Tote Bags and Movie Premiers

I’m a recent convert to the concept of using a tote bag and slipping a smaller hand or shoulder bag inside. I always thought using just one bag to hold everything was easiest. Lately, I’m finding it isn’t.

Sometimes the tote stays in the car while I grab the smaller bag for running in and out of stores or appointments. Purses tend to be heavy all by themselves these days. Many are laden down with chains and hardware that look stylish, but add extra weight my shoulders don’t need.

I’m using my lightweight tote by Longchamp most days here in Palm Springs.

We waited outside the Camelot Theater to see Charlotte Rampling’s new movie at the Palm Springs film festival last night.

Longchamp tote bag

My tote would have been perfect to hold a cozy warm wrap, but I didn’t know it would be freezing at night so ended up wearing my husband’s big, ugly parka 🙂

Wearing- shirt // pants // shoes // tote //

After waiting an hour in the cold, we were delighted to find a cozy bar upstairs.Bar at the Camelot theater in Palm SpringsA glass of Chardonnay and popcorn quickly warmed us up. Camelot Theater in Palm Springs

The movie was interesting and I loved that the audience applauded at the end of the film!

We’ve now got tickets for several other movies so there will lots of popcorn in my future. Next time my tote will carry a scarf, gloves, and warm wrap.

Longchamp totes come in multiple sizes. Mine is the large size with 9″ handles. Long enough to fit over my shoulder but not too long to hold by hand. It has a tiny inner pocket to hold my keys or cell phone, which is handy so I don’t have to hunt for them.

Do you use tote bags or prefer just one handbag?

Here are some other tote bags I like.

See you back here Sunday for Style Sweet Spot with Pam!

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  1. I just purchased the Oversize Millie from Nordstrom!!! Can’t wait to get it.

    Thank you for sharing. That is just a great idea. My arms hurt from schlepping those leather totes.

    1. Enjoy, Millie. Having a tote that’s heavy all by itself defeats the purpose in my mind. I’m going for ease, not heavy.

  2. I carry a tote or a larger purse when we travel so that I have room for sunglasses, sunscreen, camera, wrap, etc. At home, I prefer a smaller purse.

    1. Traveling is a whole different story isn’t it?

  3. I have a Longchamp tote too but have not used mine very much…mostly in Paris and France.
    I suggest a pashmina or a cashmere wrap for the theatre…especially if your seat is located under one of the ducts for the air conditioning!
    Enjoy the festival!

    1. I always pack mine in my suitcase when I travel too. I can’t imagine what I was thinking, not packing a wrap! I always do at home.

  4. Yes, like you, I carry a small shoulder bag inside a larger tote bag. (I started doing this one summer 30 some years ago. I liked being able to carry a cardigan sweater that I would throw on in over-air-conditioned restaurants.)
    My current combination: A small black LeSportsac shoulder bag plus a medium-size, custom-made L.L. Bean tote bag, also in black. The tote bag has long handles, a zip top, a small front pocket, and a monogram. (The monogram, like the tote itself, is in black as well. A subtle effect that I like.)

    1. That sounds really nice, Kris. Efficient and chic. Perfect! The black monogram does sound elegant.

  5. I don’t carry totes, instead going for small cross over purses. I Ike to be hands free. It wasn’t easy,at first, deciding what to carry and what to leave behind. I can see the idea behind a tote though. You can carry your iPad if necessary, great for beach stuff, or carrying small things that you purchase. One would be great for travelling. OK! I talked myself into buying one.
    I always take a pashmina with me when I go to the theatre. Just enough to take off that chill.

    1. I do love crossover bags too! Hands free is more and more appealing these days. If you want portable this folding one I have is a great one.

  6. We were in the lineup at the Camelot as well last night. Very interesting movie with excellent acting.

    1. Small world!! It was wonderful wasn’t it??

  7. retro-roost says:

    Your movie night outfit is sooooooo pretty!
    I love the concept of a bag within a bag. I started doing this very recently with a wristlet, and larger shoulder bag. My wristlet has the essentials — cash, cards, license — and the larger bag has a few other things, and I use it when needing to hold extra items or when I need to return an item to a department store, or when I expect I might purchase items that need a larger bag. My wristlet fits in it perfectly, and I love the organized aspect of it all. I got the idea from this video. Thank you for sharing the way you use your bags. So helpful!

    1. Wristlets are such a great idea. Compact and organized is my goal these days.

  8. Since I’ve not yet retired, I use a fabulous Coach tote as my computer bag (and it also holds a few other necessities). I found it on sale at a Coach Outlet and it’s a gorgeous teal color. Right now, my daytime bag is a Roots crossbody bag my husband bought for me in Canada and it holds just my wallet, phone, lip gloss and a very few other items.

    Come spring (and by that I mean late April-May), I’ll change to my Clark’s tote – it’s bright yellow and just lovely. Not sure what my springtime/summer handbag will be yet…maybe the adorable Coach I found at our local consignment store early last summer. As my initials are “CC,” I say it’s monogrammed!

    1. Such pretty colors! Why not have fun with your tote? I need to downsize my wallet now. It all takes up space.

  9. Joanne Long says:

    I enjoy my Longchamp totes. I have a beige and a turquoise one. Many of my purses are too heavy if I carry a camera and a book as I often do. I really like your tunic but I am on a shopping break for a while. Enjoy your time in Palm Springs.

    1. Thanks, Joanne. Longchamp come in such happy colors! I’ve got me eye on a blush colored one. Cameras are heavy!!

  10. I have just decided to do the same thing! I am looking for a tote and small purse combination that works for my needs. It must be organized and efficient but also attractive. I have also had my fill of black bags. My motto these days is life is too short not to wear colour!

    1. That’s a great moto, Janet. I have a gold tote I adore but it’s not as lightweight, so this travels the best.

  11. Love Longchamp . .have for years ! Especially tripping…always an extra at the bottom of suitcase.
    Have learned to bring a wrap even and especially in the desert…if it’s 110 degrees during day! AC can be just as brutal. Don’t need much just a little between you and air. Have fun. Safe travels . Love Palm Springs!

    1. Smart lady, Joycee! I always bring a wrap at home, I have no idea what I was thinking.

  12. Jill Stein says:

    Longchamp is very big over here in Europe. I live here now, women here are more practical n less pretentious as in the states. I have a Longchamp black tote as many do here. Style and comfort can mix, all about thought. Aand perception!

    1. My daughter has a black Longchamp I have always admired. Perfect for any occasion.

  13. barbara hart says:

    Just went that route myself after getting so tired of heavy purses. Bought a great grey tote with purse inside at Cato’s for $40.00. Love it.

    1. Gray is such a versatile color. It sounds great, Barbara.

    1. Red is unusual for me but I’m finding it fun!

  14. Atonia Walpole says:

    I have a little wristlet that I keep in my handbag for the same reason. It’s handy to run in and out of wherever I happen to be running in and out of. I’m looking for a tote but I find most of them are enormous. I don’t want an overnight bag just something to carry a wrap, scarf and a smaller bag.

    1. Exactly, Antonia! Some totes are big enough for two weeks away. The small version of this one is perfect for day time use.

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