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Happy Monday ladies. I hope you had a relaxing weekend and did something nice for yourself. Self-care is so critical during this time of uncertainty and we need to do everything we can to bring joy into our lives. Today, I am super excited and proud to partner with Talbots and ShopStyle to bring you a fresh pretty look that is guaranteed to lift your spirits.

A dress! You could have knocked me over with a feather because I’m crazy about this dress.

Classic Poplin Shirtdress c/oSoft Pebbled Leather Belt c/o  – Illysa Braided Espadrilles c/osimilar Earrings c/o

I saw a lady model this at the Talbots trunk show last month and loved it on the spot! It looked cool, breezy and swished when she walked. She sashayed down the aisle, hand’s in the pockets, looking cool as a cucumber. Yup, I loved the whole attitude of this dress. It’s out of the same crisp poplin fabric as

After the show, ladies began snatching these off the rack so I thought, “ok Jennifer, you love it, try it on”. I took several sized into the dressing room to see which fit me best. I wear petite or regular depending on the proportion of the garment and ended up getting the 10 petite.

This dress, like everything else Talbots makes, is beautifully constructed. Notice the way the stripes line up all down the back of the skirt. As a former sewer, I can tell you this may be a tiny detail but it points out the difference between a high-quality garment and one that’s tossed together.

It comes with a self-belt but I switched it out for this soft pebbled leather belt in Blue Wave which coordinates perfectly. I ordered a larger size so I could fold the end over in front.

More Dresses

This dress also has pockets which I love in everything. I kept the whole look simple with twisted sterling silver hoops. Mine are sold out but you could get a similar look with these

I love that this dress can be dressed down and worn as a long duster. It makes a great third piece that covers bare arms without adding extra warmth. I brought the self-belt to the back and tucked the ends into the opposite loop to give the back a tiny cinch and keep the belt from sagging.

I’m wearing the dress over my white denim jeggings and Pima cotton tank. I wore both of these for the fashion show and bought them on the spot. I’ll wear the heck out of these all spring and summer.

Saturday was bright and sunny so I harvested more lemons off our tree. I’m shocked by how many it produces! Since I can’t give any to my neighbors right now, I’ve started to freeze the juice in iced cube trays so they don’t go to waste.

These are the

I’m having a hard time adjusting to the hotter summers in our new town but I’ve learned to wear lightweight, natural fibers when the temps top 90. This dress will be perfect for sweltering days when jeans or pants are just too hot.

Talbots always has a wonderful selection of dresses in classic, timeless styles. I’m thrilled to be reminded that dresses needn’t be formal and these easy, breezy ones can be worn with super comfy footwear. This dress makes me feel like twirling and I can’t think of a quicker way to lift your spirits than twirling in a pretty dress.

Do you wear dresses?

Thanks for reading ladies and remember to wear what makes you feel confident.



  1. Jennifer I love the dress. My kind of dress. I also wee a shift dress a lot in the summer with a coverup to hide my arms. I can’t seem to wear jeggings because the don’t seem to fit right on the crotch area. I don’t know what I do wrong. I even by a size up or 2 I am 5’2 and 135.

  2. Love that dress! So fresh for spring.

  3. Love the dress, but I like it best with leather blue belt, makes a big change. And it looks great as a duster, I wouldn’t have thought about that. It looks comfortable too.

  4. Great look on you! I just ordered some bootcut jeans and a pretty red dress from
    Talbots. Than in you for very uplifting content during this difficult time! I really value your blog.

    1. Susan Gowan says:

      Love the duster look on you best. So fresh and classic on a classy lady! Hooe you are safe and ell.

  5. I’ll admit I haven’t worn a dress in a long time but I do love shirt dresses and wrap dresses. I have a tummy so I need a foundation but this dress is worth it. Wish it came in yellow stripe.

  6. Wow! You look amazing! The dress is definitely spring fresh and your whole being resonates with the joy of a new and warmer season. Thanks for the info about sizing up. I have had my eye on this dress but wondered about it fitting through the bust. As I am not an online shopper, I am always unsure about how a garment will fit. Asa long time reader, I have always trusted your comments so will give it a go. I have to say I am envious of the bright sunshine and no snow. I am looking out at three inches that fell last night, with black ice underneath. I felt like the Michelin Man when I went out!. This was also our first day out after 14 days of self isolation upon returning from a vacation in Palm Springs. We were extremely fortunate to have our condo neighbours check in with us regularly and to buy groceries, etc. So many kindnesses in such a difficult time. Please continue to delight, encourage, and inspire your readers with your wonderful blogs. It is the first thing I read in the morning to get my day off on a bright note.

    1. Spring will arrive for you eventually, it has to. Stay warm and safe

  7. I’m not a dress person, but I love the jeggings/ duster look a lot. Stay safe and well.

  8. I think you look adorable in this dress! I especially love that you can wear it as a duster. The color is springy and refreshing and happy. I so wish I could wear dresses with bare legs. Mine are pasty white, don’t tan and have way too many blotchy patches and veins. I’ve never had success with self tanners. They’re too orangey for me. The only way I can wear dresses is with leggings. I don’t know if leggings would look good with this style dress. I have a few dresses I can wear leggings with or as a dusters.

    1. I hate orangey self-tanners too. Have you tried the Jergens Natural Glow? It’s very slight and not yellow at all. I love it.

  9. This looks great on you! I love dresses in the spring and summer with casual sandals. Your hair looks gorgeous, I love the cut.

    1. Thanks, Lisa. She cut it into a slight bob last time which I am trying to get used to. I guess it’s not going to stay that way for long.

  10. You look beautiful in this dress! And I have always loved stripes for spring and summer.

    1. Thanks so much. Me too! Now I am even more obsessed with stripes.

  11. Dress is beautiful…I want to order the tank top, did they run true to size or did you size up? I enjoy reading your blog with my cup of coffee. Thank you

    1. I sized up on the dress by 2 sizes. The tank top is standard sizing

  12. Ann Martin says:

    OH what a great look on you, Jennifer! And the way you thought to wear the extra belt you purchased is brilliant… I never would have thought of that in a million years. So much better than just a horizontal line.

  13. I bought this dress when it first came out, I have another one just like it, that I wear a lot. It seems this style and cotton poplin fabric is perfect for the hot weather we have here. I’ve been buying this type of dress for about three years now, I got my first two in Paris, accidentally as I walked past the store, noticing a lady who looked like me trying them on. I wear them a lot With all cotton espridrilles, which work fabulously in the heat, no wonder they wear these shoes so much in Europe. I don’t need a slip when it’s hot, but if I do, I wear my vintage 1950 slips underneath. To complete my look I wear a straw type hat and carry a straw bag, very Capri Italy, in the 1950’s. Love that look.

  14. Oh yes, I love to wear dresses anyway, but that is gorgeous. The sleeve length, pockets, V front and perfect seams are all so right. You look so fresh in this despite the temperatures you are in. A “swish” makes me smile. Your hair looks great by the way.

    1. Thank you so much, Diane. You’ll all get to see what my hair looks like without a trip to the stylist… very soon:)

  15. Francesca says:

    Hi Jennifer,
    Fantastic dress on you and I love the blue belt !! Never would have thought of that change, thank you for the suggestion. I love wearing dresses my favorite item, especailly ones with quarter length sleeves.
    Always looking for great dresses that make you feel pretty, that don’t cost too much, and that make a statement so thanks for the post.

    1. I am now on the hunt for more dresses too. I’m so glad I found this one that convinced me to try them again.

  16. This crisp looking dress is so fresh and pretty on you!
    I would probably have problems with its fit. The sleeves would likely be too long. They would end up rolled to 3/4 length. I love the back detailing and attention to matched stripes.
    It’s especially nice on you as a duster, but I’m not sure it would work for me. Too full I think. I’m very conscious of looking short and dumpy. I’m not overweight but am hour glass shaped and I think you can wear more bulk with your slim hip line than I can. As always, trying a garment on makes all the difference.
    I fully empathize with you re the climate.

    1. The dress has an hourglass shape which might be great on you.

  17. Love the dress on you! I would love to wear more dresses in the summer, but it’s difficult to find a casual dress with an elbow-length sleeve. I’m older, and my arms are not my best feature! Long sleeves, even rolled-up the way yours are, are still hot in humid summer weather.

  18. Hi Jennifer—everything looks great on you. Just wondering if you need a slip under the dress when worn alone? If any of the other ladies that already purchased the dress would like to chime in with their opinion also. Thanks.

    1. This dress is totally opaque so you would not need a slip…and I’m very persnickety about see-through skirts and dresses.

  19. Love this dress!!!!! The fact that you can also wear it as a duster makes it a fantastic buy!!!

  20. What town do you live in now? You mention high heat but I know you traveled to Palm Springs so you’re not there. Darling dress and cute street you photographed it on, wondered where it was…

  21. Jennifer, you have made my day! You look wonderful in this pretty dress, and since I have been thinking of buying a dress or two (never wear them ordinarily), I will consider this one. The duster idea is brilliant! Enjoy your warm weather and your new dress.

  22. Donna Nance says:

    Love this dress on you! Love your stylings…that shade of blue had your name on it. Dresses look great on most ladies; however, I own only one dress and it is a black crepe. Might have to remedy that deficit in my closet.

  23. Grace Whiting says:

    Jennifer, you look so bright and stylish. Love the colors and yes, I would wear this.

  24. Audrey Storms says:

    I was fitted with this dress for a Talbot’s Trunk Show, it was cancelled because of the virus. I loved it immediately and purchased it. Now I am waiting to wearing it! Personally, I love wearing dresses.

  25. I was to be a model at a Talbot’s Spring Trunk Show. However, it was cancelled because of the virus. The dress I was to wear was the blue and white striped dress. I immediately loved it when I was fitted for the show and bought it. I am waiting to wear it once we can again go outside our house.

  26. I have been a Talbots’ shopper for 40 years as I like the classical design of their clothes. This dress looks beautiful on you, Jennifer. It has a fresh, crisp look. I’m not a dress wearer but like the look as a duster except blue is not a color that I wear. Does it come in any other color?

  27. Paulette Levy says:

    You look lovely, spring ahead! We’re getting snow flurries after three days of cold rain. Ugh.
    Hard to see myself in this beautiful dress anytime soon. But I do like it very much….

      1. Lois Williams says:

        You look great in that dress, Jennifer! When I first saw it on line I thought it would be great for me too, my coloring is similar to yours, however it was a disappointing no when I tried it on. I’m really too tall for many of Talbots dresses & this was one, darn!

  28. Love the blue/white striped dress on you. It looks fresh and vibrant – perfect for summer – so do you. As for wearing dresses, I certainly do. In summer, they are all I wear (except for the odd skirt). This summer I ended up buying 7 new dresses, adding to my collection of 20. Our summers can be wretchedly hot, 110 to 115 degrees for a week non stop, so a dress is the only thing bearable to put on.

    1. I think I will be wearing many more dresses too. We get beastly hot summers here as well.

  29. Lisa Carroll says:

    Can I wear this to an outdoor wedding or is it to casual?

    1. I would with dressier shoes and a small bag. I’d probably use the self-belt if I dressed it up.

  30. Ramona Puckett says:

    This is so beautiful on you! And yes I do wear dresses and I will be looking into this one. Thank you for showing us!

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