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Dressing Room Diary: Spring Fashion From Loft

Happy Wednesday ladies. I popped into my local Loft yesterday to see what’s new. The racks and shelves are looking rather bare which is reflective of the changes happening in retail shopping. Brands are stocking less on the floor so we’ll need to rely more heavily on what we can find online. I hope these dressing room diaries will help to make your choices easier. Today I’m sharing spring fashion from Loft.

jennifer of a well styled life trying on spring outfits from Loft


If you’re new here, a dressing room diary is when I go into a store and try on new merchandise so you can see how it looks on a woman over 25. For reference, I am 5’4″, and weigh around 136 pounds. I have wide shoulders, straight hips, and have very few curves. My arms and torso are long so I often wear a larger size on the top than the bottom.

I fluctuate between wearing petite and regular sizes so I can get the fit I desire. My hair gets trashed during this try-on, and the lighting is dim but you’ll get a good idea of what things look like.

BTW, a reader asked how I handle ‘hat hair’ when I go inside. My response was that I just leave my hat on. Well on this day, I had to take it off to photograph these outfits so here is my hair flattened by a day under a hat:)


over 50 blogger jennifer connolly sharing spring fashion from loft with skinny jeans

I started off in these high-rise skinny jeans which fit like a dream. They’re one of Loft’s most popular jeans and come in multiple washes and lengths. You can also get them as crops, with a chewed hem, distressed finish, mid-rise, or a button fly. I’m wearing the dark indigo wash with a high-rise. These are available in straight or curvy fit in regular or petite length. I’m wearing a 27 regular which is pretty darn snug in the waist so they fit TTS.

This leopard print Tee is a beautiful blue sea glass color. I just love this shade and the V-neckline is my favorite shape. It’s 100% cotton, machine washable, and sized XXS-XL. I’m wearing a small which fits perfectly so it runs TTS.

The textured V-neck cardigan is a chunky knit that’s cotton so it’s lightweight. It comes in regular or petite in 3 colors. I’m wearing black in a small regular, which is pretty roomy. It’s sized XXS – XXL.  Because it’s already cropped, I would stay away from the petite with my long torso.




I’m not a huge fan of style rules but the above outfit is the perfect example of a fashion don’t. Everything I’m wearing is cut large which makes me look shapeless and larger all over. The chinos have a straight full leg.

These pants would look better with a slimmer top.

This bulky sweatshirt would look better with leggings or with skinny jeans.

The oversized cardigan needs both a slimmer cut top and bottom.

The pants are one size too large for me but even if they weren’t, they need a top that fits closer to the body so you can see some of your silhouette. Each piece is nice but worn together. they’re not flattering on me.


woman in Loft dressing room wearing striped sweater and skinny jeans

These are the same high-rise skinny jean I wore above, but this pair is 28 petite. The fit is very similar through the hips and thighs and they’re more comfortable through the waist. Most importantly, they’re about an inch and a half shorter so they end above my ankle.

Loft makes a lot of these poncho sweaters which are super comfy and hide a multitude of sins. Since I love stripe everything, I couldn’t resist this one in navy and white. It’s available in several other colors in regular or petite, sized XXS-XL. It’s a thigh-length sweater so it’s not meant to be close to the body. I’m wearing a small in the regular which makes it even more oversized.


woman trying on cardrigan and print pants in dressing room with spring fashion at loft

This relaxed V-neck cardigan is super soft and comfy. It’s available in five soft colors, sized regular, petite, and plus in XXS-XXL. I’m wearing the off-white in petite medium but I’m pretty sure I could’ve worn a small because it’s pretty roomy. Like many sweaters this year, this is shorter and hits just a bit below the waist to coordinate with the higher-rise and wider leg pants and jeans.

These flowy pants are a Loft best seller. The lightweight fabric is perfect for spring into summer. Their pull-on silhouette makes them something easy to reach for when you’re lounging at home or running errands. They’re a petite pants sized XXS-L. I’m wearing a petite small which fits perfectly so they run TTS.



blond blogger wearing pink cardigan and top with chinos in dressing room at Loft

This is the same cotton twill pant I showed above which is also one size too large for me. I am wearing a six regular so the 4 would have been perfect and I like the length of the regular. They come in straight or curvy fit, and regular or petite size sized 00-18…in 6 colors. They hug the hip and thigh with a straight leg and are totally classic. The high rise sits right at the waist making them a total classic.

This little cherry print split neck shell is cheery and perfect for spring. It’s a polyester weave in the front and a rayon knit in the back making it super comfy to wear. It’s sized XXS – XL, I am wearing a small.

I topped it all off with this open ribbed cardigan in a soft pink to pick up the print in the cherries. This is sized in regular or petite XXS-XL and available in 5 colors. I’m wearing a small regular and would not go with petite for this because I like the extra length.


fashion blogger trying on spring fashion at loft including two versions of skinny jeans in dressing room mirror


These are the same style of jeans but the lighting is altering the color. The pair on the left is 28 petite and the pair on the right is a 27 regular. Ankle-length pants can be worn anywhere in the vicinity of your ankles so you get to choose your favorite. My eye is slowly getting used to seeing ankle pants sit above my ankle which is beginning to feel more modern.

Do you like your ankles to show or be covered?

Thanks for reading ladies and remember to wear what makes you feel confident.



  1. I think you looked the best and so polished in the outfit you described as “all wrong”! Really!
    I also liked the short sweater with the black printed wide leg palazzo pants, very chic.
    The horizontal black and white block striped long sleeve sweater is a no no for most of us, and would make anyone look boxy, but because you are petite you can get away with it. That would make me look wider, so I would stay away from that. Dont like the cherry top or the green pants much for me.
    I love that you wear something that keeps you feeling close to your mother; so sweet.

  2. Cathy Blackwell says:

    I love the blue leopard tee! The reviews on Loft indicate it’s quite short. At 5’ 10” do you think it will be too short for me? I’m way too old for a midriff baring tee😁

  3. So funny…before I read that the beige outfit was a “Don’t,” I was thinking it looked pretty good! Lol! It would typically be something I would wear! You can see I need help in discerning what looks good!
    I’m fairly new to your blog; I am enjoying the dressing room diaries! So fun. Wish you could picture all the colors of the sweater on you. I was really curious to see what the blush color would look like. I liked that sweater the best of everything you tried on. I bought it in the whisper white, which is what I believe you have on. Looks like it more like an ivory color. We’ll see.
    It looks really cute with the wide-legged pants.
    I like to have pants to my ankles, only because my ankles are always cold, but I wear both lengths.
    Thanks for a great post. I look forward to the next dressing room diaries!

    1. Welcome! I will keep that in mind about the colors, Nancy.

  4. I love ankle length pants for seasons except for winter then I find them not warm enough.

  5. I do like the cherry top. I think I’ll add a few more graphic tops. If you’re not wearing a third layer, it just seems like it’s a more finished look if there’s a little something going on with the top. Either graphics, crossover, some detail.

  6. I really enjoy your dressing room diaries. I really miss trying clothes on in the stores. Do you have any hints for ordering the correct Jean size? Do you go by your waist size or hip size? I really like the skinny jeans you posted today.

    1. When I am ordering online, I order 2 or 3 sizes of the same garment so I can contrast the fit and return the ones I don’t like. Loft fits pretty true to size but the waist is always an issue for me because I have a straight shape.

  7. That cherry print is so cute. I wonder if the stores will be fully stocked in June when California will (fingers crossed) opens again.

  8. Love the sea glass green and the cherry 🍒 and green outfits.
    Thanks for showing us what is in for Spring.
    I appreciate the ankle length jeans or chinos for summer.
    They are cool and comfortable with sandals. Above or at the ankle look great depending on the look I want.

  9. You look great in all of the outfits. I have my eye on that blue leopard print tee. The colors are gorgeous. I have a leopard tee in shades of brown, black and cream. The blue leopard tee would be better suited to my coloring, however.

    1. I am always on the hunt for leopard print in cool tones because they’re more flattering on me too.

  10. Hello, you look great in all the outfits. My favorite is the cherry blouse and the pink sweater. Have a great day.

  11. A great collection of styles and sizes. I have only one pair of petite ankle pants but have never felt truly comfortable in them. I feel they have to be worn with no socks and the weather never seems to fully cooperate with that. If I feel a need to wear long pants, I feel a need to wear socks. The style does however allow me to try on regular size ankle pants that are full length on me so gives me more options when shopping. Should that ever be possible again in our area.

  12. Paulette Levy says:

    I love all the tunics, tops, sweaters- they are really flattering and paired together so nicely!
    I prefer your total looks with the skinny jeans. The straight leg beige pant appears a big too large for your slim shape, as do the flowy shorter pant. I’ll bet they’re comfy though!
    Thanks for sharing these cute pieces from Loft!

  13. I for one, find your DRD so beneficial Jennifer and I thank you for them as living in Canada our selections are even less and it is such a head ache (not to mention costly) to have to return items. That said; you also must be psychic … lol! …. as just yesterday was browsing The Loft’s website and was wondering about their twill pants. As to ankle length ones; my biggest problem is often they are too short (read like a crop or longer capri) and pickings in ‘tall’ are often few and far between. Do love the garments in the 2nd photograph and the white v-neck cardigan on you. -Brenda-

  14. I really like the striped poncho sweater on you. I had seen it online and didn’t think it was anything special, but you are rocking it! I wish Loft would have included a red cardigan in the cherry collection. That pale pink really washes me out and red would have been so cute to layer this summer.

  15. My favourite is the cherry top, pink cardi and green chinos! I love everything about this. I might pop on a long silver necklace, but other than that, I would wear it as is.

    Thanks for the shopping trip – more than once, you’ve inspired me to go online shopping! BTW, my yellow chinos from Talbot arrived yesterday. 😉

  16. I love the blue leopard outfit. Those jeans look really perfect for you and it looks cute with the black cardigan. Don’t really care for the twill pants, seem too straight up and down.

  17. You always make an outfit look good! I have a question: Why do you have so many pictures holding out a cell phone?

    1. These photos are all selfies I take of my reflection in the dressing room mirror using the camera on my phone 🙂

  18. Don’t really care for pants to be above my ankle, don’t know why really. Outfits were cute, did not like the dark green pants, boxy shape doesn’t suit my shape. Don’t have a Loft store close by, so online it is.

    1. They must be popular because they were sold out in my size in those pants. They may not be so boxy in the correct size.

  19. For me, skinny jeans and leggings fall into a category that if I were to wear, they would require a longer top. That and any crop style top is a challenge for me. It’s just simply where I find myself at, here and now.
    I have tried the jeans that sit above my ankle and am not a fan of that look and overall feel either. I have the regular, slim cut jean that I will turn up the hem if I am wearing a flat or sandal.
    I really appreciate you getting out there and showing us all that is new this spring.
    It’s so much fun to hear how others would or would not style these featured looks today!
    You have the talent to put together so many unique looks that compliment your personal features!

  20. I love the first outfit the best. Looks young and modern.
    While I love the ankle length – the regular length makes your legs look longer and thinner. Not that you need it as you are proportioned just right.

    I am shorter and heavier I feel go longer length to give illusion of less weight and leaner look. You are blessed with a thin frame and always looks adorable- even your “hat hair” ! Lol. Great job! Always enjoy your post!

    1. Thanks Deb. My hat went right on when I left the changing room:)

  21. In the warmer months I like my ankle to show, especially with low sandals so I wear cropped pants or I roll pant hems. In the winter booties are my friend so my ankles are warm and covered.

    1. I’m getting to where you are with my ankles 🙂

  22. All of these looks are great – I don’t go to Loft, so makes me want to stop in and check these out. The only outfit I don’t entirely agree with is the cherry print shell/cardigan with the military green chinos. I think this shell/sweater would look so great with cream or white flowing pants – could almost be a dressy outfit. Or a different color pant like pink/red, whatever goes with the shell. For me, these green chinos don’t do the top justice. The wide-leg pull on crop pants are interesting – I could see those with cute little strap FLAT sandals (heels are not doing well for me these days either!). Thanks for opening up a new store for me to visit!

    1. It would be very pretty with a floaty pant! Great idea.
      These posts are just a resource for you to see the items, they’re not my taste. I hope you are able to shop through my links.

      1. Yes, if I do shop I will use your links. Your blog is invaluable to me, someone who is lucky if she is wearing the same shoe on each foot! Thanks for all the fashion views!

      2. Lol! You’re hilarious. My husband flew to a business trip many years ago wearing one black wing tip and one brown wing tip.

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