Haircut and Products I Use For My Over 50 Thinning Hair

My hair has always been baby fine, poker straight, and very thin. Add menopause and thyroid issues to the mix and you have the perfect storm for hair loss. It’s always a struggle to find a hairstylist who knows how to cut fine hair so I’m thrilled to have discovered one near me.  I’ve recently updated my hairstyle so today I’m updating this post to share my unusual haircut and the products I use for my thinning hair over 50.


woman examining her thinning hair


Midlife hair loss is not unusual for women but I also have thyroid issues that can cause my hair to shed with no warning. My endocrinologist monitors my thyroid levels carefully but it still goes out of whack for no reason. I’ve discovered that the way my hair is cut, the products I use, and the way I blowdry it, are my best hope to camouflage hair loss.

over 50 Haircut

My new haircut is a short, blunt bob with no stacking in the back. It’s the same length in front as it is in the back. Then she cuts a blunt layer around the top of my head which allows me to get some lift. I use a round brush, mousse or gel, dry shampoo, and hairspray. I use a lot of products yet when I’m done, it doesn’t look like helmet hair.

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I’ve made a little video you can watch here to help deconstruct my haircut, the products I use, and the process I go through to style it.



I am a big fan of this Kevin Murphy Anit-Gravity Oil-free Gel. It adds volume but isn’t greasy, no matter how much I apply.

Any dry shampoo helps make your hair look like it has more volume, but this Perfect Hair Day is my very favorite.

I love this round brush for helping to add extra body too. I have several sizes, based on how long my har is:)

Do you struggle with thinning hair?

Thanks for reading ladies and remember to wear what makes you feel confident.






  1. I am growing my fine hair back into a layered bob after having it short for a while. I have a square face and it never really looked right so short. Luckily Lockdown has given me a few months to grow it! I recently found a shampoo that has made my hair feel so much fuller and glossy. Its expensive but I would not use anything else now. Its a company called I use the original shampoo, no need for conditioner and a spray some Lift to build volume.

    1. Thank you for this! Found your post via Pinterest. Have been searching for so long for a style that will work with my thin, straight, fine hair. I’m also now sporting a double chin in addition to my square jaw, and sadly, not many older overweight women blog about haircuts.
      So, I’m going to show this to my stylist and see if it might work for me!

  2. I finally tried a more expensive stylist who actually takes his time and I get a really good cut.
    He costs more but I walk out happy with my hair.
    These chain beauty shops hire people who cut hair in 10 minutes or so.
    I have the thin fine hair too.
    I use products to help with volume , makes all the difference !

  3. I also have fine, thin hair. Spent a fortune trying to make it into something it couldn’t be. Between a major surgery, menopause and moving to sticky Florida I discovered wigs(and some awesome YouTube wig sites)15 years ago. Hot flashes-no problem. Drizzle that used to turn my hair to glue-not even fazed by it anymore. When you take the time to really look at the options you’ll feel like a new woman. Literally.

    1. Awesome ! I have several wigs as well and love them! How do you find wearing them in hot humid Florida though? I live in NY and am pretty uncomfortable in Summer! But otherwise they have lifted my self esteem !

  4. I too am sick of my Fine, Straight as a stick,Thinning badly hair!!! I feel so ugly I don’t want to go out anywhere. My stylist is good but cannot seem to help me,very frustrated!

    1. Sandy, I am in the exact same shape as you. My hair is fine and stick straight! Even my hair stylist says my hair is thinner than it’s ever been! I have to take a lot of medicine so maybe that’s why. I have tried getting body waves and all they do is fry my hair. I wear wigs sometimes but my head really itches bad most of the time.

  5. I also have fine then hair. I have mine cut short and layered threw out everywhere. Are use mousse gel and Got To B Glued. But I think these products are to heavy on my fine hair and weight it down. Going to try the powder for volumizing and mousse for thickening. I also have been thru many stylists and now I have one for the past 20 years and she does a wonderful job.

  6. Next time you get your hair cut snd styled, maybe you could film it? Many of us would like to see what you mean by a disconnected haircut. Thanks!

  7. Describes my hair to a tee !!! I have a heart-shaped face.

    I finally have a stylist who knows how to cut fine, thin, board-straight hair. Back in the 80s, I knew a lady who did what I asked and layered the top all the way to the crown for me with slightly uneven layering for texture. I got tons of volume without the mullet effect. Permed and stacked just above the shoulder in the back. I actually had popular girls copying me. 🤣. (I was a geek and a nerd.). Until recently, NO hairdresser would do the top like that again for me, so my hair always fell flat unless I teased a weak pompadour. (It was awful. I lived in ponytails and french twists for most of the next 30 years.). New hairdresser, I asked for a Pixie and the layered top. She did question it, but did not argue when I explained the reason. She said she knew exactly what I was talking about and was willing to try as long as I would not be upset if it did not turn out the way I expected. (She was awfully sweet.). When finished, she gushed and gushed about it being a brilliant idea and was going to try and talk some of her clients into letting her try it on them as well. She even called over other hair dressers to explain the technique ! So, she is my forever hair dresser, even if one of us moves. 🤣. I let her experiment with other cuts and we try colors. She tells me up front if a fashion color is wrong for my complexion or if a shampoo (like purple toner) will give me the color Inwant and how to achieve/maintain rather than charge me for a dye job. (She still has to highlight for me, so she still gets good money and I tip her well.)

    My hair is growing out for a bit to see if I am up for caring/styling again, so I will be going in to get my roots done and highlights added. A pixie (for me) has to be darker so I don’t have to go more often to maintain the cut. It sure is fun to have one though.

  8. My hair has a similar texture to yours and I appreciate your need to travel to get the right cut. I recently moved and was getting so irked by haircuts that chop my fine hair I was considering buying a wig!!! I don’t want a super short cut and yours is lovely. I will take your description of a disconnected cut with me. Do you know if it is called anything else? I also love those green-rimmed glasses your have in one of your other posts… …Very flattering. Dare I ask who makes them? Thank you for your posts. When we become “of an age” it doesn’t mean shlubby, but rather elegance prevails.

  9. I am so glad i saw this post. My hair is thinning as well. I have about the same hairstyle. The products are very hard to find. Amazon is ridiculous. I don’t mind spending the money if it works,I will be following this threat for suggestions. Thank you so much!

      1. Your description is exactly mine on the hair we have. For me, my interest since o can remember was to grow up and be a stylist. For over 45 years, I received the clients like us. I became sincerely well skilled while I lived in Fla. I believe in layers, and slightly shorter(NOT HACKED!) around the top, crown area. Also, a lot of times, dimensional coloring w/ blonde swelling the cuticle( outer layer) of the hair helps volume. The volume of peroxide should be analyzed correctly. We do not need 20 volume to deposit some of those darker blonde dimensional low light coloring. As a car accident ended my career, I DID discover products that I absolutely love. Kenra. You can cocktail these and they are wonderful. I especially love their Dry Texture Wax for volume. Not greasy- DON’T mistake the word “wax”. It’s like no other product. Also 25 Level( higher #-more strength and holding power) can hold and layer beautifully. I sound like a Kenra Representative, don’t I? I sincerely guarantee you that I am not! Those are only 2 of the products. I am a person who always says “ I was born with 4 hairs on my head and a desire to do hair!”’

      2. Hey there, I appreciate your comment & tried to find Kenra texture wax #25 . Cannot find on Amazon or the Kenra website. Please, please advise. Ty much!

      3. I agree with you about the Kendra products. My hairstylist (of about 20 years and who herself has rattail thin hair) has taught me that for our fine thin hair, a good cut AND the right product is absolutely necessary to give us volume. She has been using Kendra Volume Mousse #17 on my hair for years and it really works. A layered haircut on me is not great because the bottom layer is so thin it can be seen through, although the lift is great!

  10. I too have thin hair. Always have since I was in my teens. I’ve done almost everything I thought I could to get it thick but as soon as I walk out the door it would go thin and limp. Sucks. Now I’m going through menopause and I had cut my hair but when I get my hot flashes I sweat so back I have to pin up my hair with tons of pins just to get it off my face and neck.

    I’ve decided to try and let my hair grow some so that I can pin it. I guess it won’t matter what I put on my hair, once it gets wet, I’m done so pin it all ALL the time.

    The hair style you have is the one I got. You look great with that hair cut. Beautiful indeed.

  11. Gosh at long last have found out that i am not the only one with crazy straight fine hair. Just lucky enough that now in my 70’s my hair not thinning and very little grey. Products to help styling just gunk up my hair that i need to was it often. thanks for all the advice.

    1. Oh boy, did I identify with everything you said about this fine hair!!! Well, your hair looks lovely, so old stylist it is!. Like me I have tried every haircut, every product, but I am back to a shortish bob, with foils every few months for body. And you are so right, a good cut is everything!! Thanks for your post!

  12. Enjoyed reading your blog. Four hours is a long trip, Jenniffer but I understand the need to get it right. Whenever I’ve moved to somewhere new I would look at women’s hair and when I would notice an exceptional cut I’d politely ask where she had it cut and with which stylist. Many times I’d get the same hair salon, Google them and give it a try. It’s basically the adage “seeing is believing.”

  13. Looking for a style that will look good with straight and thin hair with no body and naturally letting it dry?

    1. If you’re not wanting to work with styling tools as it dries you’ll have an almost impossible time getting any lift, in my experience.

      1. I think even without tools you can get lift using the right products and you fingers. Dry shampoo, a little mouse,a good manipulator(bed head). and a total body cream. Using a small amount of listed products and finally the cream as hair is drying put on each product, while bending head in seated position. Finger; scrunch finger, scrunch use fingers as comb. A light comb. Bam you will have what looks like double the hair and using dry shampoo as a texturizing product. The manipulator and ur manipulation with fingers. Is key.

  14. With this Covid thing it is hard to get to a stylist, and finding a new one would be difficult for sure. I have not been out of my yard since Feb. 3 and am still petrified to go anywhere. But I have to fix these Gray roots – I can hardly look at myself in the mirror. I thought maybe now is the time to just go natural, but I don’t have that white hair that looks great on a lot of people, it’s sort of salt & pepper so I will try to work up the courage to colour it myself! And as someone already pointed out, hot rollers are great! It’s so true – when your hair is bad, you feel bad too.

    1. I thought the same thing, but once I let my hair grow out and go completely natural, I was pleasantly surprised. The salt and pepper looks a lot like I have highlights in my hair. My gray is not quite as silver as I would like, but I can live with it. I found that if I tried to do it myself, the red in my hair turned carrot orange and when the sun got to it, it looked like a copper penny. It’s a great look for pennies, but not so much for hair. I also noticed that my hair kept getting thinner. However, I do like the cut you described. I have been going to the same stylist for 40 years. Maybe she can try it with mine. Good luck, whichever way you decide to go.

      1. I’m letting my hair go gray after years of coloring it. It hasn’t been colored since Feb. so what was med brown is now an awful shade of what my husband describes as copper! Not the look I’m going for. I’m committed to letting it go natural since it has grown out so much already, but I have a long way to go! I was able to get a cut (looks like salons might get shut down again!). I too have thinning fine hair with some curl. I like the cut you have shown. I feel like after I do whatever I can with it in the am I don’t want to look at it again for the rest of tday!

    2. Have you tried low-lights with the color of your darkest hair color? It definitely makes it look like highlighted hair and you don’t have the color marks at the roots when it is growing out. Try it, think you will be pleasantly surprised.

    3. I’m trying neora prolux serums to restore hair to original color. It fixes texture and no more having to color. Most of my thinning and the few grays I had are improving. Using the whole system. I’ll see in 3 months even more results hopefully.

  15. I, too have fine hair but always had a lot of it until the past 2 years. I dread every time I wash it because I have to contend with how much is falling out. I can run my fingers through my hair and at least 10 to 15 hair strands will come out. I think this style would help conceal the thinning hair. I also endured the Toni perms. They were awful.

      1. Bosley shampoo (+other Bosley products if you need them) have helped my thinning hair. I use it about 3x wk. but shampoo is all I use. I find that the other products I’ve tried make my hair oily like in my teens!! 🙂 Good luck!

      2. My doctor recommended Rogaine for me and said that I could use the men’s product. I haven’t done it yet, the price kind of put me off when I wasn’t even sure it would work. When I read your post about your hair, I thought to myself, finally someone with hair exactly like mine!! I love your style but I live and work on a ranch and it’s more convenient to wear it a little longer so I can put it up most of the time. My son’s getting married in September (fingers crossed that we won’t still be sheltering in place), and I’m wondering what I can do with my hair so that I can look “together” for the entire afternoon and evening.

      3. I work in dermatology. Definitely use minoxidil (the generic rogaine). Generic will save you $ and is same as brand. Make sure it is 5%, which is usually the men’s line. Anything less will not work. Don’t bother with a treatment shampoo because it doesn’t sit on scalp any length of time to be effective. What ever you use needs to be a leave in treatment on the scalp not hair! Once you start using it don’t be afraid if you think more hair than usual is falling out. Minoxidil will synchronize hair growth. Those extra hairs were on their way out anyway. Once you stop using minoxidil you will return to the original pattern of hair loss. Hope this helps!

      4. CVS and Walmart have their own brands of Rogaine that are very cost effective and, for me, work as well as the name brand. I have all kinds of new baby hairs growing around my hairline

      5. Try finding a web site or even reach out to Rogaine and ask for coupons and samples

  16. We moved from Illinois to Oregon. I have tried a few stylists here and have yet to find one who can come close to what I want. I gave up for awhile with one stylist and let her do her thing. My stylist in Illinois was great with fine, straight, flat hair. It always looked great. Finding a new stylist after thirty years with one was one of my biggest fears of moving. After the ‘stay at home’ ends I think I will have to begin searching again. 🙁

    1. I live in Corvallis Oregon, have fine thin straight hair. And have a great stylist if you need a recommendation. She calls the style mentioned here, a bob with layers.

  17. I have fine hair also and this cut sounds like just what I need. I don’t always have time to style my hair and just let it dry naturally. Can I do this with this type of cut?

  18. Lol…Im reading your article, and I swear its been the exact same steps for me, starting with the Toni perm. Tucking hair behind my ears, a side part, a little teasing in the front….In discussing my last haircut with my hairdresser, just before vacation in early March, we agreed on the double layers in the back also. She said, like a Mullet, so I guess its a new version for the 2020s. My hair has been coming out for the Last 7 months ( stress) and getting thin so Im probably going to do a major cut when the salons open. Too bad, this cut has been great and I think I will miss it.

  19. I had the same stylist for 4 years and and always got a great cut. Until one day he gave me a terrible cut so I never went back. I have heard this has happened to other customers too, good cuts for a few years, then one day a hack job!

    1. Call and cancel – say you’ll call and reschedule when you have your appt book handy. gotta go, bye!

  20. I also drove 85 miles to a stylist until I got tired of it and forced myself to find someone closer. I get a good cut now but I have to come home and restyle it myself!

    1. Oh my gosh
      I go home and restyle after a cut as well. I do get a good cut but it is never styled the way I like and the way I feel comfortable in. I have dreams of a makeover but will I have to go home and restyle?

      1. I’ve been going to the same stylist for about 30 years, and I still go home and restyle!

  21. YOu’re right. You can show stylists photos up the kazoo and it’s till i,possible for them to get it right. It’s like me trying to paint like Money. Not gonna happen. I think it’s worth the drive to go back to the stylist who cut it the way you liked it. Make a lovely day of it.

    1. When I would go to my hair dresser I too would try to fix it different. Since she could not style it the way I liked, she would give me everything I needed while I did my hair myself.

  22. I met many, many lovely hairstylists when we moved to the Pacific Northwest nine years ago. Not one of them was able to cut my hair, so now I travel to the Sassoon Salon in Seattle to get my haircut. Happy, happy happy.

  23. I drive 50 miles each way to my stylist in Eugene, Oregon and have for 15 years. She knows me and my hair. I’d rather find a new gynaecologist than a new stylist.
    She once mentioned to me she has a client who flys in from Alaska every 10 weeks!

  24. A stylist who listens and can style fine hair is worth the trip! I’ve had baby fine straight hair my whole life and now that it’s gray its fine with a wave. Go figure, I wore my hair in a layered bob but I tried a short pixie and love it. It’s neat, tidy and little bit sassy in our humid climate here in Georgia. Our hair like makeup and attire are important to our confidence and joy.

      1. I am moving to a new state and scared to try and find someone who can cut my fine, thin hair into a easy Bob.

      2. I just moved from NY to DC area, at the peak of the pandemic. My worst fear is finding a stylist for a good cut and style for my fine, straight hair! I was with the same stylist for 23 yrs! I was just searching on line for a hairdresser, when this post popped up! Fate! Maybe it will bring me good fortune for my hair! I will travel and pay! In NY my cuts were $110! Worth every penny! Thanks for the shares, fellow fine haired gals!

      3. It can ruin your confidence. My stylist I had done a great job this past year but all of sudden she cut all my hair off. Even my bangs. I’m devastated. My fine hair does not grow fast at all. It took me 9 months to get the style and length I had. I’m just sick about it!!!

      4. That’s awful, I’m sorry. Time to embrace hats, brighter lipstick and find a new stylist. It’s so distressing when that happens.

      5. Yes mine to I am now got it long enough to do the bob style I want I am giving her 1 more chance I hope she learn form if .

  25. Obviously, you struck a chord with many of us. I’ve followed my stylist everywhere & thus now take a ferryboat to Whidbey Island! It is worth it: the extra time you save not fighting your hair everyday! Less stress for you everyday! I had been keeping my straight hair short & layered for years, but 1 1/2 yrs ago I let it grow out & was shocked to find it was now CURLY. The ONLY pleasant surprise of getting older! Was so surprised to discover that the shape of your follicles can change with age. I love your hair & think you need to show your cut to more local stylists – meanwhile keep commuting!

    1. Lucky you, curly! That would be such a fun discovery after a lifetime of poker straight hair. You do live in a gorgeous part of the country. I love taking those ferries.

  26. Hi there

    I can really relate to this blog. I had those perms – ugh. Then when I was living in Toronto in my 20s I went to a salon and wanted a ‘light’ perm – oh my goodness I ended up with what was referred to as an afro. After the initial shock I went back to the salon to try to get it fixed. The stylist couldn’t understand that I wasn’t happy – so I said to her – would you go out on the street looking like this. NO.

    Even now I’m still trying to get some consistency with my hair style. It had been turning to hit and miss the past year at the same salon. My stylist went on maternity leave. I tried other stylists there – inconsistent. Recently I tried a new salon. Hopefully it will work out there

    Your regular stylist does a fantastic job – worth the drive or as one reader said go directly after getting it done to the new stylist and say this is what I want done.

  27. Yes, I have medium length blond curly hair which I love for the most part and is what I am known for. It is low maintenance and doesn’t take long to style with a diffuser. I do have quite a collection of hair products though. Always in search of the perfect product or cocktail of products. My hair seems to reject it if I use the same product cocktail two days in a row. Looks great day 1…different story day 2. Hence, my collection of products. I have a stylist who I have been going to for more than 10 years who has curly hair too and she is fast. Highlights, haircut and style in 1.5 hours to 2 hours max. Life is good in the tresses department.

  28. Your hair always looks pretty to me. Even though you have mentioned hair thinning, I never thought that when I see your hairstyles.

    Ten months ago I went to a new to me hair stylist. I showed her a photograph of myself with a past haircut/style that I really liked. It was a long bob with bangs. I pointed out to her that in the photo it was “very slightly stacked in the back” (those were the exact words I said) and I would like it to be that way again.

    She seemed nice enough, but I don’t know what in the world she was thinking. When my haircut was finished and I was handed the mirror to see the back of it. I was speechless. It looked terrifying. The length of the top “stacking” was only about two inches long, and it was a thick layer in my thin hair, right on the back of head.It got worse from there. It was absolutely nothing like the photograph I showed her. It looked like she thought I said for her to stack it to look like I’m on crack. Oh, it was horrible, for months, and months, and months. I think my knee replacement surgery and recovery slowed the regrowth of my hair, though I also think there may be a Murphy’s-type law somewhere that says when you get a really, really bad haircut your hair will grow more slowly than it ever did before. It finally grew out enough to have it cut just a couple of weeks ago. I told the new hairdresser (at a different salon) to just give me a plain, one length, almost to the shoulder cut. There is still a bit of difference in the length in the back from the previous hack job, but this hair stylist did an excellent job of making it look good. I am so thankful to have my hair looking normal again.

    I don’t understand why it seems like some stylists just refuse to try and do the cut we show them from a photograph of our hair in a style that we liked. Maybe they are just trying to be creative. If they are, I would appreciate them saving their creativity for their own hair.

    1. Ouch! That’s so upsetting. I think many stylists just have no talent. They get minimal training and have at it. I also think they don’t listen and that’s a lack of respect in my opinion. I’m glad it’s looking better now for you. Bad hair really hits our confidence hard.

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