Restyling a Mannequin- Satin Midi Skirt

Happy Wednesday ladies. I’m glad so many of you found yesterday’s post valuable. I worried that it would be hard to follow and my husband said it was boring. Men! That’s why I buy his clothes:). I will continue to do more of these types of posts, now that I know you like them.

I came across this mannequin yesterday and decided to restyle it. It took me a long time to find some options and in the end, I failed to create a look I would wear so I’d love to hear how you would style this slip skirt.


Many of you may like this combo and some will not. Please share your styling ideas so we can inspire each other.


Here’s what I tried.

As I look at what I came up with, I prefer what the mannequin is wearing. Go figure. The truth is, while I like the look of this type of skirt on others, it’s not for me.

How would you style a slip skirt like this?

J. JILL is giving 30% off with the code JOY30 and here’s what I bought yesterday. These ponte leggings in Espresso heather to wear with this V-neck sweater tunic in driftwood heather with my new Eileen Fisher knit flats in taupe. Talk about a low contrast outfit! I’ll have to add some interest with accessories and texture.

Thanks for reading ladies and remember to wear what makes you feel confident.


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  1. Nope just does not flatter you but may I say you have really good feet! no bunions and nice straight toes.

    1. Thank you. I’ve had my right bunion fixed twice!! Not a fun surgery.

  2. I think it’s fine for others but I really don’t wear skirts much. I like the colors together but I think I’d go for a black v neck blouse here and a dressier shoe, maybe a kitten heel and perhaps a string of pearls. This is my contrast level I figured out from yesterdays post. I look forward to more like that.

  3. Linda Mansker says:

    I wouldn’t wear the shirt. I’m short 5’2”. Personally I don’t care for any of the options. It does look best on mannequin. I feel that type of skirt only looks good on thin tall women.

    1. Susan McBrine says:

      I agree .doesn’t work onshort

  4. Hi – I actually love the skirt! I think you could style it a bunch of ways, like with a cropped boxy turtleneck sweater and boots, or a knotted tee and sneakers, or sexy with strappy heels and a fitted Jackie O button up sweater. Personally I think the key is to have the top a bit shorter so you see the flow of the skirt. Size up in the skirt so it fits lower on the hip.

    Nothing too long, that makes it look frumpy.
    My 2 cents!

    1. I agree, size up!! This one is too snug for me

    2. Yes i like the skirt but a shorter sweater, maybe white would be nice

  5. I have a light toned gold and also a leopard print satin slip skirt and wear both with thin heel knee high boots with pointed toes and a lighter weight black cashmere sweater that is straight and hits at top of thigh. 3/4 sleeve. This also looks great belted. I think the satin needs to be accentuated with other luxe fabrics but needs the contrast in texture that the sweater brings.

    1. Your styling sounds fabulous!

    2. I agree with Carol that this skirt needs a top with a similar luxury material (a bit of shine, perhaps). Imogen Lamport refers to this as a matching level of refinement.

  6. Leslie Greaves Radloff says:

    Skirts like this have a vintage, Norma Shearer or Jean Harlow, look to them, so first off the sequined sweater is a bit jarring. A satin camie and evening bag along with strappy sandals would be better. Bias cut fabric looks great on those who can pull it off. I’ve passed that stage in life needing good foundation garments and warmth. But if you can pull it off, go for it.

  7. The skirt has a strong colour even though the fabric is fluid. I would probably use a bling type top in a cream to give it a lift and balance Maybe flirty shoes.

  8. Purely in my imagination, I would add black knee high, tall heeled pointed toe boots, and a black fitted blazer belted with pushed up sleeves, a YSL black cross body bag, a black felt hat, black glasses, to my imaginary 5’9” tall frame, with long hair. In real life I’d keep looking.. fun to play though.

  9. I do like the sweater and the skirt but not together.
    The sweater is so comfy looking maybe with fancy jeans in off-white or gray.
    I like the skirt with a softer top blouse and a cute jacket, jewelry or scarf.
    The color is great on you. Makes your eyes real blue.
    Thanks for the info yesterday. Caught it too late to comment.
    It was very helpful.

  10. Sandra Anderson says:

    No, no, no… the whole outfit!! 😳😍

  11. My dress days are past, but pretending I’m back in those days….I would try a glossy blouse, like poet sleeve type, maybe a front tie style, or a tunic style that a chain belt would work with. Same color if it could be found, if not a bright white….strappey party heels, or at least kitten heel pumps….I don’t care for booties with skirts or dresses, the gap breaks the sight line .

  12. Pink Azalea says:

    This silhouette would not look good on me. I think it would require too much fussing with undergarments to hide “imperfections”. A short wrap sweater in a pretty color would look better to me than the dark color shown – like the right shade of deep green, yellow, or deep red, or even a matching teal. Thanks Jennifer. These exercises help to educate the eye even if the look is not right for me.

    1. Thanks for sharing you ideas. A short wrap sweater would be perfect with this skirt!!

  13. I think it takes a PERFECT figure on a very tall women wearing 4″ heels to pull this look off. Photos the I have seen of women wearing these skirts have looked best in my opinion when paired with sweater that are not boxy. I could not wear this skirt but have seen others look fabulous in these skirts.

  14. Not a fan of any of these outfits. I think the skirt would look good only on a super slim body without any curves. The sheen of the skirt accentuates every little bump and bulge!!!

    1. Yikes! The satin slip midi skirt would be better with a dressier sequined top, that just comes to the waist….worn with glitzy high heeled sandles. It lends itself to a look that is a cocktail or dinner party outfit, rather than to a sweater and boots kind of style…in my opinion!

    2. It sure does:)A slip is mandatory here.

  15. Joann Czarny says:

    I think the skirt is so pretty! I would keep the top simple and less bulky, maybe a silk blend crew neck from J. Crew in black. The sweater on the mannequin would be nice with dressy flare jeans and the booties pictured. A few layered long necklaces would bring it together. Dressy tall boots would look nice. I really want to get on board with booties and skirts, but really feel that a very thin leg is the only way to pull off this trend.

    1. I love you’re styling ideas. I need to get my tall boots down from the top of the closet.

  16. Maybe a cami with a leather jacket.

    1. That’s a cool idea!

  17. I like the skirt but don’t know how it would look on me. It seems like it’s difficult to find something that coordinates with the texture of the skirt. I like the color, though.

  18. The color and fabric of the skirt are really lovely. It’s very breezy. I’d want the top to be as light and flowy as the bottom. Going top heavy and dark doesn’t feel right.

    A very simple solid pale color top in a similar fabric. Accessories like a long necklace with small beads or long drop earrings, or even a long thin silky scarf. Definitely heels, even low ones, so it swishes.

    1. I agree about the heels:). This skirt is so feminine

  19. Betsy Durant says:

    I like this outfit but could not wear it. I think these skirts are lovely on tall, thin people.

  20. Gini Berry says:

    I think with the right top the skirt would be stunning! I agree that what you found does nothing for you or the skirt!

  21. The skirt is gorgeous! I would style it with a 3/4 sleeve cropped lacy top in the same color and keep the sexy booties. The skirt is so simple and light looking that a bulky sweater doesn’t work with it.

    1. I like the skirt and booties and think it might look good with a statement or sparkly belt and simple blouse, but only on some one very thin and very tall. At 5’2” I can’t wear these types of skirts.
      Since you shop for your husband, would you consider once a season giving us tips on that? You’ve helped my style, now I need to upgrade my husband’s style too!

      1. That’s a fun idea

    2. I thought the sweater fabric was heavy with the skirt too which is why I tried alternatives.

  22. Oh, I cannot begin to tell how many times I tried to make a certain garment work for me! The mirror doesn’t lie and for me, it’s been a lifetime of educating myself about making solid, smart investments in my wardrobe. I continually see styles and colors that I love but realize they simply do not fit my confidence/comfort zone today. It’s the same with hair styles! All the spray in the world won’t make my hair look like some styles that suit others so easily.

  23. I really enjoy this series, Jennifer. I find it helpful to see an outfit styled differently. I also prefer the look on the mannequin better. Like you, I like this look on others, but it is not me.

  24. Donna Dobbins says:

    I loved the sweater !!! The slip skirt is not my style.
    I would put on wide leg black slacks to go with that beautiful top …heels
    Then I’m ready to party !!

  25. I like the mannequin look the best, too. I love skip skirts and slip dresses – the drape, the softness, so womanly. Sadly slip skirts and dresses do not like me!

  26. I like the mannequin look the best, too. I love skip skirts and slip dresses – the drape, the softness, so womanly. Sadly slip skirts and dresses do not like me. Too long and too clingy.

  27. Janet Triplett says:

    First, a tall thin willowy figure. Keep the skirt, add a lovely cream silk blouse with a gorgeous wide belt and red or buff suede high heels . Pearls or gold earrings and bracelets!

    1. I love the vision of your outfit! Thanks for sharing

    2. This skirt leaves me cold as do other satin slip skirts. I think a bias cut satin dress would be better. I would prefer a more substantial fabric, one that would not wrinkle. I am no help on how to style them as one will never end up in my closet.

  28. I agree. Don’t care for the outfit, as the skirt would not fit my short, stubby shape. Too bad all the mannequins are 5’10” and a size 4!! Of the two outfits you tried, I like the gray form-fitting sweater best – the other one gives no shape at all and looks like a disaster. Perhaps a flow-y white blouse with a pretty scarf as a belt would help give shape? The original sequined sweater looks good and would be cute with dressy jeans or silk or velvet pants. Or even a shorter, form-fitting black denim skirt with tights and boots. Sometimes you wonder what thought they put into dressing these mannequins. I’m sure it is a corporate directive but seriously!

  29. SuzanneGabrielle says:

    Satin looks great on super slim figures which is not moi. I think the best example is the green gown Keira Knightley wore in Atonement. Also the daughters in Downton Abbey carry off that look well too.

  30. Paulette Levy says:

    I too think the mannequin looks just right.
    This skirt looks best (opinion) on a tall thin woman with virtually no curves. The sweater adds some curves. I’m not sure what else to pair on top of this vibrant skirt. It’s lovely but a person us limited to one outfit. I’ll read later to see what others come up with.

    1. The skirt in petite might suit your smaller frame better, the color is great on you.
      I think the shoes are what’s throwing me, are they the wrong height, should be a bit lower? Not sure.