Look of the Week: Pezzo Scarf

Artful Home has their new Holiday collection out, and it’s a beauty! As a Brand Ambassador for them, I’m fortunate to be able to showcase several pieces and share them with you. This collection has so many great pieces I had a hard time choosing. I finally decided to let my emotions choose and went with the prettiest color I saw.

I love to collect and wear beautiful scarves. Most of my silk ones are woven squares or rectangles which have a classic feel. This is anything but classic and is simply beautiful. I have an upcoming post on how i tie and wear my scarves

Jennifer Connolly of A Well Styled Life wearing Deborah Pezzo scarf from Artful Home

I chose this stunning Jennifer Connolly wearing Artful Home garments

This Pezzo Scarf comes in 5 different colorways. I struggled to choose the prettiest color for me. With my cool toned skin, it was between the Fushcia, Jade, and Blue. Since I’ve had my eye on Jennifer Connolly of A Well Styled Life wearing Pezzo Scarf from Artful Home

The silk organza background has over 400 pieces of hand dyed silk sewn on to it for a three-dimensional look that’s nothing short of dreamy. Pezza Scarf on A Well Styled LifeThe sewn on pieces cluster more heavily at the ends and then spread out on the portion that wraps around your neck. Jennfer Connolly of A Well Styled Life wearing silk Prezzo Scarf from Artful HomeI also like it wrapped twice with the ends tucked in like a cowl. This weightless scarf adds such a pretty pop of color that goes beautifully with all my neutrals. It gives a fluttery feminine look without being over the top and coordinates nicely into my tailored look.Jennifer Connolly of A Well Styled Life wearing Prezza Scarf from Artful Home

Wearing- Jacket | Scarf | Jeans

Jennifer Connolly wearing Artful Home

I love how it fills a jacket neckline and really brightens Jennifer Connolly wearing Prezzo Scarf from Artful Home

Artful Home carries only items that are designed and made by artists living in North America and many are handmade in home studios! I love supporting artists.

Are you a fan of scarves? Do you choose them for the color alone? Let me know in the comments.

Thanks for reading and have a great day!

A huge thank you to Artful Home for providing this scarf and sponsoring this post; all opinions are my own.


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  1. I love your shoes. Any info on them? I have such a hard time finding comfortable and pretty shoes

  2. I’ve never heard of Artful Home but am intrigued! This is what I love about blogs: all the fabulous sharing of great finds and information. Off to dig around. Thanks!

  3. Julie from Melbourne,Australia says:

    Wow!So beautiful and it looks gorgeous to wear.You’re very lucky to be their ambassador and you wear it well.

  4. Beautiful scarf…Looks lovely with your hair and coloring…
    Now, how is Lucy?…I loved the picture of Lucy eating chicken from your hand..I remember the soft little tongue as my boy ate from my hand….Such memories to savor and to store…Best to both of you…Deede

    1. She’s feeling better but not out of the woods. They’ve reapplied a fentanyl patch for pain and replaced her bandage. I’m still carrying her everywhere and hope to hear something soon. I’m just so glad her pain is controlled. The culture revealed no infection which is very good!

      1. You continue to be her Uber ride…Bless her little heart…She is a fighter…Holding good thoughts….Deede

      2. Thank you Deede. We now know what it is and the fight begins and we are getting her Interferon.

  5. Beautiful scarf that is stunning on you!

  6. That scarf is so lovely, and a stunning color on you! Fantastic!

  7. OH, that’s a beautiful scarf!! I love it with the white top AND the black jacket. Great look!

    I love scarves and would say they’re a bit of an addiction. Colors and textures grab me and I’m often surprised by which ones make it into regular rotation and which are worn only randomly. They’re also a great souvenir when traveling. I just bought four of them in Italy…all very different from one another. We did carry on and they are pretty easy to carry home. It’s gotten colder here in the Midwest and they provide such a cozy feel in addition to a pop of color and texture.

    1. Lucky you!! They sound fabulous. Scarves make perfect souvenirs because they’re compact and will always remind you of your trip. Smart lady!

  8. Love scarves also. I think @artfulhome has the most creative ones around. I can see scarves in my future. I also love those @artfulhome Runaround Sue jeans. I’ve been wearing them so often on my trip. I’m going to buy them in black also. Amazingly comfortable and sleek.

    1. I need these jeans in black too! I wear these so often. Have a safe trip!

  9. You are lucky to be an ambassador for Artful Home. The have beautiful clothing and accessories, but the prices are beyond my budget.

    1. I feel very lucky. They carry varying price points and for an investment piece like a scarf you’ll wear for many years, this one is a great value. Not as expensive as things I’ve seen at department stores and so unique.

  10. Kahtleen O'Brien says:

    Oh my goodness! That scarf is so beautiful on you! And I also love Artful Home. The only problem – I love eveything they have and I don’t have a big enough budget. But that scarf – I might have to treat myself.

    1. Thank you Kathleen. It is very affordable to treat yourself to!! I am amazing st it’s price based on the amount of work that goes into it.

  11. Judith Dempsey says:

    Light weight scarves are so easy to work with and make more sense. This scarf is a beauty with the color and texture. I love how you always rock jeans. I was beginning to think I wasn’t putting enough effort into my style with always wearing jeans, but like you, I always accessorize to make each jean outfit unique and never boring. I enjoy your blog being that it is for real women.


    1. I agree, they’re so easy to wear. The soft silk is malleable and doesn’t loose its beauty when scrunched up. Jeans are a big part of my everyday wardrobe so accessories are key to keeping it from looking like I didn’t bother with my appearance. Sounds like you’ve got it down with style! Bravo Judith!

  12. Barbara Lembo says:

    Love the scarf! I too would have a hard time choosing. Wish Artful Home would show all the product color ways in full size pictures, and not just a few. I noticed both your scarf choices did not permit all color eats in full size). Regardless, lovely scarves. May need to put at least one on my Christmas list.

    1. Sometimes the website does show all edits. I’m betting it was difficult to do with this scarf because of all the variations in colors sewn on. It’s a real beauty!

      1. I hate making comments with my phone. Always changes words. That should be color ways, not color eats. Geesh.

      2. Lol. I do way too many things on my phone and have some strange results too! Ha e a great day, Barbara!

  13. The colors in this scarf are just right for you! Beautiful choice.

  14. I love, love, love scarves! I just purchased this beauty in Fushia. I wanted blue but it has sold out! Looking forward to your ideas on the different ways to wear them! Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful artistry!

    1. My total pleasure Lee! All the colors are gorgeous. I did find the blue is back available! The fuchsia will be glorious on you too. Xx

  15. The blue scarf is so lovely, really eye-appealing. I clicked on the website but could not get the images to load.

    1. Oh no Linda! They’re loading from my end. Maybe a slow server. It’s certainly worth trying again. The colors are glorious!

  16. This blue is amazing on you! Such a great scarf for your wardrobe. I am sitting here in a tunic by Planet from Artful Home. You are right…they have incredible pieces which distinguish personal style. Lovely look.

    1. Thanks Pam! Artful Home has the most amazing pieces! I love them. Now I want this scarf in the fuschia:)

  17. beth byrd says:

    That scarf is stunning. It looks wonderful with your black jacket!

    1. Thanks Beth! I loved it with the white, but when I put on my jacket, it just popped!!

  18. Scarves are my trademark! I love how they add interest and volume to me! I have long neck and slender build and this helps balance me out.

    1. Lucky you Jill! I’ve always wished for a long graceful beck. Scarves would be fabulous on you!