Restyling This Mannequin- It’s Not Pretty

I think today’s mannequin falls into the category of you win some, you lose some. I saw a disconnect between this skirt, sweater, and booties but nothing I tried helped, at least on me.

The fact that I had a hard time even getting a clear picture of this mannequin should have made me move on:)


When you go into battle with something that will never look right on you, you’re just not going to win. A brave woman knows when to admit defeat and I admit it here. My flat shoes aren’t much improvement over the booties, but at least they went with what I wore into the store.


To switch things up a bit, here’s what I see wrong with what I tried:)

The skirt is about 4″ too long for me. My shoes need to have a much lower throat so the top of my foot shows which would help my legs look longer. But hey, the color isn’t bad with the skirt.

The v-neck top on the left is too long and completely obliterates any chance I have of showing waist definition. The top on the right is too full in the shoulders for me and makes me look top-heavy with this thin, slim skirt. I love the jacket, but not with this skirt or either top.

Would you wear this skirt?


Have a great one ladies and remember there are some things that will just never look good on you so don’t waste your time. xo

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  1. Jennifer
    You did well. The first look is nice and I agree the skirt is too long for us shorter women. It would work with higher heels but my back would be killing me. To be honest I don’t care for animal prints for the main pieces I wear. Accessories here and there are as far as I go for animal anything.

  2. The outfit as shown would have looked great with my 20 year old self so would have tried to pull it off even though it does not look as good on my 60 year old self.

  3. The outfit is like a Chinese menu – one from each column (blue, black pattern, & brown) where no item goes with the other. I think the skirt is too long no matter your height. I’d try to correct with tall black boots. Then I’d add a long black sweater as you did, but leave it long and untucked and belt it high to draw attention upwards. You could do the same with a longer black jacket (again belted high). Maybe a silvertone belt would help? I wouldn’t wear any of this though: the awful look would keep me walking by what’s actually a pretty sweater.

  4. I think you looked great in the middle and far right picture. Because the top was dark, the shoulders and dress looked balanced to me. The shoes needed to be different. Maybe a wedge… not a bootie on your petite frame.
    I am tall so I would be able to wear bootie with the skirt. A short top does look best with the long skirt.

  5. I’m definitely not savvy on style….but I think the outfit on the left creates a taller slimmer line than the other two. I like the length on you (both skirt and top) with a wonderful pair of black taller boots. I have muscular large calves and skirts which hit mid calf look awful on me. Long skirt is ok with a shoe but definitely a boot at mid calf. Just a thought.

  6. The sweater with the skirt is a mistake mainly because the color seems a disconnect, as do the booties. The fabric pattern seems like a mass-manufactured batik. I love artisan batik but not as clothing on my body. That said, the dark sweater works with the skirt, and perhaps a white or cream(difficult to see actual colors), or a blouse worn outside as with sarong might also work. Length is problematic: this calls for tall boots or simple shoes in my book. But, all in all, probaby not a fall or winter option if you live on or north of the 45th parallel as I do.

  7. Even if you weren’t entirely satisfied with your styling results, your effort was a massive improvement over the original styling on the mannequin!

  8. I actually like your black shirt over this skirt. Yes, a different pair of shoes would help but I think your outfit on the left with the black shirt is the best!

  9. The skirt would like ok with a jean jacket and black booties. Maybe a black tshirt under the jacket. I’m not a fan of animal prints so this is styling for someone else.

  10. I actually think your shoes look better with the skirt than the short booties. I like a tall riding boot with that length of skirt. Maybe a black blazer over a black t-shirt or turtleneck, so the skirt is the item that stands out? Although, to be perfectly frank, I love the jacket more than the skirt so the solution may be to find a different skirt to go with the jacket?

      1. I like your idea. I am fine with the blue sweater as well. I just find with this particular skirt, the black is too predictable and safe. I am fine with either the booties or a tall boot.

  11. You had the right idea on the left. Match a sweater to the black in the skirt. Then match opaque tights to the sweater and booties. This is look could be taken a bit punk with black combat boots and an oversized casual black sweater.

    Instead, it looks like the merchandiser was trying to sell platform boots and puff-sleeve sweaters, whether or not it made sense in this context.

  12. Hi! I actually like the skirt. I would pair it with black knee high boots of any heel height, a fitted black turtleneck, and chunky jewelry. I don’t mind the jacket either….that would work with the boots on the bottom. Love your posts and look forward to them!

  13. Todays post is very helpful in an unanticipated way. All of us have had the same experience, you pair items that are all cute in a stand alone scenario but when paired it does not work. When you highlighted the details that were off- skirt too long, v neck too deep it was very educational. Thank you.

  14. I like the skirt and I like the sweater, but not together.
    The boots are clunky looking. Like your flats way better.
    The jacket and black top added to Miss Mannequin. Much classier.

  15. I would love this skirt for summer. I’d wear it with a back tee/tank and some strappy sandals.
    Bangles jingling on my wrist, black hoop earrings, bright red lips and I’m ready for lunch with the girls!!

  16. It’s a pretty outfit, and I’d wear it as is. I like the reptile print, the length of the skirt and how it isn’t too full. I already own a very similar sweater, and I have booties that would look nice with the skirt. Thanks for sharing.

  17. I would never wear this skirt or the boots. I don’t care for the print of the skirt and it’s just too long for me. The boots are too clunky and too young looking. I love the blue sweater though, would look great with jeans. Nice try Jennifer. You did the very best you could.

  18. There is a bit of a disconnect between the top and skirt. Some black needs to be on the top to pull the color throughout the whole outfit. A black scarf can work (short or longer length). Or a 24”-36” necklace with some black, green, yellow, and blue “gems” and matching or complimentary earrings will give a pulled together and finished long. I might change the ankle boots to about knee high black or tan boots.

  19. I love that jacket on you, Jennifer, and can see it with the black sweater and black jeans, plus boots with a little heel. The skirt is a “no go” for me – not an attractive print and the length would look terrible on me. You were brave to try to make that skirt work! Have a great day.

  20. Inverted triangle education day! I’m a petite shaped pear, so these shapes wouldn’t work on me. The items are too elongated, except the jacket. I like the blue sweater, it’s a pretty color.

  21. Hmmm. I’m not really seeing the disconnect here on the mannequin? I would wear everything just as is! I like how it’s NOT all matchy matchy. To my eye the skirt seems fresher paired as it is on the mannequin than with, say, a black turtleneck and black boots – which is how I probably would have styled the skirt had you just shown it to me by itself. While I’m not running out to purchase this outfit, it does give me some ideas for outfits from my own closet.

    1. I’m inclined to agree with Cola’s comments about not having everything matchy matchy. I was ok with this look until I got to the boots. I thought the sweater did compliment the skirt. Fun blog today!

  22. You may not have liked it, but I thought it was fine. Of course, if the wearer isn’t comfortable, what the rest of us think is immaterial. Agree with your top too long & shoe too heavy comments, but on me (tall, broad shouldered, but with a decent, but long waist) the middle look would have been good even with the booties.

  23. I would style this skirt with a fitted black turtleneck sweater and slim black sock booties. A great pair of hoop earrings and to top it off a short black leather bomber jacket.

  24. Skip the skirt. Too long for my short legs, don’t care for the pattern and am not a skirt person. The sweater on the mannequin looks ok though. Would go great with jeans or slacks. Thanks for being brave! Sometimes you have to try just to see if it would work out. And if not, you gave us a great lesson on what doesn’t work!

  25. I still hold onto my beliefs that midi length skirts look best with taller sleek-slim boots with a heel – either mid high heel or a kitten-ish heel. Short booties are trending I realize, but to my eye they don’t work with midi skirts.
    The rest of it is okay but I veer away from long skirts as my standard. I just don’t look great in most of them so leave them for those who do look good.

    1. Yes, yes yes! Tall boots with a heel- even a kitten heel with longer skirts. It even works for me at 4’11”! I think I’d try a gray thin sweater, tucked or gently bloused so that it hits at the waist
      Or just below. So there wouldn’t be such a contrast. Maybe with a gray boot instead of black? Never with the booties they showed!
      I love the blue sweater ( not with that skirt) does it come in petite?

      1. I am with you. I think pairing the skirt with black is too predictable. I like the contrast of a different color sweater and I think the blue works as well. I would just add a simple chain type necklace and earrings.

  26. I would get the skirt shortened to knee length, and then wear it with a black top, black tights and black shoes. 🤔 But perhaps it would be easier and cheaper to buy a shorter skirt. 😄