Dressing Room Diaries- Spring at Loft

Happy Friday, ladies. I am still in Mexico but I know you love DRD so I popped into Loft before we left. Several of you have also asked me to try on the outfits I find on the mannequins, so here you go. I was in a rush so did not restyle this look but it would be easy to do. Today I have a spring try-on session at Loft.

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This denim jacket is called a trucker style. Trucker jackets are fitted in the shoulder and snug through the body, often shaped with two slanted (or “V-shaped”) seams that run from chest pocket to waist.

And now onto the try-on session. If you’re new here, welcome. A dressing room diary is when I go into a store and try on new merchandise so you can see how it looks on a woman over 25. For reference, I am 5’4″ and weigh around 138 lbs with broad shoulders and straight hips. I have a long torso and arms so I often buy one size larger on top. I try on clothes in colors and shapes that may or may not flatter me so you can see what’s in the stores and get some styling ideas. I tell you what sizes I am wearing to help you understand how things run.


This Lou & Grey sweater is a light and airy cotton blend. It comes in sizes XS-XL, I sized it up to a medium to keep it loose and slouchy. I’m looking for jeans alternatives so tried on lots of chinos last week. These slim chinos are 97% cotton/3% spandex so they will be cool to wear and hold their shape. These are available in 9 colors, regular, petite, plus a curvy fit. I am wearing an 8 petite which is quite loose so they run TTS. They’re fitted through the hip and have a slim thigh.


The regulars come with a 10 1/2″ rise and a 26 1/2″ inseam. The petite have 9 7/8″ inseam and a 24″ inseam. That little difference makes a big difference on me, and maybe you too.


This chambray dress comes with a self-belt which I would replace with something like this  or this in navy. It also looks nice with no belt because the slight shirttail hemline gives it some shaping. It comes regualr, petite, and tall in sizes XXS-XXL so if you’d like it a bit longer, opt for the tall. I am wearing a regular in medium so it seems to run TTS.

woman wearing yellow sweater and green pants

This Pocket tunic sweater is long enough to wear over leggings. It’s a slouchy shape with domain sleeves in a lightweight knit. It comes in regular and petite, XXS-XXL in 3 colors. I’m wearing the regular in a medium that seems snugger through the torso than I would expect so I think it runs slim. These twill pants have jeans styling and a lot of stretch. They come in 6 colors. regular, petite, and curvy. This is the dazzling olive in 6 regular.

woman wearing red sweater and floral pants in spring try-on session at loft

The Riviera slim pant comes in tons of colors and patterns in regular, petite, and curvy sizes 00-18. This floral pair is a regular in 6 so I think they run pretty true to size. They are slim through the hip and thigh with a semi-slim leg. they sit at your natural waist (mine too) and are machine washable.

This classic semi-nautical, shoulder-button sweater is super soft and lightweight. It comes in 3 colors in sizes XXS-XXL. I’m wearing a small so it runs TTS.

woman trying on 3 pair of chinos

Here are 3 of the color options in these Munroe Slim Chinos, all in size 6 regular. I prefer this length on me and this also gives me a skosh more height in the rise than the petite did. The v-neck sweater is a mid-weight 100% cotton and feels great against the skin. Its slouchy shape is hip length so it’s not too voluminous to wear with chino’s, etc. The V-neck cardigan is also 100% cotton making it perfect for spring. It also comes in 3 colors, XS-XL. I am wearing a medium which is just the sort of slouch I like in a mid-weight cardigan.

I’m in the market for cotton pants this spring so chinos are at the top of the list. Do you wear them? Which are your favorite brands?

Thanks for reading ladies and remember to wear what makes you feel confident.



  1. After not shopping since pre-covid, I am now trying to rebuild my wardrobe. I prefer to shop at brick & mortar stores, because I have some fit issues and am often between sizes. But the selection in stores isn’t great right now. I recently placed a large order from Loft.com when they were having a sale. Cute things and mostly good quality – but extremely disappointed at the inconsistency in their sizes – even the same sweater in the same size was much larger in one color than another. I am having to return over half of the items ordered.

  2. Hi Jennifer,
    I’ve been following your posts now for months and totally enjoy them.
    I don’t like to shop online , especially when the store is not available in Toronto for returns. I now have that rather expensive cute Nic&Zoe 4 way cardi in pinkish-orange which does not suit me. It showed bright pink online , like the one you have. Between having to pay shipping 2x’s and loosing the duty, it just wasn’t worth returning….totally annoying !
    So …It is much appreciated that you take the time to try items on and I especially find it helpful that you mention what size you are wearing. As you mention , it does make it easier to judge what size one might need.
    I really like the Loft denim trucker jacket that you are wearing in this post March 18 post, but you didn’t mention what size you are wearing ? Do you think petite ( I am 5’1″ ) would fit much smaller ? I might order it on line , since unfortunately Ann Taylor & Loft closed their Toronto stores during the pandemic :-((

    On another note , I’ve also been meaning to mention that you always look great in ‘Winter pallet’ colours and you yourself said you like how you look in Black and White. It was my understanding that ‘Winters’ wear black and white the best. I’ll buy some of the brighter ‘Summer ‘ colours , but sticking to these pallets makes mixing and matching so much easier, and I always know that several…many items in my wardrobe will go with something new that I purchase. I had my ‘colours’ done in the 80’s …bit older than you 😉

    Thanks for being a ‘friend’.

    ps I have thoughts on facelifts , if you are interested 😉

    1. I find the petite always fit a bit snugger through the underarm area and of course everything is shorter. I was wearing a regular in small. It is already short but I am 3″ taller than you. I size up one size when I go to petite.
      Please do share your thoughts on facelifts! I would love to hear

  3. Enjoy your posts but today I am wondering the name/style of your glasses please? They are lovely on you!

  4. I do like the yellow pocket sweater with olive stretch pants and the red sweater with printed pants. Both outfits are my style.
    Thanks for doing DRD before going to Mexico.

  5. As another Canadian living in California, I relate. The Loft is not one of my stores. I don’t know if they use a different size metric or what, but I find their clothing is always too tight in the bust. This is sad, because I really like that strawberry shirt.

  6. Elizabeth says:

    I so appreciate you, though I rarely post, I look at all your emails and blog posts. We are similar in age and coloring (remember, neutral summer?) and that helps me figure out what colors would look good on me.

    However, my husband and I were just in Loft the other day and I’m so confused. I didn’t see any of these items. I can’t remember, are you in Canada? I’m in FL for reference (though lived in Canada for 25 years) and will always feel “half Canadian.” But I digress…

    The merchandise at the store we visited, and mind you, this was at a very upscale mall in Tampa, was the pits. I was very uninspired to try anything on. I have purchased the Rivera pant, many times, in the past, and it’s a wardrobe workhorse, but for some reason they don’t look good on me anymore. Yes, I gained a bit of weight, but I’m not overweight by any means. I don’t know, I’m just finding their stuff very blah.

    However, you manage to make it cute, and furthermore, weather appropriate for Yo Canada. Me? I’m already into short season, so maybe that’s what it is: The major retailers lag behind Floridians needs.

    In any case, I just wanted to let you know that I think you’re doing a great job and I appreciate you!

    1. I am a Canadian living in California 🙂 Stores vary by location which is why I prefer shopping online. Better selection too!

  7. Particularly am loving the v-neck cardi (its color), the Riviera Slim Pants (their style) and the Chambray Shirt Dress (unbelted) on you. As to Chinos since you asked re brand; recently purchased three pairs to wear just around the house from Old Navy. (Couldn’t resist the price as were on sale for $15.00 (Cdn. funds) plus liked the fact they have an elastic back waist. Style was the OGC for those interested in a relaxed fit/slim hemline when cuff is down and ‘a bang for their buck’ as their quality (workmanship/fabric) is impressive from my sewer’s point of view.)
    Footnote: The Riviera Blazer that goes with the pants is verrrrry tempting as am wondering if it would also work with dark-wash blue jeans … ☺.

    1. Great tip, thanks, Brenda!

    2. SouthsideGirl says:

      Lately I, too, have had good luck at Old Navy. I never used to shop there, but the past year has been really good for me there. And their in-store clearance prices cannot be beat. I like the fact that I can buy something trendy and current and not spend a fortune on an item I’ll wear one (maybe two) seasons. And I do like their workout wear!

  8. Lol – I always think classic beige/khaki chinos look like part of a uniform for staff at a big-box tech store. I love all the coloured ones that you show.

  9. Really like the red outfit. I like the fitted pants better then chinos. They are always too big in the legs for me. Love all the tops on you!

  10. Brenda Mowbray says:

    You look really good in the red pants and floral top. 😀 if we had Loft in Canada I would purchase same. We are similar height, size and colouring.

    I also like some of the other tops and pants. Not so much the dresses. I am a skirt and top person. Great spring colours.

  11. Janice in Ky says:

    I would take any of the outfits but the yellow and that is because I don’t do yellow, never have. Have the shirtdress in my bag now. They are so versatile and comfortable. Have an ombré light weight sweatshirt in pink and white On right now, I purchased late last year on sale. I think you showed it in one of your DRD at Talbots.
    Please keep up the leg work for us. Enjoy the rest of your vacation.

    1. Happy Friday, Janice

  12. The red top/multi coloured pants is my favourite look! (May have to pull out the credit card…) I bought some chinos from Talbots last year based on your blog post and find that your fit descriptions are always pretty accurate, so thanks for that. Chinos are easier to wear in warm weather than jeans, IMHO.

    1. I’m going to be adding some chinos to my wardrobe this spring for just that reason

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