Trench Coat Roundup and Details That Flatter Your Shape

Happy Wednesday ladies. I hope you are staying warm and dry. We’ve just survived a few days of torrential rain which has me wishing for spring more than ever. When it rains here, it really dumps and the recent storms have been pretty epic.

After my last DRD I decided to dig deeper in trench coats. They ‘ve been an iconic staple in many women’s wardrobe for years. They started out as strictly traditional but new shapes and colors mean fun, creative, feminine and or dramatic ones that could work into any wardrobe.

Here are some details to consider for your silhouette.


  • Single breasted styles are the most flattering on a well-endowed woman. The single line of buttons down the front draws the eye vertically which slims your silhouette and keeps things simple up front. The less endowed woman can easily wear this style but may prefer a style with more detail.

    single breasted woman's trench coat
    Single Breasted Knee-Length Trench


  • Double breasted styles have two layers of fabric over your chest. This can add unnecessary bulk to the well-endowed woman. The buttons are often over your nipple area which can look like beacons. Look for buttons the same color as the coat.

    button that match coat fabric on a trench coat
    DKNY Double Breasted Trench Coat


  • Epaulets are common and do add extra bulk to your shoulders. The narrow shouldered (pear-shaped) woman might like the added visual weight which helps balance her lower body.


  • Storm shields across the back are to provide extra ventilation and gun flaps in front are to prevent rain from running inside your trench. They add a cool factor which leans toward the traditional and enhances the width of your shoulders.


  • Pockets can be either the traditional flap style or patch on the outside. Flaps are lower profile and more elegant. Patch pockets look more casual, almost like an afterthought.


  • Sleeve loops can snug up the cuffs in nasty weather which will keep rain from going up your sleeve.


  • Back vents are totally optional but intended to make your trench coat easier to maneuver in. Women with large derrieres are better off without flaps which can gap.

    ventless trench coat
    Plaid Ventless Trench

Trench coats come in every color in the rainbow and patterns to suit anyone. This green one is like a breath of spring and a great alternative if pastels are not your thing.

green trench coat from Ann Taylor
Green Trench

This red one makes a fun statement.

red pattern trench from anthropologie
Red Patterned Trench


Trench coats range from the classic  Burberry to everything under the sun. Spring’s the perfect time for trench coats because they’re often lightweight, available in fun colors and patterns and span the seasons well.

I still have my eye on this one from last week and may just have to order it before their sale is over.

Do you have a trench coat in your wardrobe?
Thanks for reading and have a great day.


  1. I thought that pink trench coat was so pretty. I loved the color of it, but I really liked the cut of it and that it was not a double breasted style. For practicality I would like it in navy blue.

    I agree with your other commenter, Roxanne, who wrote about the clothing in Mrs. Maisel. I also noticed that beautiful A line coat flowing around her as she moved through the city. All of the color and beautiful style of the clothing was really something to see. I binge watched all of the episodes, but could watch them all over again just to pay closer attention to the clothing. That show has me longing for more color and better style in my clothing. I am so tired of a million varieties of tee shirts. Even the nightgowns were beautiful late 1950’s style. Such a far cry from the cheap looking sleepwear that is so common now.

  2. Sharon, my mall has a tailor shop and they are so inexpensive. I have a sweater with large buttons that are too flashy for my taste. I plan on taking the sweater to Joann fabrics to see what looks better with it then having a tailor swap them out. It might be worth it if you love your coat otherwise.

    1. Lily, this trench is actually gold instead of pink gold with countless buttons but I’ll check with my alterations lady and get a quote. I do love the trench for traveling and I did get a compliment from a friend but I believe typical beige or brown buttons would help. Thanks for your suggestion.

  3. I few years back, I was lucky enough to find a Michael Kors black trench with a hood and a button-in wool liner. Single-breasted, it has a zipper as well as snaps up the front, epaulets, a silver-buckled belt that’s long enough to tie and silver buckles on the wrist straps. I wear it EVERYWHERE. It is a great traveler and one of my all-time best purchases. By now, the cost per wear must be in the negative digits!

    1. That’s awesome Nancy! I love when the cost per wear gets that low..Bravo

  4. I love trench coats but I purchased online from Macy’s a Calvin Klein trench (on sale) sort of pink gold but I didn’t realize it had bright gold buttons and it’s a little flashy for my taste – any suggestions? Cannot return already worn. A a lot of buttons to replace (my first idea).

    1. I would replace the buttons. Easy solution and you might get prettier ones.

  5. This is great info. I finally gave up on trench coats when I quit working, but it was no big loss, as I never felt they looked good on me. But I do love a Mac (styled like the green one without a belt), and I have one in my favorite orangey red that I hope never dies.

    1. I’m loving that green. I have to get into Ann Taylor to check it out in person.

  6. Trench coats do have a way of dressing up even the most casual of outfits. But I rarely wear mine, so it is in the pile for consignment next week. It is taking up precious space in my coat closet.
    With the amount of rain on the coast, I prefer a hooded, zip up, water resistant rain coat.

    1. I understand why. Your weather demands real coverage. I used to have a hooded trench in shiny silver metallic that was water resistant. Every time I wore it I felt like an astronaut so finally donated it.

  7. Love trench coats! I have a few and they are my favorite throw on and go topper. I especially love my Burberry ,because it’s all cotton even the lining. And another favorite are the London fog with removable inner liners, so versatile.

  8. Susan Gowan says:

    I do have a trench which I bought years ago. It is very chic to my mind, not so great at keeping the rain away but more for fashion. It is narrowly striped, white on ecru and tho it is no longer my size I wear it as a topper to dresses or dress pants and a nice top. I do love my classics! Thanks for these tips on trenches. If I get another, I really liked your first one. So chic!

    1. I agree. A lot of trenches aren’t water proof but they are great looking. Yours sounds pretty. I’d wear it open too!

  9. I’ve been binge watching Mrs. Maisel while home with the flu. The coats (and indeed all the clothes) on that show are simply gorgeous. She was swishing down the street in Paris in a beautiful A-line coat that just moved and flowed with her. When I was a child in the ‘50s my mother dressed like that. She always looked like a princess to me. I miss those beautiful clothes.

    1. I’ll have to find that show ( I don’t watch much TV). Beautiful clothes are around now but our society has gotten so casual we seldom see them worn. I miss that look too.

  10. Love, love, love trench coats!! I’ve had them as part of my wardrobe since the 1980’s in different colours, lengths and fabrics. I even have a purple velvet evening coat that is a trench coat style.

    1. Drooling over your purple velvet evening trench coat Yvonne! It sounds amazing!!

  11. Great tips! I tend to buy a trench coat that lasts for years and I’m on the hunt again this year. I’m glad to see more colour and pattern because pastels and neutrals don’t work for me. I would love a deep pink, periwinkle or a great purple!

    1. I’ll keep my eye out for you Janet. Happy colors brighten the day

      1. Thanks!

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