Wisteria Dreams: What I Wore

Happy Thursday ladies. I was missing in action yesterday because we bought a house, lost a house then made an offer on another house. Whew, that’s stressful and I’m guessing my blood pressure is up. There’re lots of houses to choose from but many are seriously outdated and in need of work. I’d actually prefer to buy a fixer-upper so I don’t have to pay for someone else’s idea of nice.

casual outfit with sweater blazer over blue jeans, white shirt and pink handbag
sweater blazerblue jeanswhite shirt similar / handbag similar / necklace / shoes similar  

It was gray and breezy so I wore my newest sweater blazer in Smoky Wisteria. I’m not sure why J. Crew calls it that because it looks like a clear lilac color to me. J. Crew makes these sweater blazers in many shapes and lengths with varying collars, belted and unbelted. It was the color that sold me on this one which I discovered during DRD here. This runs very large so size down two sizes.

casual outfit with wysterai colored sweater blazer from J.Crew, white blouse and blue jeans on over 50 style blogger

I paired it with slim ankle jeans, a white blouse, and mules. Mules are a great shoe for spring. I prefer ones that fit higher on your foot. The longer toe box means they stay on easier with less toe gripping when you walk.

casual outfit with sweater blazer from J.Crew and blue jeans

I can only take a few pastel colors on me in one look without feeling like a flower garden. This pink bag tipped the scales but I’ll do anything to rush the season.

J.Crew sweater blazer in Wysteria over blue jeans and white blouse on Jennifer Connolly in park setting
sweater blazerblue jeanswhite shirt similar / handbag similar / necklace / shoes similar  

I’m really looking forward to getting into a home of our own but I’m dreading the moving process. We left tons of boxes still packed and stacked in the garage from our move last year, but there’s still so much to move.

Jennifer Connolly of A Well Styled Life wearing casual outfit from J.Crew
sweater blazerblue jeanswhite shirt similar / handbag similar / necklace / shoes similar  

If I haven’t needed it in a year, should I donate it? Many people believe in that process for their wardrobe. I don’t…so it’s not likely to happen with my household things either. I’ll be decluttering as I pack and unpack because I just don’t need 6 cookie sheets and 8 pie plates! How did I get so many? I merged the contents of two homes and didn’t get rid of enough.

Are you downsizing in preparation to retire or move?

Thanks for reading and have a great day.

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  1. We downsized and moved to a new community on Vancouver Island upon retirement. After donating, giving away to friends & family, and selling items, I realized I still had too much upon moving into our new home. So, I donated again. After a few months I decided my new home wanted a different style of furniture, so I bought many new pieces. Once again, I donated and sold off pieces. Retirement felt like a new start in life.
    It’s great news that you’ve found your new home. Time to put down roots again. All the work ahead can be daunting though. I always have to remind myself that everything does not need to be done ASAP. So, I’m reminding you. ?

    1. Thanks Joanna. I am the impatient type so it’s a great reminder;) We lost that house too so the hunt continues

  2. Beverly Glotzbach says:

    Congrats on your new house!!! And even more congratulations when you move and it feels like home!!!!

  3. beth byrd says:

    Congrats, Jennifer on your new house!

    We purchased an older house eight years ago — twice as large and twice as old as the previous one!! Sometimes I have to wonder at this decision, but truly we (ha ha, I) wouldn’t change a thing. We made up our minds that this house is always going to be a work in process — which is really okay with us (but isn’t for everyone). We’ve been purging slow but sure, but I always manage to find the perfect spot for that piece that was stored away. I don’t like to discard recklessly.

    Love your outfit — and that purse is divine!

  4. Very springy and cute! And it must be a relief to have a house decision made, move notwithstanding. Congrats!

    We’ve been decluttering lately, too, after staying in a beautiful 500 sq ft Airbnb for a week and thinking about how little we actually need. That said, it’s a challenge to get rid of things that have meaning or potential, and my DH is struggling more than I. We have boxes in our basement storage area that we haven’t touched since we moved in 14 (!!!) years ago, and I think I’m finally making headway with him.

  5. Congratulations on buying a house, I hope the moving goes well. Lilac is pretty.

  6. You may feel stressed but you look great. The wisteria/lilac sweater is very flattering. also love the shades. Hope you will tell us about your new home.

  7. I was wondering also if you are staying in the 55 and over community?

    1. We plan to stay in one because my husband enjoys the activities

  8. I find that color of lavendar is really flattering on women “our age”. I have a BP shirt but would like to find more. Totally agree about the mules. I am going to do a post soon on them! Good luck in your new home!

  9. Rose Brock says:

    We are downsizing in about a year and I am dreading it! Our last move 10 years ago about killed us! It does feel good to donate and declutter though. Good luck! Love that jacket and color on you.r

  10. Bonnie Hall says:

    How exciting to have anew home! Yes, how DO we collect so much cookware, ha! After every long trip in our motorcoach, I would come home thinking “it was so nice to live with just the essentials and no clutter!” That is when I would declutter at the house. Granted, there has been a thing or two I needed to replace, but it was very freeing to declutter! Best wishes in your new home!

  11. I’m also very curious about your new home location. Did you decide to buy in a Del Webb? We are considering a 55+ community move and any insight would be welcome!

    1. We have decided to stay in a 55+ community for now. My husband loves the activities and how close things are.

  12. Congrats on the home buying. Curious if you decided to stay in your Del Webb community or if you bought elsewhere? You look fabulous in that color.

    1. Sadly this one fell through too. yes, we are looking in a 55+ community because my husband loves the activities and clubs

  13. Cheryl Blue says:

    You are so inspiring to me! From your transparency in your writing to the way you dress. Thank you, you give me courage to let the style icon that’s sometimes afraid to come out because of critism. I went through the ending of a 8 year relationship because I knew I deserved a life that was above reproach, during that painfull time, I searched my soul and begged my Heavenly Father to help me find answers to bring happiness back into my life, hey I was living in North Myrtle Beach SC, a beautiful coastal community! But I was in the wilderness. I have been a single mom for 20 years now, my daughters are grown now and one has gotten married and moved away herself. So I decided to enroll in school to focus on myself. I am currently attending and still working on a certification in interior design from the N.Y. Institute of Art and Design. Thank you for putting yourself out there and being real. May surely mercy and chase you down. Kindest personal regards…Cheryl Blue

    1. Thank you, Cheryl. I’m happy and humbled to hear I’ve helped to inspire you. Bravo for remaking your life and moving on. How exciting! It’s your time now so dress to please yourself and realize if anyone criticizes what you wear, it’s simply their nastiness and insecurity speaking.

  14. What a flattering fresh ensemble. I’m going shopping!

  15. You look great and I can’t wait to see what you do with your new home!!! Have fun with it… whenever it comes your way!!

  16. wow, that’s good news. Good luck and congratulations and b.t.w. separate from all things you haven’t used/worn in the last
    two years. It not only makes your garage/wardrobe free.

  17. Congratulations on buying a home!! When I was much younger, I never minded a move and we’ve made plenty of them. But as I’ve gotten older a move just about kills me!! I’m like you…I sort of declutter AFTER I move. So excited for you and hope you’ll share pic’s with us.

    1. Sadly, this one fell through too. I will certainly share our whole process when we nail one down:)

    We cleared our attic space a couple of years ago and this year our little library, a walk in closet, coughed up 20 boxes of books to donate.
    Jennifer, you said your lifestyle had changed, so is it time for getting rid of those old dressier things???
    I love your look and feel your pain…remember it’s all stuff…

    1. It is just stuff and I want to surround myself with things that bring me joy. Books bring me joy so I hope we get a small space to have a little reading room.

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