Staying Warm in the Desert

I guess it’s only me who thinks it’s cold around here. The man in the campsite across from us is walking around in shorts, sandals, and no shirt. Could I take a moment right now to just say, eww? Please put your shirt back on, this is not the beach.

Yesterday was sunny and gorgeous. We wanted a change of scene from the film festival so drove the Palms to Pines Scenic Highway into the mountains.

overlooking Palm Desert

I wore big sunnies, a white shirt, blue jeans, sneakers and a layering jacket/vest. Not my usual outfit, but comfy and perfect for an adventure.

The narrow twisty road climbs rapidly giving gorgeous views of the valley below. It also causes white knuckles and nausea if you tend towards motion sickness.

The mountains are covered with Oak trees, scrub and desert palms. We spotted the occasional car that had overshot a turn and flown off the road so I kept my eyes glued to the highway.

sightseeing along the Palms to Pines Highway

We stopped at Indian Vista Outlook to get a safer look at the views. I wish we’d brought binoculars! The views went on forever.

Wearing-  All in One Jacket Vest // Jeans: Chadwicks // Shoes: Skechers

Indian Vista Outlook in Palm Desert

I was really glad I wore my Skechers. They’re one of the most comfortable pair of shoes I own and give great traction on rocks.

taking in the sights at Indian Vista Outlook
This looked like a great place to take pictures until I backed into the cactus.

The Highway goes for 130 miles, running between Idyllwild and Palm Desert. We only drove about half of it, then turned and headed back for Palm Desert. I’ve never been overly fond of the desert. This vacation is changing my mind!

My entire outfit is from Chadwicks of Boston. They are in the last days of a huge clearance sale until January 20th, Now is the time to snap up some amazing values.

I’m wearing-  All in One Jacket Vest // Jeans: Chadwicks // Shoes: Skechers

Thanks for reading and have a great day!

Thank you to Chadwicks for sponsoring this post. They supplied the jacket; all words are my own.







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  1. Really enjoying your Palm Springs posts – I’m enjoying a vacation vicariously! I also like your outfit today. You strike just the right note.

    1. Thanks Cathy! I brought limited clothes with me so I’m juggling quite a bit.

  2. Bonna Nichols says:

    Oh no The Jumping Chola! They are painful!

  3. What a beautiful area to explore! And you are dressed perfectly for the occasion! I love my Skechers, too. So comfortable!

  4. I feel the cold and so like you I would be dressed in layers.
    I like the crisp white shirt with the cozy hoodies and quilted vest…perfect for a day od exploring the desert and “interacting with cactii!”

    1. I wondered if feeling the cold has something to do with my Thyroid. Layers are proving to be critical. In all climates!

  5. You look great. That outfit seems perfectly suited for your activities.
    Funny how the temp feels different to individuals. Sometimes I even find the same temp feels cooler or warmer to me depending on my own inner thermostat!
    Thanks for taking time to post on your holiday.
    Suz from Vancouver

    1. Hi Suz! It is perfectly suited and I feel confident wearing this sporty look here. I have a bit of chameleon in me, when it comes to style. I see it as a good thing.

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