Look of the Week: The Iconic Little Black Dress

Is there anything more iconic than the little black dress? Always appropriate, easy to wear and available at all price points, it’s a staple in many women’s wardrobes. I was fortunate to sample this dress at its debut fashion shoot last month.

Classic lines and minimal details make for the most useful LBD. I own several, but this one is the most versatile.Simple Comfort Scoop Neck Dress by Covered Perfectly

There are not too many smiles in these pictures because I wore it to attend the funeral of a dear friend’s father. He was a wonderful man we had the honor of getting to know over a weekend in Lake Tahoe  2 years ago. I was very pleased to find most people at the event respectfully dressed.

Covered Perfectly Simple Comfort Dress

This Simple Comfort Scoop Neck Dress

I will dress it up with accessories and jackets for the holidays this year. I could belt it but my waistline isn’t having any of that this year 🙁

Covered Perfectly Simple Comfort DressThe 3/4 sleeves help me look taller and are a perfect showplace for bracelets.

Dresses are most flattering when the hem ends where your leg indents so I turned this dress up 2″. The 4″ side slits are now only 2″, but that still helps with ease of movement.

Simple Comfort Scoop Neck Dress

You’ll see me styling this in more creative ways in the weeks to come. The versatility of this dress will make it a workhorse in my wardrobe.

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Do you have a little black dress you wear more than others?

Be well and have a great day.


Thank you to Covered Perfectly for collaborating on this post.


  1. I have a black dress I bought years ago from Phase Eight (UK). It is sequinned so for evenings really but I bring it out over and over again and restyle it with shoes, wraps, earrings and bags and never looks dated. Great investment buying…that’s the key to a fabulous wardrobe.

    1. It sounds wonderful, Maxine. I am a big fan of investment buying. It is cheaper in the long run and saves so much time too.

  2. A great little LBD!
    we all need these in our closets and not just for funerals.
    I have several and I love the ease that they offer when getting dressed…just add accessories.

    1. Exactly!! Just add accessories:)

  3. jenniferanne says:

    I’m always on the lookout for the perfect LBD. This one may just be it. May I ask you does it run large or small? I’m 5′ 2″ so like you would definitely shorten the length. I think you look great in it and as you say so versatile.

    Jennifer from Vancouver

    1. Hi Jennifer! I’m wearing a medium because I’ve put on some weight this year. I hate tight clothes so this flowed rather than clinged.

  4. What a great dress, Jennifer! It fits you so well…this is a great staple for your wardrobe.

    1. I’m going to wear this a lot!!

  5. For the holidays, a beautifully colored shawl would make this festive. Whatever color works on you–lavender, orange, red, green, blue. You still have the slimming, height-enhancing, classic and classy column of black, but without being too somber. And a shawl that hangs long in front also gives a vertical illusion. Plus it’s easy-on, easy-off temperature control.

    1. That’s one of the things I love about wraps Easy temperature control!! I have several in prettt colors and they’ll all go over this great dress.

  6. How funny because I’m just editing the photos for our LBD for winter series!!
    Of course, it’s smart to have one for these somber occasions, and then we might as well wear it other times, since it’s in our closet, right?

    1. Right! I’ll wear this one a lot!!

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