Nioxin for Hairloss in Women

Last summer I was invited to take the Nioxin challenge. Use their Hair Loss Treatment for 90 days and share my results with you. The company also gave 10 of my readers a 3 month supply to take the challenge with me. Today, I’m sharing my results.

This post is sponsored by Vocalpoint and Nioxin. All opinions are me own.

Nioxin for Hair Loss in Women
My bangs were so thin before I started, I had a hard time covering my forehead

Hair loss is emotionally charged for women and has a huge impact on our confidence. Mine took a terrible beating the thinner my hair became.

I started my challenge as I was leaving for my 60’th birthday trip to Iceland. Since I took carry-on luggage only, I needed to fit all my liquids into a quart-sized ziplock bag.

Nioxin Hair Regrowth Treatment for WomenNioxin Hair Regrowth Treatment, travel size Nioxin shampoo, and conditioner, contact lens solution, sunscreen, face wash, and moisturizer went in the bag first…but I couldn’t zip it so I removed my perfume and one sunscreen. There was no way I was going to risk not using it for 12 days.

Apllying Nioxin Hair Regrowth Treatment

Morning and evening, I use the dropper to part my hair and apply it along my scalp. applying nioxinIt dries quickly and doesn’t change the feel of my hair at all!

My hairdresser is amazed at the change in my hair. She said she’s never seen my hair fuller or have more body! Style and Lifestyle for Women Over 50We don’t have to cut so much hair into bangs to cover my forehead so the sides are getting fuller.

I initially used a stronger minoxidil formula but found this one works just as well and is made for women.

I’m one of the lucky ones who has found help for my Hair loss with Nioxin Regrowth Treatment, and I highly recommend it!

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  1. Jennifer, a quick question (or 2)… Using rogaine, minoxidol or nioxin usually means twice a day, faithfully. Do you use foam or liquid? I could not tell in the photos. And, what is your routine? Wash your hair every day? Blow dry after application? Apply again at night before going to bed? I ask as finding someone who is using the product and seeing some success is difficult (most don’t like to speak publicly, understandably). I don’t wash my longer hair every day. So, does your hair just not look good if you don’t wash daily. I appreciate your openness on this private topic. And really enjoy your posts! Keep it up!

    1. I use the liquid twice a day. I didn’t feel the foam was as easy to get right on the scalp. I wash my hair most mornings and if I don’t, I use dry shampoo to freshen my hair up. I apply the Rogaine in the morning before applying mousse and blow drying. I also apply it at night before bed. The dry shampoo is wonderful for adding volume as well as soaking up any oiliness. I was thinking it might be helpful if I do a video and show how I use it. I try to never miss a day.

  2. Hi Jennifer,

    Just wondering ……….have you given up on using Rogaine for hair loss? Do you find the Nioxin better?

    I’m still using the Women’s Rogaine (I started back in September) and I think it’s working. I see tiny hairs in the outer corners of my hairline.


    1. Hi Linda. I have not stopped using the Minoxidil! It works really well and I have a lot of new hair growth. Rogaine and Nioxin have the same ingredient, just different brand names. I had the same tiny hairs all over my head which helps it look much thicker.

  3. How long did you use it before you noticed results? My hair loss is really stressing me out. My dermatologist has me on the same prescription that men take for male pattern baldness, plus Viviscal prescription strength. Not cheap! I color my hair and was wondering if it caused any yellowing or change in your hair color? Thinking I should start this too. Ugh! Never thought I would have this problem and it’s getting considerable worse.

    1. It took a few months before I noticed new growth, Polly. It stopped falling out so fast after about 6 weeks. It was a full 6 months before my hair began to feel thicker. I do think it may be yellowing my colored low lights. Either that it I need a new hairdresser! I would rather stop coloring than stop minoxidil! My hair has never been thicker. It also a slightly different texture now. Strangely, my always poker straight hair now has a bit of a bend to it. I may go back to the 5% and see if it doesn’t mess with the color. I’m not familiar with Viviscal. This stuff is t cheap either but getting it on Amazon helps. Good luck and keep me posted.

  4. So thrilled to see that Nioxin has helped you! I bought the Nioxin Hair Treatment System with the shampoo, conditioner, and scalp treatment. Is the Hair Regrowth Treatment ( the photo with the dropper you were using)something extra you also use? Wasn’t sure if this is the scalp treatment included in the box with the shampoo and conditioner or is that something extra. Thanks so much!

    1. This is different. It is their minoxidil treatment. I apply it every morning and night…and think it is the reason my hair has come back! Try it.

  5. I’m so happy that it is working for you… I may try it myself. your hair looks great. Do you have to continue to use it forever? Also, what is the science behind it (how does it work)? Are there any precautions?

  6. Jennifer,
    I agree having great hair is important to me.
    My hair loss since menopause has been an amazing surprise to me!!
    My hairline has receded and it’s thinning out. Ugh!!
    I think I shall try this product.
    Thanks for sharing!!

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