Summer Essential: Self Tanner

This weeks posts brought up several comments which reminded me of another important summer essential for me. Each woman has unique needs but some may be ones you haven’t thought of. Today I’m sharing another summer essential that isn’t in my wardrobe it’s in my bathroom.

I have extremely fair skin. I gave up exposing my skin to the sun many years ago. My legs are glaringly white which can cause the blue veins to stand out like on a roadmap. Self-tanners were a dismal failure when I was younger so I avoided them and used baby oil with a splash of iodine which promised to “dye my skin”. That was also a major fail and only succeeded in marinating my skin for the resulting sunburn.

I have used this Jergens Glow for many years but decided to see what was new on the market. I am happy to report that self-tanners have come a long way!

St Tropez self tanner on A Well Styled Life

I zeroed in on

Isle of Paradise self tanner on A Well Styled Life

The drops are added to your face and body moisturizer for ease of application. They also offer this Magic Tan Eraser in case you use too much or want to start over.

This self-tanner contains an SPF of 40 so you get two for the price of one.

I decided to switch up from my Jergens Glow to try the Isle of Paradise. I like that it’s organic and I’m trying to avoid as many chemicals as possible. I will keep you posted.

Have you discovered the joys of self-tanner? Which ones do you like?

Thanks for reading and have a great day.

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  1. I am currently tying a product called NuSkin self tanner! I am very pail skinned and After three applications, I had a good color plus a nice bronze color too! Has a slight scent but like others I have tried over the years! It is a bit pricey but it is worth it, I think so far! NuSkin was advertised on Facebook! Not all people who try to sell aren’t much good at that! Selling! I felt like I was blown off because I didn’t purchase right away and I asked a lot of questions! Oh well!

  2. Marlene Ward says:

    I have used St Tropez and Vita Liberata. The St Tropez is less orange on me than the Vita Liberata, but I have a orangy skintone to begin with.

    I was wondering where to buy the Isle of Paradise in Canada.

    I googled it and noticed they sell it at Boots in the UK. I just got back from two weeks in the UK and was in Boots three times – wish I’d known about it.

  3. Debbie Z. says:

    I really like the Vita Liberata Self-Tanning Lotion (I buy it on Amazon). It is all organic and I think it is very natural looking. I reapply every four or five days. It is a little expensive, $30, but one tube lasts me most of the summer. I used the Jergens in the past but after trying the Vita Liberata I have not looked back because I prefer the color of my legs with it.

  4. I need to try the Isle of Paradise. I like the St Tropez shower one but want something even more natural. Once I’ve used up that and my Clarins (still experimenting!) I’ll give it a try. Thanks for the recommendations. XO

  5. Cheryl Ann says:

    Looking forward to hearing what you think of the new self-tanner, Jennifer. I use Josie Marin tanning oil and think it’s lovely, but doesn’t last very long. I’m also fair and have used Jergen’s Face tanner with some success. Blessings…

  6. Julie,Melbourne,Australia says:

    Always great to read about new products.

  7. I was so surprised to see the St. Tropez in TJMaxx when we were in OK last week. I should have snagged it and given it a try. I had forgotten my favorite self tanner foam from Rodan + Fields at home and we were attending my FIL’s funeral. A black dress and white legs are not a good combo. The new water kind you found is very intriguing. Love learning about new products!

  8. Lynn McClain says:

    La Mer’s the face and body gradual tan – the best I’ve ever used, and at 74 I’ve tried them all. Creamy and moisturizing, odor free and just a slight deposit of color with one round or buildable with extra applications.
    For the elderly readers, it doesn’t catch in the wrinkles, depositing extra color! Expensive – $95 – but a large tube and well worth it.

  9. Strangely enough, as I’ve aged, my face and legs don’t get color but my arms/neck/chest do. For special occasions I’ve used Sally Hansen’s Airbrushed Legs to even outmy skin tones there. It goes on easily and doesn’t look streaky. Looking forward to trying one of your recommended products to give my face enough color to even out my skin tones there.

    1. Debbie Burke says:

      I’ve also used Sally Hansen Airbrushed Legs. It really works great. It’s essentially make-up for your legs but it does not rub off on clothing, etc. It hides imperfections and smooths out your skin. You do have to wash it off before bed as it will rub off on sheets.

    2. I’m going to try a little on my arms to try and smooth the look of crepey skin. Fingers crossed

  10. For years I used Estee Lauder’s self tanning lotion until I found Loving Tan Deluxe Bronzing Mousse last year.
    I apply it with a sponge mitt. I’ve been really happy with it, but love the idea of adding drops to my moisturizer.

    I hope it works well for you. I’m looking forward to the follow up post.

  11. I use Jergan’s Glow and very pleased with it. I have tried other products but found Jergen’s the best.

  12. Thanks for these suggestions. I, too, am fair and have used Jergens but don’t really like the strong fragrance. I’ll try the Isle of Paradise which sounds unique. Thanks!

    1. I thought it was worth trying because the reviews are so good and Sephora has an excellent return policy if I don’t like it. Let me know what you discover

  13. I used Origins self tanner for years, but it has been discontinued. I too have very fair skin and would love to know what you find works best. I’m currently using Clinique, which is ok, but I don’t love it as much as Origins.

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