we’ve ever known. Princess Diana’s death was really a shock and so sad. I was a big fan.

  6. As a Canadian teenager, I thought I was so clever when the Queen and Prince Philip visited Canada and I referred to them as Liz and Phil. My older relatives just shook their heads. She was an inspiration to women as she aged so gracefully–with those fabulous hats.

  7. I hope that you had a great vacation and have had a chance to rest upon your return. I know exactly what you mean about wardrobe boredom when traveling, when I get home from a trip I put those clothes away!
    The tragic incidents you mentioned were also key moments in my life and I vividly remember them all. I admired the queen so much, what an exceptional life.
    Another reader mentioned and I also had good experiences with them for various items in china and crystal.

    1. They are such strong memories for me. I’ve registered for them to let me know if they come across one so I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

  8. I, too, have a set of Royal Dalton in the beautiful pink Canton pattern. I think it is still lovely 40 years after selecting it for our “good” china! I had no idea the Queen chose this set ( how many sets of china would the Queen have anyway?) but I was tickled to see her enjoying tea using her set with Paddington Bear for her Platinum jubilee celebration.

  9. Hi, Jennifer, I hope you had a great vacation. A friend of mine did this cruise, and I’d like to do it as well. Pres. Kennedy’s assassination was the first time I’d seen my mother in tears: you don’t forget that as a child. The cruise looked great. My father’s family owned a men’s clothing store – very conservative – so I don’t mix plaids and patterns, just not me.

  10. Most Canadians have a souvenir of QEII’s reign. Her face is on our $20 bill and coins. There is speculation that Canadian paper currency could replace the monarch with historical figures, namely great indigenous leaders. It’s about time.

  11. It was so great to see your photos of Quebec City. It reminded me of a trip my husband and I took. We flew from Vancouver to Montreal where we rented a car and drove to Quebec City and then checked out the Maritime provinces. Nova Scotia and PEI were my favourite spots. The art gallery in Fredericton, New Brunswick was fabulous. It was a wonderful trip. Thanks for the memories!

  12. As a child, I grow up with pictures of the Queen in my aunts’ living room. They were from Scotland and honored the Queen as much as the President.
    I will miss the Queen’s beautiful, colorful outfits and hats.
    I have a pair of lantern pants in black design of Eileen Fisher (not too wide). Very comfortable and dressy or not.
    You looked very good in the ones you modeled
    Hope you had a wonderful trip.

  13. I purchased the Longchamp expandable tote in black during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale several years ago. It is a true workhorse. I typically use it as my personal item bag when I fly and have also used it as a beach bag in a pinch. It is strong and high quality; I’ve stuffed it many times, and it holds the weight. I love that it folds down to next to nothing when not in use.

    I, too, tire of my wardrobe when traveling. We were away for a few days last week, and I was happy to see some variety in my wardrobe when we got home. It’s fun to people watch while on a trip to see what others are wearing!

    You look great in the slim straight-leg jeans. I find myself leaning toward that style myself. At 5’ 2” tall with a bit of an apple shape, they seem to flatter me more than other styles, and I appreciate being able to wear several different kinds of footwear with them. Thank you for your continuous inspirational posts!

  14. Although I am an American, my mother was Canadian and loved the Queen. I have fond memories of my mother joining in and singing “God Save the Queen” whenever she heard it. The fact that we were both equestrians and corgi lovers made her all the more relatable to me. Ironically, when I heard the Queen had passed away, I ordered the exact same mug!

  15. Glad you had a wonderful cruise. We are all waiting for more information about the trip. The loss of the Queen is being felt by so many. She was an inspiration: always cool, dignified and yet there was that twinkle in her eyes. We will miss her. Like the pieces in the OOTD. I did a double take with respect to the earrings – I thought they were Brighton! I have a very similar pattern (scroll design in silver) that I purchased a couple of years ago and Brighton is still showing that pattern. Very affordable but looks more expensive.

    Welcome home!

  16. I have the same Royal Doulton pattern. I haven’t used it in years and would love to sell it locally. Seems like a perfect time to do so. I don’t have the teapot, but if I did, I would give you the lid in repayment for all the good advice you have shared over the years!

  17. I was on a vacation day from work, out for a lovely “sisters” lunch when we recv’d a text that the queen had died. Lots of tears put a definite pallor over the rest of the day. When you’re a 1/2 Brit, as I am, you feel the loss of such a long reigning monarch such as Elizabeth. It doesn’t help that she reminds me of my dear mum, a warm, loving English lady who passed a few years ago at 91. My mother instilled in me my love of fashion and she was always appalled at how Americans go out looking like a “toss pot” as she would call them. So, Jennifer, I feel your pain! Also thx for the link to the awesome Queen items, one of which I’ve already ordered!

  18. If you ever need to find any type of replacement for your missing or broken china pieces, you can go to Replacements (on line). I had some broken china from movers and was able to find just what I needed.
    The polka dot sweater looks so good on you. Glad you are back safely from your trip.

  19. Jennifer, try to see if they can find a lid for your teapot. They deal with discontinued china and crystal as well as with current patterns.

  20. I would like to see a post showing what didn’t work last year. What do you regret purchasing? Or what were your best purchases? I always overpack.

  21. Love your classic casual style. Since I’m visual impaired, it’s difficult to get to the stores to try on clothes. So I rely on online ordering. Your body type is very similar to mine. What size are you wearing in the the defineme jeans and do you find the rise is high enough.

  22. As soon as I read the Royal Family had been summoned to Balmoral, I was glued to the BBC until 3 am (Australian time) when it was broadcast the Queen had died. My sister and I both cried, because like you Jennifer, we sang God Save the Queen, every day at school assembly. The late Queen always looked sensational and perhaps because she didn’t follow fashion, ended up being the most fashionable of all.

  23. I believe that the earrings you are wearing in the picture with the polka-dot sweater, Eccentric, from Chicos, have to be the longest running item sold by any women’s retailer. Many years ago, now, I reluctantly tried Chicos and I think this was among my first purchases. That has to at least 15 years ago, and whenever I’m in Chicos I see these same earrings in the jewelry display.

    1. I’m sorry you can’t find the top to your Royal Dalton teapot. Try Replacements Ltd. – my Royal Worcester pattern was discontinued and I have had success replacing needed pieces.

      1. I have tried them but no luck yet. I did find a pot without it’s lid so I assume that’s pretty common 🙂

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