Touring Palm Springs: What I Wore

The weather has been all over the map here in Palm Springs. It’s downright cold in the morning then gets up to the 80s by early afternoon and cools back off in the evening. It’s the perfect climate for layers which is luckily what I packed.

I have to be honest, but since we forgot the camera, we’re not getting too many outfit pictures. Here are a few things I wore last week.Jennifer Connolly of A Well Styled life wearing denim jacket, white jeans in Palm Springs

One of our first days exploring downtown and cruising neighborhoods of the rich and famous I wore a blue denim jacket, my new favorite cotton navy tee, white jeans, and slip-on sneakers. No earrings in sight this day:) This Everlane cotton tee is terrific. I also bought a white one but it’s not totally opaque so it’s not my ultimate white tee.

Jennifer Connolly of A Well Styled Life wearing Vince denim jacket and Talbots white jeans

If you look closely you can see that I tied the bottom of my tee through a belt loop to shorten it. Farther into this holiday, my waist has been impossible harder to find.potato latkes from ZShermans in Palm Springs

We had lunch at Sherman’s Deli and Bakery which is an institution in Palm Springs. Their potato latkes are world-class and will necessitate a diet when I get home. My husband is hooked on their Pastrami which reminds him of his youth in New York. I’m a non-meat eater so hooked on the desserts.

A few days later we toured the Lautner compound which has the most amazing gardens. You can read all about the Lautner here.

woman in black and white outfit at launter compound

I wore black and white with leopard flats and

The Lautner compound has several suites to rent by the night. Each with its own private balcony and kitchen.

The bed is positioned under a skylight so you can lay in bed and look at the stars.

I could easily settle in here for several weeks with a lovely stack of books and decompress.

The patio and outside rooms of the compound are rentable for weddings and functions.

I’ve never been a fan of desert landscaping, until now. When done well, like at the Lautner Compound, it’s a minimalist and artistic look. We’re hoping to buy a few of these cacti to bring home and plant in pots so we can have a little feel of Palm Springs at home.

I also met a reader for tea last week, hi Jacie:) We talked non stop!

I’ve eaten my body weight in date shakes, fish tacos and am loving life.

This isn’t our first trip to Palm Springs and it won’t be our last.

Do you think you could live here? I am wondering if we could.





  1. The cool nights don’t last ..insummer it’s hot hot 24 hrs and ac bills are sky high year round .. but if you crave sun it’s a good visit ,left desert for coastal Oregon ..loved your outfits ..we are similar in size so love to see what you wear

    1. We adore coastal Oregan. Being by the ocean is a dream for me. Maybe one day.

  2. I rarely comment, but I think all your outfits are spot on.

  3. Welcome to my neighborhood! And….yes! I have dressed just like your photo suggestions while on our frequent trips to PSp from Joshua Tree. (I just wish there had been more pix.)
    Over the years since the 90s, I’d visit my sister from home in PA, It was then I began wearing hats, and have over 20. I hardly ever wear a hat that I don’t get a positive comment, or a glance, especially from the men! So, ladies, just learn what looks best on you and try it!!

  4. Neat and easy. That’s the clothes I like. I have a parasol instead of a sunhat. It’s not the messed up hair so much as the parasol is just cooler. Here where I live on beautiful MS Gulf Coast we do get hot hot but we also have a light breeze off the water most of the time. Like you, I spend my time indoors now when it gets hot. I want to bring back parasols to fashion. Love them.

    1. I love my parasols!! I can’t imagine what I was thinking or not thinking to leave mine at home. They are much cooler than hats when it’s really hot.

  5. Have been in Palm Springs a few times in February and enjoy it very much. There are great food tours in both Palm Springs and nearby Palm Desert. Also the mid century modern double decker bus tour was fun. Enjoy!

  6. Palm Springs looks like an awesome place to vacation but I don’t see myself living there year around. I grew up and still live on the Great Plains and we have the four distinct seasons. I struggle with our long winters but when I see those first flights of the big geese heading north, I always have a sense of renewal. I can be reassured that the long cold days will always be followed by spring showers and spring flowers.
    I really like the look of the jean jacket, t shirt and white jeans.

    1. We do love the 4 seasons. Living in CA where we do, doesn’t allow us to see too much of it.

  7. You look lovely. Palm Springs seems like a fabulous place to live. Sign me up!

  8. I could not live in Palm Springs in the summer. We were there in early August and it was 120 degrees with lows around 100. It is wonderful in the winter however. I’m thinking I may need a trip next month! Your outfits look perfect for your trip, and the restaurants sound great. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Absolutely could not live in Palm Springs or surrounding areas. I lived in the Phx, AZ metropolitan area for 60 years and I could not go back to the heat and air conditioning 24/7 for for 6 months. We truly feel like we live in climate paradise in north San Diego county. Jennifer, your hair is looking beautiful. Besides being longer are you doing anything different? This past year my hair has thinned dramatically. Think we discover the cause and the shedding seems to have stopped. ??

    1. North San Diego has about the most perfect weather. You’re lucky. We took a drive to Temecula the other day and thought it was fabulous.
      My hair is just a bit longer with less layers. You’re sweet, thanks. I like it better in pictures than in person.
      I keep thinking I should shorten it because it’s pretty thin. I hope you found your solution!! It’s so awful when out hair thins.

  10. I do live here and love it. A native Midwesterner, lived in Santa Barbara for 15 years and retired here 5 years ago. Enjoy the seasons, mild winter, warm spring, hot summer and warm fall. Best weather! So much to do and see here, never bored, and you can be outside every day of the year!

  11. Great outfits and the resort has a relaxing appeal. Lush green landscape was my preference but in the last few years the xeriscape designs have become very attractive…..a lot less to maintain. Palm Springs is nice except during the summer extreme heat but air conditioning is a saving grace.

    Nice fitting t-shirts are a great find. Thanks for all your suggestions.

  12. It’s a beautiful place with desert scape, mountains and spectacular views but have you ever been there in August?? It’s 120 degrees and that temperature lasts for months!!! So no I couldn’t live there in the summer but the other 6 months are great!!?❤️

    1. I could never get used to that heat. Of course, 108 or 120 would seem the same to me because I’d be in the AC 24/7:)

      1. The AC will be cranked down to freezing, so you need more jackets and sweaters for a summer visit.

  13. Linda Lennon says:

    I do live there! In 2018 I retired from a fast paced job in NY and we moved to a beautiful community with lots of golf. Of course we previously researched the area and spent a little time here to test the waters. Our children and grandchildren live south in Coronado and we get to visit them every week; our single son is in LA.. I pinch myself every day! Is it really February? I played 18 holes in sleeveless shirt yesterday. Life is about change. I feel fortunate that I had options my parents never had. I’m turning 69 this year and wake up eager to explore each day. Thank you for guiding me through my wardrobe transition this past year! When you visit again, give me a call!

    1. Susan Gowan says:

      Great place to visit. Wouldn’t want to live here. Now I know why my brother and his wife visited so often in the past. Those gardens would be on my must-see list when I go. Being from Southwestern Ontario, I would miss the four seasons and the lakes and the farmland. Do love your outfits, Jennifer. Were you there for Valentine’s Day? Thanks for sharing tour vacay pics. The food sounds wonderful.

  14. Those fluctuating temperatures are so frustrating for me when dressing in the spring. I tend to be cold a lot so, I have a hard time dressing to be comfortable throughout the day. I love your outfits and will be using them as examples for the next several weeks. You’re right about desert landscaping, I’ve never been a fan, a little goes a long way with me, but with the impending dry weather in California, I’m planning to design more drought tolerant landscaping in our back yard!

  15. Your white jeans look great!

  16. I like the look of the white cardigan/jacket over the black pants and shirt. It lightens up the look considerably. The straw hat with black band works well too, in my opinion. You look great, Jennifer!

    1. Thanks Bea. I wear this combo often. It’s easy and just works for me in warm weather.

  17. I wouldn’t want to live there, but I hope to visit at the end of April. I am interested in what photos you do post, what you’re wearing and all that you see and do, as well as where you eat. Our trip will be to celebrate my husband completing chemotherapy and we’re hoping he can keep on schedule to finish on time and feeling well enough to travel. I need a new pair of sun glasses and a packable hat, any good suggestions?

    1. I’m glad to hear your husband is getting through this. It must be tough on you too.
      I have this hat in two colors and have taken it to Europe, Japan and Mexico. It packs beautifully and has built in sun Protection.
      Coolibar also makes great packable hats at lower prices. I have several.
      For sunglasses, I always wear polarized. They cut down on squinting.


  18. Looks like you both had an amazing vacation! I am going to investigate this perfect t shirt. I need one!

  19. Your outfits look really great, especially the black and white outfit. If I lived in America, I could easily live in Palm Springs as I love warm weather during the day and cool to cold overnight. Probably would need to be on speed dial to the local snake catcher should rattle snakes be regular visitors. My sister lives in New Hampshire and I get chillblains just from looking at her winter photos.

    1. Lol, rattlesnakes? I never thought about them but I guess there’s a lot of them here.

      1. Rattlers will hide from humans. They only strike when threatened. We see at least one a year around here (not far from PS.)

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