Faux Fur: The One That Got Away and the One I Kept

It’s no secret I am a huge fan of faux fur. I fondly remember the 3/4 swing, leopard print, faux fur coat I wore when my kids were young. It was a classic and for the life of me, I don’t know why I got rid of it. I’ve been trying to replace it for several years. And in my ongoing hunt, I’ve tried on a lot of furry coats.

Here’s a roundup of some great ones and the one I bought.

Faux Fur Jackets

Jennifer Connolly of A Well Styled Life wearing Halogen textured faux fur jacket
faux fur coat //  Everlane sweater similar color // high rise jeans // earrings // leopard pumps

My daughter and I came across Halogen faux fur jacket on A Well Styled Life

We love the seaming which gives it the texture. There’s no question, fur adds visual weight so this type of seaming helps slim it down. It has a hidden hook closure so the front is smooth. Buttons and zippers make furry jackets and coats look more casual and sporty.

navy faux fur coat from Banana Republic
Shop Navy Jacket here

This gorgeous jacket comes in a gorgeous green, this navy, and Off White Online here. I tried it on in all three colors and couldn’t decide which I preferred so I kept looking. It has a button front closure and runs true to size.

faux leopard jacket by ellen tracy
Ellen Tracy Leopard Print 

This little jacket comes in this leopard and two other colors. I like the snap closures and notched lapel. I also found this Blush Leopard Jacket that has me seriously tempted!

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Faux Fur Jackets

Fake Fur Coats

blue faux fur coat by BB Dakota
B B Dakota Coat

I love the seaming on this coat. This kind of channel seaming slims down the look of a fur coat. It also comes in ivory, but this blue is fantastic! If I looked good in a jewel neckline I would buy it in an instant.

Soia and Kyo fake fur coat
Soia & Kyo Renada Coat

Vanessa tried this coat and on and we both fell for it. The fur is extremely soft and elegant. She found the last two coats in a gorgeous silver and ordered hers. I hemmed and hawed until they were sold out. It’s the one that got away.Soia & Kyo Renada Coat in silver

This cape looks amazing! I’m making a point of seeing it this week.

burgundy fake fur coat
Jones New York Stand-Collar Coat 

This gorgeous coat comes in this burgundy, deep olive, and black. It has a hook and clip closure in front which dresses it up a bit.

brown fake fur coat from Banana Republic

Vanessa’s expression tells you she was not loving this long coat. I tried it on but was overwhelmed by the length. It comes in petite but it was not in the store. This regular length is a better proportion on her but because it’s a bathrobe style, that is held closed by the belt, she felt it added extra volume around the middle.

 Fun Coats

If a full-on fur is too much for you, you might like this pretty Faux Shearling with Fuzzy Fur Collar and asymmetrical closure.

Fuzzy Fur VestsJennifer Connolly of A well styled life wearing boot cut jeans and fleece vest with black pointed toe booties

Fuzzy vests are also really fun and for some, easier to wear. I love just popping them over a sweater and jeans for a day of running around.Jennifer Connolly of A Well Styled Life wearing fuzzy vest

Fuzzy Vests

Now’s a great time to shop for these because most of them are on sale for the holidays. Faux fur is here to stay in subdued or wild colors. In classic shapes and colors, they’ll stand the test of time and be in style for years to come.

Do you own any?

Thanks for reading ladies and be sure to wear what makes you feel confident.





  1. Where did u get the gorgeous taupe suede vest with the faux fur color that u r wearing in the last photo. I LOVE it!!! Thanks!

  2. I don’t own any faux fur, but you’ve got me thinking that a leopard print jacket would be a great addition to my wardrobe. I also absolutely love the silver coat on Vanessa!

  3. Love faux fur! I don’t remember your coat, but have been looking for a swing coat … and leopard would be just the ticket! Love that navy blue color too

    1. haha! Exactly! “I got you babe”!!! The Halogen Textured jacket is cute. After that you lost me. The other coats/vests seem to add bulk.

  4. It is definitely time to go shopping! I really don’t need another jacket, but any one of these just might change my mind. I recently bought a dark teal Sherpa long jacket and I love it. Many years ago, I had a black faux fur coat and I wore that thing for more years than I would ever admit. I might even settle for a faux fur vest right now, but the right jacket would be my first choice.

  5. You’ve convinced me to try one. Vanessa looks lovely in the silver/grey coat. I’m tall like Vanessa so it gives me a good idea to fit ( sleeve and overall length).

  6. I live on the coast so I probably wouldn’t buy one but I absolutely love them. It is going to be 72 here today in the middle of December so I wouldn’t get to wear it enough to justify the price. A vest is a though though. One in blush pink would be great.

  7. I love faux fur in small doses and have a vest in black sherpa with red & black buffalo check fleece on the reverse for casual wear, a variegated gray faux fur that also reverses to a solid gray rain-proof side (and here in Oregon I deploy that side most often with the fur to inside!) and, finally, I have a gorgeous coat in the butteriest soft black wool with leopard faux fur cuffs and collar. Better yet, I picked it up on a post-holiday sale for a song!

  8. All of these garments are beautiful and the coat you bought looks made for you!! I love my faux fur garments and I am a huge fan of Halogen.

  9. Where I live we have faux fur “Jacket weather” for about a minute and a half in the Fall so while these are adorable, they don’t work for me. I do have a faux fur vest I wear under a coat when it is very very cold and I might have to be outside for awhile.

    1. @Barleigh and Jennifer: I feel the same as also live in a snow belt region and unfortunately our winter can be too brutal for such. However I do own a jacket (that is cropped) which is substantially warm (as added a light weight ‘chamois’ under lining) but usually wear it for dress up occasion; when there is indoor parking as an option and/or will not be subjected to the elements for too long as I find it goes well with a variety of hemlines. (Pants/skirts/dresses.) To conclude; do love all the garments you featured though Jennifer but even ‘ faux fur vests’ in the climate I live in are worn like Carleigh describes or are considered as lodge aprés ski wear and worn indoors.

  10. I have a plain black faux fur vest I plan on wearing during the holidays. I plan on pairing it with a red tartan plaid blouse and then again with a sparkly sweater. Black jeans or black velvet leggings with booties will complete the outfits.

  11. So many great choices. Love the Ellen Tracy Leopard coat. I may need to get out today and try that on if I can find it. They didn’t have a petite listed so trying in is a must! Thanks for this post!

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