Personal Styling Service

Do you love the way you look?

Do you know how to put outfits together which flatter your unique shape and coloring?

Do you feel confident you look your best?

If not, I can help. With years of experience as a trained and certified image consultant, I know what does and doesn’t work and can help you dress with confidence.

I get a lot of emails from women who would like to know more than they learn from my blog posts. They want help that is specific for their body, clothes, and needs. I have a solution. I now offer personalized styling services customized from the comfort of your home or the dressing room – when arranged ahead of time.

How does it work? There a several ways that we can work together.

Get my help via email

  • You email me one or two photo’s of a look or outfit you want help with. It may feel “off” to you and you don’t know how to improve it. You don’t know what shoes will work best or if the pants are too short. It could be an outfit you’ve worn for years and need fresh ideas for how to wear it.
  • I’ll email you back with advice and suggestions for how to make the outfit look best on you. I’ll explain where to change the proportion, color, and fit of your outfit so it flatters your shape and looks fabulous on you. If you need a different type item to look your best, I will tell you.

Get Help via FaceTime

  • You can bring me into your closet or clothes shopping via FaceTime. We can go over what you have and what you need to round out your look. I’ll give you pointers and advice about how things look on you and what works for your silhouette, coloring and lifestyle.

Example of Email Personal Styling

This is the photo emailed to me with no questions attached. She agreed to let me share her session with you.

She received back…

This is a lovely outfit and the vibrant colors that flatter your coloring.

Recommendations for this outfit

Because the booties are high on your ankle it shortens the look of your leg. I suggest you shorten the skirt several inches to a spot where your leg narrows.

If you prefer your skirt this length it could be improved with a shoe with a lower vamp. Showing the top of your foot will lengthen the look of your legs. The shoe color is perfect.
*I’d shorten the skirt 2+ inches.

The top is long and it’s ruching (folds) at the waist draws the eye horizontally at your hip line. Since you have a narrow waist, a better proportion would be to fold the hemline up and under to shorten the top or have altered. Having it ruche at your waistline will emphasizes how tiny it is and help lengthen the look of your legs.

The necklace (tiny and hard to see) interferes with the lacing detail at the neckline. I’d skip a necklace and add larger earrings to draw attention to your face.

A brighter lipstick will also draw the eye up to your face and would help balance the strong colors of the outfit. ( she was wearing pale lipstick)

Ideas for next time

Try the petite department. Their selection can be limited but it often saves money on alterations. Your nipples do show through your top so consider a bra with more coverage under this type of knit fabric.


Here are some styling tips to get you started…







I’m excited to share these new styling services for you and look forward to helping you soon.

Contact me here and let’s get started today.



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