Look of the Week: RVing in Style

We’ve had temperatures ranging from the high 90’s to the low 50’s this past week so I’m very glad I over packed. I learned my lesson when I under packed for our month long trip to Palm Springs in January. Since no suitcases were involved I brought way more than I expect to need but also needed a pair of shoes I did not bring…Murphy’s Law.

Several readers have asked me to share what my typical outfits look like while RVing, so this is what I wore last week.

Day 1- driving

I make sure to wear pants that have stretch and don’t dig or bind anywhere for our travel days. I’m sitting for hours and tight pants would be torture. Skirts are comfy too but can be awkward while climbing up and down from our SUV.

dressing to go RVing
WEARING- stripe shirt| jeans | sandals (on sale) | necklace | bracelet

Day 2- driving

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I always have a tote bag in the car filled with extra sunscreen, hand lotion, protein bars, extra sunglasses, bottled water, folding umbrella and a scarf. There’s always a hat or 2 within easy reach for those times when the sun is in my eyes or blazing on my neck from the side.

dressed for RV travel
WEARING- jacket (similar)pantsnecklacewhite braceletgreen bracelet

Day 3- driving

I don’t neglect to wear accessories while I’m traveling because…why would I? They’re the icing on the cake of most outfits and help me feel polished. I wear layers that I can peel on or off depending on whether I’m sitting in the sun or it’s cooled off in the car.

fashion for rv travel
WEARING- white shirt (on sale)pants

Day 4 – arrived

The sun was shining but it was not warm so I chose layers again.

dressed for RV travel
WEARING- Target T-shirt- jeans (on sale) – short necklacelong necklacebracelet

Day 5- tailgating and graduation ceremony

Details of both outfits here.

Day 6 – sightseeing and dinner out

Hot sunny day so layers to add and subtract with the weather.

fashion for RV travel
WEARING – hat (similar)pantsnecklace – jacket unavailable

Day 7- in the rain

It got cool and rainy so I’m glad I packed some cashmere to keep the chill off.

WEARING- poncho and blouse unavailable – jeansflatsbracelet

Yesterday we drove to Osoyoos for a week. We’ve heard wonderful things about this area and are excited to explore it.

As happens with RV’s, (ours more than most), the refrigerator is not working and we have a small gas leak both at the outside tanks and somewhere inside. It’s always something with this trailer, just to keep things interesting.

Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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  1. Enjoy! Are you coming to the Bannf area or to Calgary at all? If so I would love to send you a list of our favorite places.

    I am trying my hardest to “Dress for the day I want “. Some days are more challenging than others.


    1. Thanks Joanne! No we aren’t. After the Okanagan, we are heading for Vancouver Island for some time at the beach. Yes, some days are more challenging but being dressed well is very rewarding. xx

    1. I love it too and noticed it comes in several colors so may need to get another. It’s so comfy. I hope your hip is healing well, Cindy!!

  2. This post is especially timely for me… we leave on July 2 for six weeks in our trailer, so I’m busy thinking about what to pack. Much of our time will be spent exploring remote and wilderness areas, but we also have a wedding to attend. We’ll be travelling in Alberta, BC and the Yukon, so weather will likely be quite variable.

    I hope you’ll visit some wineries while you’re in the Okanagan area. Mission Hill at Kelowna is one of my favourites.

  3. I’m in the second phase of 2 back to back 10 day trips….the first to hot Dallas, Tx. by air the second to the Toronto area by car. As we finally drove away on Saturday I reflected on what a difference my packing was for the 2 trips. A carryon roller case and a tote with lots of pockets for air and the same roller bag, a hanging bag, and a slightly larger bag for toiletries etc. Plus a tote bag for books and magazines and a cooler and tote bag for snacks (healthy choices). I’m not even gonna mention what my husband brought ???? Canadian weather is ranging from cooler 50’s up to high 80’s so that played into it.
    We sold our Airstream last year. I loved all the storage spaces so I could be well prepared for super casual to dressy occasions!

    1. Traveling by RV makes packing so much easier. You sound very well organized Sherrye. I’m assuming you must check bags. Today was in the high 80’s so I’m glad I was prepared.

  4. When you are in Osoyoos you are just south of me:) I live in the north Okanagan between Vernon and Kelowna.
    Thanks so much for sharing your outfits as you travel. I love the shirt in the first picture.

      1. I do enjoy living here. I just retired last fall and moved here to stay with 2 of my grandkids who are going to school here. Very expensive housing most places but there are some hidden gems. It’s a slower pace and so beautiful. Moving here brought me closer to my family so that’s the biggest plus for me. Enjoy our beautiful scenery!

  5. You look great and looks like you can handle any weather! Nice to be able to bring “a few” extras in the RV. Thanks for posting. Suz from Vancouver

  6. Hi Jennifer!,
    Thanks for another great post. I follow you and always read up on your adventures, but haven’t said thanks in a while. Besides your style help, you’re also feeding my want to try rv-ing when my husband retires in a few months. Greatly appreciate that! Take care and be safe out there.

  7. RV’s tend to be like a boat….a hole in the water that you throw money into! Ours costs us lots more than it should…and is “For Sale”!

  8. No reason not to be stylish why RVing! No grubby tee shirt and cutoff jeans for you. You packed very well for the temperature fluctuation. You look fabulous! Enjoy your trip…be safe! xoxo

  9. That’s another nice thing about RVing, you can pack more. You look very stylish for on the road. I can take a lesson from you, Jennifer.

    Enjoy Osoyoos!

  10. You are so inspiring with your travel outfits! I like to look good no matter what and am horrified at what people are wearing sometimes (think pajamas and fuzzy slippers in Wally World!). As Carson said in Downton Abbey “once we let standards slide, we never get them back”! So true. Your blue and white striped shirt is wonderful!

    1. Thank you Roxanne! Carson is right. I’ve also seen the pajamas and fuzzy slippers. Some really take casual to an all time low. RVing is no reason to let things slip. It’s just as easy to dress nicely as it is sloppily.

  11. The weather is so variable in the Northwest. We’re driving from Vancouver through the Cascades to Central Washington next week. It is so hard to know what to pack. Layers and a warm jacket (waterproof) seem to be the answer.

    1. Oh yes, waterproof warm jacket for sure Joanne. The variable weather is nice. Where we live in CA it’s sunny for 5 straight months, which is nice but gets tedious without a break. Constant rain is no fun either. Safe travels!

  12. HI Jennifer,
    I have been enjoying your blog and great sense of style. Particularly interested in your Caravanning wardrobe as my husband & I travel six months per year in our “tiny home on wheels” -Airstream. Our summer travel includes 3 months or more and would really enjoy more wardrobe essentials for varying temperatures.
    My own “go to” items include Lysee denim leggings, JJill ponte black pants and Chico walking shorts, lounge wear for PJs ( works great for early coffee outside), and usually limit my color choices to black, olive and navy.

    1. Three months is a long time in one stretch, Sharon. The longest we’ve been away is 4 weeks! Your go to pieces sound terrific. I’m finding layers very important for the temperature swings. Thanks for being here.

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