The Easy Little Black Dress

I’m off to the Covered Perfectly fashion shoot in LA. It’s a thrill to be included and see how everything works behind the scenes of a professional photo shoot. There’ll be lots of new things for this collection, but it’s all hush-hush for now.

The weather went back to beastly last weekend so I ended up wearing boots and booties. I have no desire to trash my new suede flats racing around in the rain. I’ll save them for a sunnier day which they promise is coming.

Fashion and style for women over 50 :Chadwicks LBD

You saw me wear this dress last week for a nice dinner out. It also got dressed down for Dr appointments and errands.

casual style for running errands: fashion over 50

I don’t see many women wearing dresses during the weekday in suburbia but they’re a great option. Dresses are always more comfortable than any pair of pants I own. They don’t bind or dig in anywhere.

easy Little Black dress from Covered Perfectly

To avoid looking stuffy in a dress and ankle boots, I added a denim jacket and fishnets. You know what a fan I am of fishnets. They add attitude and cut the pasty white glare of my winter legs.


fashion for women over 50: Covered Perfectly


Fashion and Style for women over 50

This dress is getting the heck worn out of it and to me, that’s the sign of a smart investment.

Do you wear dresses during the day?

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  1. I LOVE dresses. They are sooo much easier to wear than pants. I like them at least to my knees and longer. You do look radiant. Your skin looks so moist and youthful. Keep the good energy flowing!

    1. Thanks so much, Hattie! Keep on smiling too

  2. I know what you mean about wearing dresses…my Mother has always loved fashion and clothes…she has oodles of beautiful clothes in many closets.
    She is almost 90 and has terminal cancer…my sister and I are doing shifts of caregiving…
    I am “dressing up” on my shifts in dresses and skirts, wearing scarves and pretty things…
    it makes me feel like I am doing something a little bit extra….
    BTW Jennifer you look so radiant…and beautiful.
    Take care,

    1. You’re going through such a tough time, Leslie. I’m so sorry. Dressing up a bit more is very wise. It’ll also help your Mum feel happier to see you that way. xo

  3. My last choice would be a dress. I wore them all my working career and am done with them. I find pants very oomfortabke. But, you look wonderful in your dresses and skirts.

    1. With my spreading mid section, I’m finding dresses more physically comfortable these days!

  4. Love your look! I like the pairing of the denim jacket with the LBD. I especially love the double necklace! It’s one of my favorite looks! I’ve never tried fishnet stockings. I would certainly get a few looks from folks in my NW coastal town! ????

    1. Fishnets feel sassy to me. Give them a try!!

  5. Julieanne says:

    Northern winters preclude wearing dresses. As soon as the weather is warm, I switch to dresses and skirts. It’s sunny, though not hot so today I’m going to wear a dress and tights. I’ll have to check out fishnets.

    To take the glare off my white legs, in the height of summer when everyone else is tanned I add a tiny bit of colouring to my body cream.

    1. Self tan cream is my weapon of choice for leg glare in the warmer months too, Julieanne. It works beautifully

  6. NEVER!
    IF I DO they are LONG……………..
    I may wear a dress over pants as a layering ticket!

  7. Sharon Satterfield says:

    That dress looks very good on you. I checked the Covered Perfectly site and was impressed. How do the sizes run?

    1. I wear a medium and they’re true to size. Also, returns are free in the US so if it doesn’t fit you can easily exchange free!

  8. Great post! I am going to wear dresses more during the day! I agree that they are much more comfortable than any pants or jeans I own!

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