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I’ve written many times to share my hair struggles. When my hair loss was at it’s worse, it undermined my confidence and was traumatic  Because of this, I’m extra careful with how I treat my hair and what I use on it. I’m approached by brands daily, to try… then endorse their product. Let me say very clearly, I will never say something is great if I don’t have first-hand knowledge that it is.

When the people at Shtrands approached me to try their system, I was excited to check it out. I’d never heard of this type of service and thought it sounded like a great idea. They’re a company with a team of passionate hairstyle and cosmetic chemists who recommend and deliver personalize luxury hair care regimes right to your home. They tailor each regime to the individual customer’s unique needs.
Shtrands hair care
This is the kit that arrived for me by mail, including a personalized note with instructions.
The team at Shtrands knew I was using Rogaine and suggested these gentle products for my hair. They knew my goal was to gently thicken the look of my hair and tone down any brassiness my “silver” strands can get.
For me, they choose products from Abril et Nature, a professional hair care brand from Barcelona, Spain. Currently, they are the only ones to offer these products in US, and they will be available through selected salons only.
“We understand that each woman’s hair is unique and we are committed to celebrating the diversity of every woman, through hair and all!”~ Shtrands
Shtrands hair care products
I received 4 full sized products in my shipment, (everyone does). Two shampoos to alternate, a hair mask (conditioner), and a finishing spray. One shampoo focuses on thickening and the “Silver” one neutralizes brassy tones.
Shtrands shampoos
Shtrands silver shampoo
They smell wonderful and lather up nicely. I use the Silver shampoo ever other time I shampoo and see no brassiness at all! I love this one.
After shampooing I add a few pumps of the Age Reset, let it sit while I finish my shower, then rinse it out. It acts as a gentle conditioner and doesn’t weigh down my hair.
Shtrands hair care concierge
While my hair is damp, I spray on the Age Reset finishing spray which adds volume and keeps my hair silky.
Shtrands hair care concierge
Baby fine hair like mine is tricky. Too much product makes it stiff and the wrong product weighs it down. I really like how my hair performs using this system.
Each customer can choose the delivery frequency (every 2 or every 3 months) and they can choose after the first regimen, whether to receive the same products or try different ones.
Shtrands Hair care
 All shipping is free in the continental USA. This is a wonderful way to discover professional hair care products, tailored just for your individual needs.
After choosing a subscription option that works best for you, you’ll be directed to build your Shtrands profile by completing a short questionnaire. This allows Shtrands to send you the right products for your hair type and concerns.
Shtrands website also has a blog, filled with information on the chemistry of hair and the best products for it. Check it out here. Who knew we could be allergic to our hair care products? How about the benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar Rinses?
I am happy to support a small business run by women, all in their 40’s, who care about their customers!
Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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Thanks to Shtrands for providing these products for me to try and collaborating on this post.


  1. Use Biotin! Internally, externally.
    Andalou Naturals Argan Stem Cell Scalp Intensive

    1. I take Biotin daily but I never thought externally. I do love Andalou products! I’ll check it out. Thanks.

  2. Looks like an interesting service. I’m forever seeking out thicker hair. xo

  3. Just was in the hospital and the pharmacist there said the only product that helped grow hair is rogaine. When you stop using it, it stops working.

    1. That’s what I know to be true too, so I do not plan to stop using it! The actual product is minoxidil and many companies make their own product with it.

  4. Would like to try their products but unfortunately they do not accept returns at this time.

    1. I suppose it is because they are such a new small company, Robin.

    2. Hi Robin,

      Thank you for your interest. There is a profile you fill out after ordering and based on that we send products that are customized to your hair texture, concerns or needs. You can tell us if you have any allergies, hate certain scents or even if you don’t want certain brands to receive. You can be very specific about your needs. We have customers for example who tell us to don’t send them styling products or they really want a dry shampoo. Nobody wanted to return the products so far, but if you really don’t like a product, we can send you another one.

  5. Good morning Jennifer. What a fabulous post, exactly what I needed! Indeed, one can be allergic to hair products, anything with argan oil gives me hives. Same with the Nioxin products. I’m always looking for products that don’t make my eyes water or my forehead break out. Thanks.

    1. Wow, Argan oil is the new popular moisturizer! They put it in so many things.

    2. Hi Lea,

      I’m Lacramioara, the founder of Shtrands.
      You are most likely allergic to the proteins from argan oil. Argan oil is extracted from argan nuts (tree nuts) and even if you are not allergic to nuts you can be sensitive to the proteins from argan oil. The pure Argan oil, which is cold press is more likely to contain allergenic proteins. It is better actually to use the oil that was distilled and chemically refined (and less expensive) because the proteins are removed through the process.

      There are also 2 myths spread by companies that sell essential oils that I find dangerous:
      1) the pure oils don’t expire and can be used forever and 2) they do not cause allergic reactions. While essential oils don’t contain large molecule such proteins, they contain a large number of small molecules (called haptens) that can bind to proteins present in the body. Upon binding, these complexes (called haptenated proteins) will initiate an immune system response and cause allergic reactions. It is true that these cases are not very common but there are documented cases of allergic reactions to tea tree, lavender oils, etc.
      Spoiled, oxidized essential oils have a greater risk of allergic reactions.

      I know that many hair products contain botanicals, so because you are prone to this, you have to be more careful in choosing them.

      As a chemist, I am always skeptical when I see new “natural” ingredients in products; because they were not tested for safety. And most allergens are present in nature, not in the synthetic ingredients which were tested for toxicity.

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