What Makes You Happy This Fall?

Do you have a “take everywhere”, “can’t leave home without”, item you know will serve you well and make you happy this fall?

There are very few things that fit that bill for me. But wait. On second thought, there are a few.

  1. A great handbag, check.
  2. A great wallet that gives me joy every time I pull it from my purse, check.
  3. A great new lipstick color, I’ve decided I adore, check.

Then it hit me, it’s going to be the lip color. I use it every day!

For the past few months, I’ve been replacing my non-organic makeup and skin care, for healthier, kinder options. The carcinogens in most lipsticks would make your toes curl. And then there’s the whole cruelty-free part that’s been eating away at my conscience.

What Makes You Happy This fall?
Lousy selfie of me wearing my favorite new lip color.


My new favorite lipstick is by Bite Beauty. They’re handcrafted in downtown Toronto, Canada. The brand was created with the guiding philosophy, “you eat what you put on your lips, so your lipstick should be good for you”.


What Makes You Happy This Fall?
This “Bouquet” is a soft and pretty, peachy-pink.

Check out their different formulations and colors. Mine is Matte but they make lots of wonderful products. I’m also crazy about their Line and Define Lip Primer. It feels and tastes so good:).

What Makes You Happy This Fall?
Bite Beauty Lip Primer

Dumping all these “luxury” cosmetics has some upsides and downsides. I look in the trash can and see $$$$ wasted.

What I will miss:

The tiny thrill of feeling pampered and luxurious when I whip out a Chanel, Dior or Tom Ford lipstick.

It’s now a shallow feeling. I would rather own a vintage Chanel jacket or Dior handbag. I just haven’t found them, in my budget, yet.

What I won’t miss:

  • The hazardous chemicals seeping into my body.
  • Knowing I’m using a product that animals were harmed or killed during their testing process.

Thanks for reading and have a great day!

Do you read the ingredients in your makeup or skin care?


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  1. I like this post Jennifer, I need to look at some of the ingredients in the cosmetics I wear I think often it isnt something we think about. Love the color of the lipstick!

    Thanks for linking up with MRS Linkup
    jess xx

  2. Jennifer,

    I’ve read your blog for so long but haven’t posted. This lip color and post pushed me to do just that! I love it, and tomorrow I will be stopping into Sephora on my way home from getting my roots touched up…

    PS Love the sunnies in your selfie

    1. Thanks Cheryl. I spotted the sunnies on a woman at Whole Foods and tracked them down to an online discount source :)Try all the different formulations at Bite. They make quite a few.

  3. D. Dupzyk says:

    I’m so happy to see something published about the poisons and toxins in our cosmetics! If you want to see something that will curl your toes try http://www.ewg.org. It’s Environmental Working Groups website–go to their “cosmetic database” and plug in anything you put on your body (lotion, shampoo, makeup, soap) and it will give you a rating on how toxic it is. (I’m not affiliated with them). It’s free and it may just save your life.

  4. I’ve been using organic skincare and color for awhile now. Urban Retreat, Francie Willis’s place in Houston, has her line there, France’ like Fran=chay. Totally recomment these items, a bit more expensive but no chemicals. WooHoo. Great post, Jennifer. I’m so late to the party, please forgive me, just spinning wheels trying to get my life uncluttered and organized. It’s difficult. Sending love…..

    1. Thanks Susan! I’m loving the softer contrast and the Bite line honestly tastes fabulous.

  5. Even the addition of a new lipstick can add some flair to the new season, Jen. This shade is so pretty on you! I have used Arbonnne products over the years for this very concern of chemicals getting into my skin. I do stray sometimes and have only a few healthy options of lipsticks in my bag right now. I’ll definitely try ‘Bite Beauty’. This is such a great reminder of what we put on and in our bodies–and I’m a lipstick junkie!
    Have a great day my friend!
    xx, Heather

    1. I’m a lipstick junkie too!! My face just disappears without some. I’ve heard about Arbonne but never tried it. I need to check it out.
      Let’s talk soon!!

  6. I love Bite beauty products and have several lip colors too. I really like that shade on you. I’ve done that before too – poked my eye with mascara wand. Ouch it hurts!

    1. I have a few other colors I want to try in their other formulas! Such a great find! Thanks Carolann.

  7. I love your new lip color – so pretty and perfect with everything! Happy Tuesday!

  8. This is so funny. Well, not funny but did you read my post today? Now I have to go out and check on the Burberry lipstick and how it’s tested and made. I have to admit that I love little luxury makeup products, but your point is taken! And it’s a good point. Thanks.

    1. It’s so easy to feel pampered by a “luxury” brand. Sooo easy. Any product imported to China is tested on animals.

  9. What a beautiful color on you! I usually shy away from peachy tints on my lips- but this one I would try. Sadly, I do not read my makeup labels, but really know I need too. Thanks for the gentle reminder.

    1. I’ve never worn a peachy tint before now. I’m such a warm phobe. But this one is surprisingly ok on me. Soft and easy to wear.

  10. You look gorgeous. It’s always fun to have some new shades for lips and eyes to play with. Happy Fall.

  11. I love my makeup line, and skin products I look for cruelty-free and natural ingredients. My husband is a great researcher and has found good skin products online. But lipstick? I’d love to find a new color. I want it to look natural yet add a little color and without all those chemicals. Hmm.

    1. You’re lucky your husband does the research for you. It’s funny, but no one in Sephora knew if this was cruelty free or not. I had to research it with my phone to get the answer before I would purchase it.

  12. I am increasingly reading ingredients on cosmetics, thanks to my friend Nath on Beautycalypse.com, who specializes in research and informing readers about “green” and organic personal care and beauty products.

    Such a great reminder that we are “eating” our lipsticks — and ought to know what we’re ingesting!

  13. Jeniifer, Great post about something I care about too. Just started using Beauty Counter which is terrific. All safe and they have stricter regulations for what can go in their products than even Whole Foods. So far I love the lipstick, eye pencils and concealer. I am going to order more. So far they do not make mascara as the founder cannot make one without bad chemicals thus far..They are working it. Do you know the U.S. hasn’t passed a law regulating ingredients in personal care products since 1938? Also only 10% of the 10,000 ingredients used in personal care products have safety data.. (From the site.) Also it disturbs me to no end that we are the only country in the Western World that says a beauty product or food ingredient is okay until proven unsafe, unlike most count tries where safety has to proven first.. Scary. Read more about the Beauty Counter here. I am going to write more about them. I’ll check out Bite too. Love that color on you! xoxo Kim

    1. I haven’t heard of Beauty Counter. Thanks for the heads up. It’s really disgusting how lax our government is about informing and protecting us!!!! We have to be our own advocates.

  14. I never heard of this brand, but like it . A lot. Thanks. I am a big lipstick wearer. I reapply several times a day. I jokingly say lipstick is the real reason women live longer than men, all that glycerin coating the arteries. It just better be organic products doing the coating!

    1. I’m convinced we live longer because we are smarter:) Organic all the way for me. Food and product!

  15. Sandra Sallin says:

    I love the idea of a new lipstick to start each season. I don’t think I will ditch all my makeup. But I try not to buy makeup that has been tested on animals.Good for you!

  16. Oh, this is just fantastic that you used the BIO platform to raise awareness about such an important topic. One that somehow still tends to ride under the radar, probably because the big brands do their best to make sure we keep it that way!

    Do you read Nath at Beautycalypse? http://beautycalypse.com/ If not, you are in for a real treat as this is her field of expertise and she is brilliant to boot. You might have seen the natural beauty makeover that she just did at Daily Plate of Crazy: http://dailyplateofcrazy.com/2015/10/05/makeup-makeover-beautiful-and-ethical/

    1. I did see her on DPOC! She’s doing us all a great service so we can make intelligent choices.

  17. Another great post. I look forward to these monthly posts from you ladies. I actually should have said, another insightful post because I really learned quite a bit of new and revealing secrets about my cosmetics. Got me thinking, my friend. By the way, great lip color on you.

    1. Thanks Trina! Check out the line. They have a lip product for every woman.

  18. I tried YOUR CANADIAN BITE make up when you wrote about it the last time.I loved it until my skin had a reaction to it!I had to DUMP the lipsticks I had purchased because I got dry dry skin.I LOVED THEIR DARK RED COLOR!!!!
    But what is IMPORTANT TO YOU is you have found your color and BRAND!WE ALL CANNOT BE WEARING THE SAME THING!!!
    SO, you have your lipstick and I have MY BOOT!

    1. I think I got the better end of the stick with my lipstick vs your boot! I hope it come off soon. Xxx

  19. Jennifer, You have guilted me and I will start looking for new ways to wear makeup from now on, (well for one thing I can hardly even read the tiny print on cosmetics) no excuse though.

    For me a beautiful scarf, come fall and I love my India Hicks Madison May handbag, it is a cross body, and I love having my hands free.

    The Arts by Karena

    1. I think they make the print microscopic on purpose! I snap a photo then enlarge it. Otherwise I can not read it either.

  20. Great post….something we all need to consider! Btw, love your sunglasses…..source, please?

    1. Thanks Brenda. The sunglasses are Armani. I just loved the frame color.

  21. I need to check out that line, since I live there.

    Honestly I rarely look at the ingredients in my skin care products. I should though. I truly dislike animal testing.


  22. I love bite beauty! I’d have to add a scarf to your list; In the fall and winter I can’t leave home without it! But I am with you – the older I get, the more I rely on lipstick to carry the day

  23. A BRILLIANT selfie Jennifer ….. you’re a braver woman than I !!!!!! ….. and a great post. It has got me thinking that I must have a clear out of my make-up too. I’m not a big lipstick wearer { just a touch of lipgloss } but I do go heavy handed with the mascara !! I must check what I’m using.
    Re Dior, Chanel and Tom Ford , I don’t think that they are any better than some cheaper brands …. They just give their names to the products and I often think that they are taking us all for a ride, don’t you ?!!
    Have a lovely week Jennifer. XXXX

    1. I don’t think they’re any better either. Most are made by the same manufacturers who just slap on different labels.

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