The Wisdom of Yoga


I’ve been away from the yoga mat for several years. Last week my daughter and I did a 90 minute Hatha Flow class in Tofino.
It was a beautiful little studio with cedar walls, ceiling and floor. I happen to love the smell of cedar so it felt like I was entering the warm cocoon of a cedar closet.

The Wisdom of Yoga

With borrowed mats, and sore muscles from surfing, I wasn’t able to keep up with most of the class. But it reminded me how much I love yoga. How good yoga is for my body as well as my mind. The wisdom I’m reminded of during yoga class.

As we breathed in, she reminded us to exhale what no longer serves us. To just let it go. That simply. Don’t fight, just let it go. I needed to be reminded of that wisdom. I’ve been hanging onto several bad habits I need to let go of.

She reminded us to simply breathe. It sounds simple but when I’m stressed I know I breathe shallowly and that increases the anxiety my body is feeling. Just writing this reminded me to breathe deeply.

Her encouragement to set an intention and listen to my body was just what I needed to recall. I realized how often I don’t listen to my body. How often I lose the benefit of my own wisdom and intuition…by not listening to my body. My gut instinct is pretty accurate. And I do feel it right in my stomach. Do you?

She reminded us to be present and to just be in the moment. I needed to hear that. Lately I’m either worrying about the past or future, but missing the present. What a waste!

I was reminded to honor my body. Listening to what my body needs and not over or underdo it. To take care of my body. I frequently don’t and that’s not wise.

Some of the calmest, strongest people I know practice yoga regularly. I used to think of it only as a body activity, but this class reminded me how much yoga is a mind activity as well. The wisdom of yoga.

Have you tried yoga?


  1. I was big into yoga a decade ago and have just returned to doing it once a week. If I have to skip, I feel awful the entire week. The breathing is most key for me too.

    1. I used to be way more into than I am now. This reminder is helping me making it a priority again. It’s so therapeutic for me, and my stress level

  2. Catherine says:

    I’m glad you’ve found your mat again, Jennifer…as you know I am a passionate yogi…it takes sometime to get into the discipline of practice but once you recognise the change it is beginning to make to how you feel…the self acceptance and calmness it creates…then you start to find your mat every day…it took me sometime to get there but I’m so happy I’m there now.

    1. You’ve been inspiring me Catherine!! Every time you write about yoga!!

  3. I love my yoga class once a week and twice a week when I go to Frence. Headspace meditation for 20 mins a day is also excellent.

    1. Meditation keeps me sane, but combined with yoga I think would be perfect.

  4. I’ve been trying to aim at two yoga classes a week, although I haven’t managed that lately (which is stupid: the very stress that makes me miss class is the stress I need yoga for!) . I feel the same way you do about it, knowing I tend not to breathe deeply regularly.

    1. I totally agree!! I went to another class today…I was stressed before I went and almost didn’t go!! I’ve got to keep at it.

  5. I’ve never done yoga, but I do think the philosophy is wonderful! You really needed this, and I’m so glad you gave yourself up to the moment. Your site is coming along beautifully. I love the way it looks. How about a chat next week????

    Cheers, M-T

    1. I did need this!! It was an amazingly therapeutic trip!
      Next week sounds great.
      I’ll email you!

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