Monday Musings- Washout

Happy Monday, ladies. I had my booster on Friday and spent the rest of the weekend feeling rather punky so today’s musings are a bit rambling, but then, aren’t they always?

Remember that 10 pounds I took off last year? They are trying to creep back on so I bought new sneakers to help motivate me not to skip my daily walk. They’re really comfy! I love the new stretchy fabrics they’re using in sneakers, shoes, and boots these days.

While I was at it, I bought these Bomba socks, and they’re almost better than the sneakers! I’ve always bought cheap cotton socks at Target, so I’m shocked to find there is a difference in socks. Maybe they’ll help motivate me too.

I tried to take advantage of the Talbots sale yesterday, but my store was cleaned out of my sizes which is good for Talbots, disappointing for me. I tried a few things on but nothing fit in the items I wanted. I was also having a bad, very flat hair day because it was pouring rain and I got drenched going into the store. The dog didn’t eat my homework, but honestly, it was a washout of a weekend…just keeping it real here, ladies.

What does fit are my new, super comfy Ecco slip-on sneakers. Since we should all own shoes in our hair color, I felt a metallic was a great option to go with my going-pewter hair:)


I’m wearing the Fair Isle cardigan in a petite medium which I was surprised to find has long enough sleeves. Am I shrinking? It’s a beautiful combination of colors and looks great over the cashmere sweater I had hoped to buy. This cashmere crew neck is a petite small and WAY too small for me…it was the only size left in the store. These pants are really fun! How did I miss these all the times I was shopping in Talbots? I’m wearing a 4 petite which is much too small and too short for me. They’re a fabulous slim-leg riding pants in a ponte fabric that’s got 9% spandex, so they’ll maintain their shape. I’m sorry I missed these.


This Fair Isle pullover is the prettiest combination of colors! I love the way the purple pops against the ivory and black. My store only had this misses medium which is sloppy looking through the shoulders and bottom on me. The corduroy jeggings are a 6 regular and fit through the waist but they’re a curvy fit and I have straight hips, so there’s too much fabric in the back where I have no backside.


I love the color of this sweater blazer. It’s a great way to dress up jeans and a tee. I am wearing a medium petite, and it’s too snug to close without the buttons gaping. I really wanted this turtleneck, but the petite large is sloppy through the shoulders, and they’re even sold out of my size online. I pulled the sleeves down, but honestly, they’re too short for me. These jeans are a misses 6 and too large for me. These jeans run large which is nice, but with my straight hips, I need to size down. They had plenty in the lighter wash, but this time of year, I prefer a darker wash.


This is the sweater I came in to buy in ivory, but they were cleaned out of almost every color but red. That surprised me. I assumed most gals would be buying red this time of year. Perhaps Talbot produced more red than any other color, and that’s why they still have stock. This blue is an XS and too snug in the upper arms and tummy for me. The pants are a great navy and the last pair in the store…a 4 petite which I could not zip closed.


This novelty sweater was super cute and I love that the top is navy. I’m wearing a petite medium and it fits, but it’s not my style, so it stayed at the store. The velveteen straight-leg pants are a 4 in misses, and I could not close the zipper. You can see that I have the leg folded up 3″, so they’re way too long for me.

It was an unsatisfactory shopping excursion on a blustery, rainy day, but I arrived home to find my husband had made our favorite soup, Creamy Wild Rice Chicken Soup With Roasted Mushrooms. It is quite simply amazing! I love that he’s learning to cook and enjoying the process.

I am rereading this book on Fashion Feng Shui and loving it as much as I did the first time I read it. It takes a holistic view of how we choose to dress. Fashion Feng Shui teaches us how to choose clothing that’s reflective of our true selves in a way that’s authentic, enhancing, and empowering. It involves our body, mind, and spirit, not just our coloring or shape.

Thanks for reading ladies and remember to wear what makes you feel confident.





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  1. I can’t remember a good shopping day on a bad hair day. I’m sure there is a connection.

    1. You are a wise woman, Verna. Very wise 🙂 xx

  2. Good that you got the shot!

    I got my third shot last week and the next day I woke up dizzy with dry heaves. Took me all weekend to get fully back on my feet.

    No matter what though, nothing we experience from the shots is as bad as the virus!

    1. Agreed! I’m glad I have the shots behind me.

  3. Love those sneakers, and yes, socks are everything ! They make me happy when they feel right.

    On that note, thank you for the Feng Shui book link. The older and wiser I get, the more I appreciate styles and fabrics that simply feel good and right for me. I’m a fan of Feng Shui and was not aware there was one for personal style.

    1. I must own 15+ books on Feng Shui:) I love it too. You might find this book fascinating as I do.

  4. Pat Cowan says:


    1. Pat, there is a link that you click on to take you to the recipe.

    2. The link to the soup is the title which is in red. I hope you find it. Merry Christmas!

  5. Leslie Adams says:

    You look great in these outfits. The blue colour top is fantastic on you.
    Good shoes are everything! Hope you reach your goals. 🙂

  6. I think the Portland pants look great on you. The slimmer leg is more flattering.

    I tried this song and the material seems like good quality l, but I have a wide waist and a big tummy so these pants unfortunately didn’t work for me.

  7. OK it is settled. You look good in whatever you try on (whether the clothes fit or not). Merry Christmas!

    1. LOL, thanks, Bea. Merry Christmnas

  8. I just ordered 3 pairs of the Bombas socks and I will make the soup tonight. Thanks

  9. Jennifer I agree with many of the ladies today. You would never know to look at you that the outfits you modeled today did not fit properly. Everything was beautiful and loved the blue cowl neck sweater looks fabulous on you. Glad you are feeling better after the booster shot. I had a night of feeling under the weather after my second Pfizer vaccine, but no issues after booster. Have a great week!!

  10. There is nothing more demoralizing, even when you know things are unlikely to work, than not being able to zip up the zipper! This happened to me just last Saturday as I was slipping into my favorite black pantsuit for my father’s memorial service. I switched to knit dress.
    I love the shoes! Which shoes—color are those?

    1. I am so very sorry to hear about your father, Mary!! That’s such a painful time. Sending prayers your way. My shoes are “Stone” metallic. They seem to go with everything.

  11. Your shopping experience sounds like what I go through all the time. My body shape/size just doesn’t go with the sizes in the store. Or the styles that are available are not to my liking. My husband laughs when I say I’m going to such and such a store because they’re having a sale; he knows most of the time I come home empty handed. Such is life as I age.

  12. Lorrie Orr says:

    I’ve become a Talbots shopper in the past year or two. I love their straight-leg cords, but the pants with the seam down the front look great. I’ll be looking for those.
    Hope your week is better than your weekend was!

  13. Mary Wray says:

    I wanted to mention a product I have been using for years. Ovation Hair Thickening serum. Only available via the internet. I have very thin, flat, straight hair and it started thinning and falling out a couple of years ago. My dermatologist recommended Finasteride and topical minoxidil. Additionally, I take Viviscal. I can’t report luscious locks, but I keep more hair and it continues to grow. I am adding the collagen you recommended, so we’ll see how that goes.

  14. Linda Mansker says:

    Love your shoes, the socks I haven’t tried but my granddaughter has and the entire family has them. Love the Christmas sweater, the blue cowl neck. Blue is your color!! I feel as we go from shades of blonde to shades of gray and silver blue is a very complimentary color.

  15. Debbie Monroe says:

    Good Morning,
    I have been wearing the Bombas socks for years now and will not wear anything else. The cushion is great, they never wear out and have great customer service if you ever have a problem with any of them.

  16. I loved this post! I have never been a Talbots shopper, because I have never really had one near where I live (I think I live about an hour from you based on what I am seeing on your blog!) Anyway, I just love the pieces you modeled, and I may just have to make a trip up to the Roseville Galleria to check out Talbots. Also, I looked up that soup, which looks delicious. Its pouring rain as I write this, so I printed the recipe out. It looks like a perfect cold rainy day soup! Thanks for the great post.

  17. Marilyn Knowlton says:

    I am very much enjoying your daily posts, and I appreciate you taking the time, and making the effort to give the pros and cons about the clothes and products. I am an entirely different shape and size than you, but feel your descriptions most helpful. I smiled at the pants turned up 3 inches, because my whole life, I’ve had problems finding pants long enough. I was 5’8”, but time has taken it’s toll, and I’ve lost about one and a half inches, however I still have very long legs – so the length issue still goes on . . .
    Please keep doing what you are doing, because there are many of we women who are grateful for your posts. By the way, nearly two years ago, when COVID was upon us, I decided after getting my hair colored for 40+ years, that I would “go natural”, and I’m so happy I did! Yes, I look older, but I am! I’m also happy with the silvery look!


  18. I just checked Bomba socks, unfortunately, they have rubber in them, and I’m allergic to rubber/ latex. I’m so glad they list the components used, many do not. But they look great.

  19. Hi Jennifer~ Lovely clothing today. I am going to buy the book.
    You are so “real” that is why you are my favorite blogger and friend.
    That soup looks yummy!

    1. Thank you, Mary Ann. I think it’s a fascinating book

  20. Do hope you are feeling better and you really do look amazing in the various shades of blue! As to your hair; since desiring another style for myself was browsing for some ideas and came across some images of Helen Mirren with a style very similar to yours but was only to her ear lobe in length. Otherwise it may be the same cut and on the same side of its part, it was swept behind her ear. Just thought I’d mention such in event you are not seeking a drastic change. -Brenda-
    Footnote: I saved three photos of it and would be happy to forward, if you’d like.

    1. Helen always looks amazing. Please do email them to me:)

  21. Socks are SO important! I’m a avid exerciser for many years, Zella socks have worked for me. No bunching, slipping, long wearing, and wick just right. I learned early on, buy the socks and shoes that fit perfectly, no matter the cost, it makes a huge difference.

  22. Love all your outfits! Everything looked like it fit. You do such a good job modeling them. So glad you are talking about sneakers. I never wore tennis shoes out but since Covid I’ve been wearing them more then ever. Yours are so cute.

  23. I was at Talbots a week or so ago and hit the jackpot with their 40% off the entire store. I did have to venture in to some sizes I don’t typically wear, but the pieces worked. I have the exact problem you do with pants. I need petites to get the right length, and I need a smaller size to fit my narrow hips and flat bum, but I need the bigger size for my senior lady middle (at this stage in my life, exercise and diet only make my legs and back side smaller, but do nothing for the midriff!) By the way, your hair looks a lot better than mine would after running through a rain shower! Thank you for touching base with your fans in spite of “flat” hair and feeling punk after your booster, but glad you will continue to be protected against this nasty virus that has so impacted our lives!

    1. That’s what I am finding about my tummy too! Thanks for being here, Debbie xx

  24. There is no comparison to bombas. They are so worth the extra money. And they last a long time – in fact, I’ve yet to wear a pair out.
    Your outfits are all so pretty – you look lovely in that shade of blue. It really washes me out. I need more vibrant colors, or autumn shades.

  25. Did your store not offer to order your items from the catalog or another store? I work at Talbots’s and we always try to get our customers what they want.

    1. They did, but there was no stock in the sweater and jeans I wanted:(

  26. I had the same reaction to all my shots. I was happy to hear about sneakers I also wore mine out. I love your outfits but I cannot wear cashmere with out turning red and itchy. This time of year weight problems are always issues for everyone so just try to walk and drink plenty of water.

  27. I love Bombas and have also had great luck with Feetures sox. Better socks are worth every penny. And, I have those shoes in that color. 🙂

    As someone else said, I would not know the clothes you are modeling don’t fit you. They all look great.

  28. Oh how I love a metallic shoe – silver or pewter for me. The ones you have on look extremely comfortable.

  29. Jennifer, may I offer you some advice? I have hair exactly like yours. Straight and fine with no body. Since you are growing it out, just cut it all off into a short cut. Your features are small and you might find you love the freeing feeling of not having to constantly fight with your hair. Let it be what it is. You’ll cut off all that old color and be ready to move on with it. You are a doll. Love your advice and fashion sense. Merry Christmas.

    1. Leslie Greaves Radloff says:

      The booster knocked me over as I felt like a truck hit me, but only for the night. Then, like the second jab malaise and loss of appetite. But, the mantra was: it’s doing it’s job and working. Clothing: Talbot’s has great customer service with clothing items that have (mostly) good design for those older than 20, good durability and quality of fabrics and construction. Seams align, plaid match, and repeating prints never seem to hit in the wrong places.

    2. Thanks, Sandy. I am seriously tempted but resisting so far because I need more grown out.

  30. Sorry your shopping trip was a washout. Every outfit looks great on you, even though you detail how the items did not fit properly! The fit details certainly didn’t translate to photos. Good to know about the Bombas socks — what about the new ones is better than the utilitarian Target socks?

    1. I love my Bombas. They are very cushy and have a stretchy strip below the arch that makes them very comfy. They also come in some fun color combos if you like that sort of thing. For every pair purchased, they donate a pair. I like that also.

      1. Now I know:) I had no idea why my arch felt better. Thank you Kathy

    2. They have extra cushioning and feel supportive through the arch. I have no idea how they accomplish that, but they have:)