Randomness and Ballgowns

Randomness and Ballgowns
We had a bit of a hot streak last week, so rather than taking the time to reorganize my entire wardrobe, I just switched my shoes boxes around. Why would I want to dive into the whole closet clean out when the sun was shining?
And in truth, living in California, most of my clothes are multi seasonal.

I unearthed these cute little, unworn, espadrilles I’d bought during my trip to Bordeaux…two summers ago. These cuties were lost in my closet because I don’t have the box for them. There was no room in my carry on luggage for the box, so I left it at the shop.

I am not a fan of pattern, but do have a fondness for stripes and polka dots so when these shoes screamed “buy me”, I did as I was told.

All my shoes are stored in their original boxes, with Polaroids of them on the side…so I can spot what’s inside, at a glance. Yes, yes…I really need to get other hobbies.

So since these shoes had no box, they had no proper place to live in my closet. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Yesterday I met Elizabeth, who everyone knows as Contessa for lunch and a nice chat. As I drove up to park, there she was looking cheery and sunny in her bright yellow linen, yellow hat and bright blue shoes.
In contrast, I was in my standard vampire garb. I love my new Panama Straw hat from the Montecristi Panama Hat Store. I know it’ll be one of my go-to hats this summer because it offers such great coverage, and you guessed it…it’s black.

After a lovely lunch at the Blackhawk Grill we wandered down the shopping center to have a cappuccino. It was a warm, sunny, gorgeous day, so we sat outside. You may notice I’m not hiding under an umbrella, but I did manage to snag the seat in the shade! This is a lousy picture because our hats were shading us, but here we are in stark color contrast!

She came bearing a gift for me!! I love getting gifts and must admit, jewelry is one of my favorite kind of gifts. It’s right up there above perfume and flowers. Thank you for my lovely bracelets Elizabeth!!

I’m reading this interesting book… a Matter of FASHION, 20 Iconic Items that Changed the History of Style. Since I’m in the mood for light reading, and this hits the spot perfecty.
We’re heading out tonight to an event at Blackhawk Museum which I’m confident will bear no resemblance to the recent glamorous event at a The Metropolitan Museum of Art. 
And on a totally random note, Naomi found this hilarious photo from that night.

One comment said “because celebrities are human too”!
I don’t know about you, but I struggle to keep my things from touching the floor in every bathroom.
This just makes me laugh and cringe at the same time.  Where are these ladies’ people? 
You know…their assistants, helpers and dress holders?
Reading anything fun these days? I’m looking for suggestions.

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  1. Honey Bee
    April 17, 2019 / 7:18 pm

    P.G. Wodehouse is always fun. My favourite character is Jeeves, the quintessential butler. Whenever my husband heard me laughing while I read, he said, “You must be reading Wodehouse!”

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