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Happy Tuesday ladies. It’s probably a safe bet to assume that I do more online shopping and perusing than many of you do. I thought I would share what I’m finding and is going in my cart.

Loft is having a huge warehouse sale with up to 75% off with the code GOBIG. When I checked it out I found many things were bestsellers, not just leftovers that didn’t fit people well.


This look started at $540.50, on sale, it’s $223.96 with free shipping. I’m looking this sale over carefully, especially the Lou and Grey.

More from the sale


Maison d’ Hermine Campagne 100% Cotton Tea Towel

Does anyone still call them tea towels? As I folded my laundry this week, I noticed that mine are looking sort of tacky all of a sudden. They seemed fine through the holidays, but I’m seeing that many are stained so I’ve ordered some replacements. I’m not a huge fan of doing dishes (massive understatement) so pretty new towels will help improve the time I spend doing it. Here are a few others –

Now that we’ve started a bathroom remodel, I’m noticing so many other things I’d like to refresh in the house and the list feels endless. I didn’t decorate this house when we moved in (long story) and still have unpacked boxes, so I guess it’s way past time.

This vanity is sitting in the garage waiting for the floor to be installed. I forgot to take pictures before we demoed the bathroom but I’ll take some in-progress and after photos of the remodel.

Today is the last day of the Pottery Barn Warehouse Sale with big savings on lots of things to refresh the home, so of course, I had to look. I ordered these Belgium Linen Blackout Drapes for our bedroom and as soon as we get it painted they are going up in place of the verticle blinds the previous owner hung.

My new bathrobe went through the laundry with my vitamins in the pocket a few weeks ago and it never recovered so I ordered this one to replace it.

I’ve loved these Flickering Flameless Candles for a very long time and they’re finally on sale plus there’s an extra 20% with the code EXTRA so I couldn’t resist ordering a few for the mantle. I burn real candles every day, but not on the mantle and I love that look. BTW- how many times have you forgotten to add a discount code? Please tell me I am not alone here.


I also ordered this clock for my bedside table. It’s not on sale, but it’s prettier than the ones that are and I’ve been meaning to replace my ugly alarm clock:)

I do like ironing and my cover needs replacing so I was thrilled to find and order this one. I have a real passion for black and white stripes in my home decor.

That’s what hit my cart this week. Are you refreshing anything in your home?


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  1. I love your new bath cabinet – very clean lines! Did you choose the faucet that is shown in the photo? More clean lines. I love tea towels and use them when cooking or for decoration (hanging from the oven handle). I always pick up one (or two??) when traveling. For everyday dish drying (when the dishwasher didn’t get them dry), I use the regular towels from Williams Sonoma – they launder well and are long lasting. And, I have the Pottery Barn clock – LOVE it! It works beautifully with the marble backsplash in our master bath (and dark grey granite). Pottery Barn and Williams Sonoma have beautiful tablecloths.

    1. I did not, but I do like it. I will have to relook at the one I did choose which has a more vintage vibe. Your bathroom sounds lovely

      1. Thank you, Jennifer!

  2. Just remember if you want your tea towels to dry well buy either 50/50 linen and cotton or straight 100% linen. Yes the pure linen are a bit wrinkly for the first few washes but the more washes they are given the softer they get and the better they dry. And if you are drying crystal linen does not leave bits of fluff on the glasses

    1. I did not know that. I always purchase cotton. It makes total sense that linen would be very soft. Where do you get yours?

      1. If you are at all handy you can buy the 50/50 cotton linen by the yard/metre from many fabric stores. This way you just hem each end and can make them longer than the cheap ready made towels….much handier for drying bigger items because you can get the towel around the items better. Pure linen is a bit harder to find but not impossible. Often a kitchen type store will sell Italian or French towels that are 100 percent linen and an “Irish” store will sell linen tea towels mixed in with Aran sweaters, etc. I buy mine from a tiny Italian grocery store. They wrinkle badly when new but soften up quickly especially if you iron the heck out of them after the first few washes…linen is a “bast” fibre so it likes that abuse.
        Linen tea towels can be ordered from cedarmountainstudios.com or from irishlinenvictoria.com
        Hope that helps

      2. Thank you, Lauren! I will be keeping my eye for 100% pure linen

  3. Cathlyn Wilk says:

    The term “tea towel” sounds better than dish towel. It’s quaint. My Canadian friends say that when I visited their homes or shopped with them. Detroit/Winsor border is a 30 -minute drive from me. I had a Canadian boyfriend at the time who knew people all over Ontario. It was fun while it lasted!
    Tea towels do get stained and need replacing often. I separate the old from new and put out the new for having guests over. As long as they are not worn out they are good enough for day -to- day use. I like the collecting idea from places visited.

    Your decoration items are lovely. The alarm clock is so pretty.
    Sounds like you have a big project ahead of you. I love to redecorate so it’s fun and oh so satisfying to relax when it’s done.

  4. Cath 🇨🇦 says:

    So interesting to find another reader ( Jeannine) also picks up tea towels when travelling…a momento that’s very packable and useful once home. This fall, I came home with a couple from Cornwall and London, and previously (2019) Amsterdam … but must remember to use them since my treasures are kept in a ‘travel box’ in my linen cupboard.
    My ‘kitchen gift’ to myself in December was a set of two tea towels and a matching cook’s apron with amaryllis blooms and winter greens… so cheery ! My actual amaryllis was in bloom , so all was in harmony … and, I remembered to redeem points collected at my local shop😀

    1. I will have to look for tea towels on my travels. What a great reminder of the fun you have

  5. Summer? Are you a summer? Do tell!

  6. Tea towels in black-and-white buffalo check! They work as placemats, runners, and as art on appliance handles. Seasonless…with autumn decor, winterscapes, then cheery spring palettes (pastels, lime green and bunny collection). I also stack three towels into an oversize pasta bowl for visual continuity.

    1. I’m stealing your idea! Thanks!

  7. Pink Azalea says:

    We moved into our New Mexico home a year ago. We’ve re-worked some of our furniture. We’ve been able to use a lot of what we already had. I am working on a re-fresh of our dining table. Have just started shopping, but am leaning toward straw woven placemats, green linen napkins, and lighter green glasses. Our plates are solid white and I didn’t want to replace those. As for clothes, I am already looking toward spring and have ordered a jacket from Talbots you showed and a pink lipstick. I really appreciate you providing constant inspiration and variety. It really helps.

    1. Your colors sound so fun! Our old white plates are finally looking very worn out so I may have the fun of replacing some:). They’re so darn sturdy!

  8. Your post really hits home today. I frequently forget the discount code, usually right after I hit “place order”.
    Aaarrrggghhh….. Paper coupons at the grocery store; I find those in my pocket/purse after I’ve unloaded the groceries at home. Again, aarrgghh !! Oh well, there are worse things.
    I, too, enjoy ironing. I like the quiet time while doing this task. It provides immediate gratification after seeing freshly pressed articles.
    LOVE that mother of pearl clock !

    1. I can not tell you how many times I forget to add it. I wish stores would automatically apply them.

  9. Yes, I still call them tea towels. I love these and may replace some of my worn out ones with these! Last year we moved into an older property with a large yard and my husband bought some chickens. They are now ‘his ladies’! We are waiting do some remodelling but due to supply chain issues, I’m not sure when that will be this year. In the meantime we are making do and working with a kitchen and bathrooms that have seen better days.😢 Love the vanity!

    1. Oh I love that! His ladies:). This bathroom was the pits so I’m not surprised I took no “before” pictures.

  10. I really like the tea towels at William Sonoma, they last! Love your new vanity and I love those candle holders. You know what I think must have completely gone out of style? Tablecloths! I can never find any. We finally got our couch delivered after 8 months!

    1. I love using tablecloths. I wonder why no one bothers with them anymore.

      1. Mel Walsh says:

        I use cotton tablecloths every day and never iron them. The trick is to find some that don’t need ironing. Yes, some are wrinkled around the edges, but I don’t care. I love the color and the patterns, especially of those made in India. I often use a tabletop protector underneath the tablecloth. There are polyester tablecloths but so many are shiny and artificial looking, I don’t use them. My friend has a tablecloth made of polyester that looks just like real linen but she doesn’t remember what online store she got them from. Bottom line: am in love with the color and the patterns and don’t care about wrinkled edges.

  11. I enjoyed reading this article – a little bit of everything. Sadly, the Loft links did not open. Maybe it’s something on my end?
    I am re-doing part of my kitchen- adding more cabinets, a window bench with storage, an island, and more cabinets for china in the dining area/room. I love the tea towels, and have already added some to my “cart”.
    Have a wonderful day!

    1. You kitchen plans sound wonderful. Window benches are a favorite.

  12. I’ve always been a sucker for the big close out clothing sales. But, the new me (ha) is fighting the urge to dive in. My goal to be more intentional is really up against the wall!
    One item that just flopped into my cart is a set of hooks that attach to the back of my suv headrest. It will allow me to hand various items there for quick access when traveling. It’s a set of four hooks and super affordable! I have recently added a trash bin to my vehicle also. It sits right within reach in the back seat area. An easy peasy fix to keep things tidy!

    1. I need a trash can in my car:). How I collect so many things to throw out in my car is amazing.

    2. Same here, but my New Year’s resolution is to shop with more intention as well. NOT browsing the “sale” section is one of my strategies for a low buy year. Still, the temptation is great…

  13. We finally ordered our living room sofa and chairs from Pottery Barn with a new rug but no sales unfortunately. Still need to pick up shower curtain and towels for guest room. I do love Pottery Barn candles with their universal remote. Have a great day.

    1. Our couch is from Pottery Barn too. I really like a lot of their things. I hadn’t remembered those remotes. So handy!

  14. I truly enjoyed your blog today. From seeing clothing styled together to the flickering candles, tea towels, and the ironing board cover. My souvenir purchase whenever we travel is tea towels. I like to purchase functional items and the tea towels always remind me of our trip. I went to the Laundress web site and was interested in the Ironing Water. After reading the description I thought it would be lovely to have a hint of something when you iron cotton and would be nice on pillow cases. No, I never iron my sheets. 🙂

    1. I missed that! I’ve stayed at hotels with ironed sheets and wow, what a treat.

  15. Yes, tea towels. Someone else may have renamed them but I didn’t. 🙂 I don’t need much at the moment but towels from time to time and anything that freshenes up a bathroom or kitchen counter. Since downsizing, I still have way too many things (*ahem* clothes) so a little obessed with organization.

    1. Every room I walk into needs organizing at this point so I’m constantly busy.